Ten minutes after the countdown, Mu Feng got the qualification to enter the game, and then he turned black at the moment and opened his eyes again. After he appeared in Anpingtai, a ghost town, Su Xinxin came to his side.

"Xin Xin, why are you so fast?" See so quickly find yourself Mu Feng can’t help but have some doubts.
"Hee hee female players have something special. I waited for five minutes and came in." Su Xinxin smiled obediently, and a beautiful greasy face was extremely charming.
Mu Feng listened to the pie pie in his heart. The era is really dark. Even the game is more important to girls than boys. Just thinking about unification shows Mu Feng, his friend line is low-key. First, an arrow goes through the heart. Finally, it is autumn waters and mad cows.
After the line, everyone got together and chatted until 12: 02 in the morning, when they stopped chatting, because at this time, everyone saw that the world of Ling Soul had changed.
"Dear players in South China, hello, thank you for your support to Ling Soul this month. Ling Soul has released the Imperial City to all players and started the six cities to send troops to the array. The first activity of the Imperial City to open the sky has also swept through. The activity not only gives players entertainment, but also gives players who have achieved excellent results in the first day to randomly reward hero equipment, say equipment and god-class equipment, and so on. The countdown to the opening of the Imperial City is ten minutes."
After entering the imperial city, there are ten np’s not far away. These ten np’s are for players to register for the first place to participate in the war. Only when they get the qualification will they receive the unified instructions. If they go to participate in the war, they will get the Rongji equipment together.
After seeing ten np’s, Mu Feng went to queue up one after another. If they don’t queue up now, then they will queue up. Mu Feng holds his hands and wears a mask on his face. I don’t know if Mu Feng’s eyes are too cold. The player in front of him looked at Mu Feng and was scared to tremble. Then he gave the front position to Mu Feng Mu Feng and you’re welcome to jump the queue directly with Su Xinxin.
After waiting for five or six minutes, Mu Feng finally came to np and scanned Mu Feng id. After that, np said that he could participate in the first day, and Mu Feng agreed to participate. Then, a list of interface points of "first day" was added to the player interface in Mu Feng, and then he could see the activities of the first day and the summary process of his own record. However, Mu Feng has no record yet, and the list of records has not yet passed.
"ding! Congratulations on being the first member all day. You haven’t bound the war zone yet. Please click Bind Bind. "
An interface appeared in front of Mu Feng’s eyes. Mu Feng stepped out and let Su Xinxin communicate with np. He just clicked on the binding point. There are five cities behind him, namely Ghost Town, Frost Town, Yan Haicheng, Sandstorm Town and Metro City. It is recommended that Mu Feng bind the city to be a ghost town. After all, Mu Feng binds this city from Novice Village, and its opponents should be familiar with it.
Without hesitation, Mu Feng clicked on Ghost Town, and then another interface popped up, saying that Mu Feng was in the first battle of the first day of the day. Two minutes later, Mu Feng Imperial City was asked to wait for the opponent.
After Mu Feng learned about it, Su Xinxin also bound the ghost town, and Su Xinxin said that her first battle was after 2 minutes, Mu Feng wiped her sweat and had a bad feeling in her heart.
Chapter 9 Fighting Tower Pushing Rules
Soon after, Qiu Shuichangtian and the low-key god were bound to participate in the first city of the day. When several people got together to share their experiences in the war, it was only two minutes later that Mu Feng was relieved to see that everyone was in the war two minutes later. He also fought with Su Xinxin himself two minutes later, so Mu Feng would probably fight with Su Xinxin.
No matter whether it’s a reunification activity or any vice, Mu Feng’s least complaint is to fight with his acquaintances, especially such close friends as Su Xinxin, otherwise Mu Feng will definitely lose because he can’t stop.
After chatting for a while, Mu Feng also heard Qiu Shuichang say that this may be a group of players, a group of players may be ten minutes, or a group of players may be two minutes. After that, God kept a low profile and said that this day may be the first time to form a team. They are all the same group of gamers. Maybe they can really form a team to participate.
Of course, that’s just a low-key guess. This guess makes everyone feel that they can’t wait quietly for the past.
Two minutes later, Mu Feng’s ear showed a sound "Ding! Mu Feng respects you. The first battle on the first day is about to be fought. At least three players can participate. You can invite friends to form a team or automatically match teammates. "
After listening to Mu Feng’s invitation, there appeared a small virtual screen with two options: inviting friends and matching teammates. As soon as Mu Feng saw it, he clicked Invite Friends. He was afraid that he couldn’t attend with his friends. It’s great to have this function now.
Qiu Shuichangtian and Low-key God also received the instructions. After that, they received an invitation from Mu Feng to form a team. Qiu Shuichangtian and Low-key God themselves are mad cows, and Mu Feng likes Su Xinxin and joined the team. A total of six people can participate in the battle for the first day.
After the team was assembled, the id of six people appeared on a virtual screen. The captain was Mu Feng himself. There were two options: fighting and quitting the team. He was silent for a few seconds. After everyone was ready, Mu Feng ordered to fight.
"Wait, choose the map first!" Just as Mu Feng was getting ready, Qiu Shuichang suddenly said that there was also a map selection function in the team interface, but this map selection can only be operated by the captain. If it is not selected in advance, it will be randomly selected.
As soon as Mu Feng heard it, he knew that this day was the first, and he could choose a map. When he looked at it, there were pieces of small maps. These small maps were all ghost towns. There were maps of carrion cemeteries, painful rivers and ghosts. Even the Dark Magic Hall and Mu Feng played in the dark canyon yesterday.
Mu Feng thought twice and decided to choose the map of Dark Canyon. They had touched it all yesterday and were familiar with it. Even if they fought in it, they could be prepared and attacked.
After choosing the right one, six people looked at it again. Did you miss any options? After that, Mu Feng officially ordered to fight "Ding! Have you matched your opponent into the battle field? "
"Yes!" Mu Feng said that after ten seconds, six people disappeared in the same place and were sent to a palace in the imperial city. They opened their eyes again and they came to a virtual venue.
"Welcome to the Dark Canyon"
This site looks like the dark canyon they attacked yesterday. It seems that there are mountains and trees. The terrain of this canyon has changed. Because it is surrounded by mountains in the small map, there is no way out. There are also two roads in front of me. One is Lumu Wind Energy. In the small map, I see half of the dark canyon and the other half shows that the enemy formation must cross the formation to see it.
At the same time, Mu Feng also saw that this dark canyon has six more columns and a big blue crystal core, which shows that the six columns are our defensive towers. There are three defensive towers along the road, and there is a road at intervals, which is also a defensive tower. It can fire shells at enemy targets every three seconds.
The blue crystal is at the back of the defensive tower, and the blue crystal can summon soldiers, which is also our core. Once the blue crystal is destroyed, the system will declare that the battle for Mu Feng has failed. On the contrary, the enemy red crystal is destroyed, which is Mu Feng’s victory. In addition, there is a resurrection platform behind the blue crystal core, and players will be resurrected on the resurrection platform after death.
In the battle, players can’t make gold coins play monsters in the dark canyon or kill enemy soldiers or enemies in the game, so that they can get gold coins and buy designated equipment or restorations in shops near the dark canyon resurrection platform.
Mu Feng looked at the rules of the first battle for heaven, and finally Mu Feng summed it up. In fact, the rule of this battle is to push the tower and push the enemy defense tower, so we can win. Although this is easy to say, it may be difficult to do, but this is the first battle for Mu Feng, and he will try his best to the end.
Just thinking about killing the opposite enemy with the destroyer of low-key God, Mu Feng heard a sign saying, "The two sides will summon the small soldiers in 3 seconds and ask the players to get ready."
"How are you going to fight this battle in Mu Feng?" Listen to the colchicine sky asked Mu Feng.
After listening to this, Mu Feng grinds his fist and laughs. "How else can you just go and tear down the opposite tower!"
"Er Mu Feng, don’t you know? If there is no small soldier to cover us, we will be attacked by shells when we enter the other side’s defense tower, and if we attack the enemy in the tower, the shells will also attack us. I calculated that our life value seems to be able to stop five shells at most. "The low-key god remembered the rules and some important places and said to Mu Feng.
An arrow goes through the heart and says, "Yes, and we don’t know that the opponent is also participating in this kind of battle for the first time. We might as well take it slowly. On the note side, I don’t mean that this battle will brush out a blue ancient equipment every hour. It will push the enemy tower too fast and we won’t get the equipment."
Mu Feng really has a low-key god and an arrow through his heart when he looks at it carefully. He said that Mu Feng didn’t know that this tower is really easy to push in dark canyon roads and roads, as well as grass and groves. If you hide in the enemy, it will be difficult to see it unless our people buy a kind of reconnaissance eye thing in the store. Now everyone has no money and can’t buy it for one hundred gold coins.


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