Gentle, but unwilling to look at him. Later, I made a mistake and asked him if you were going.

She’s really like a tigress now, the kind that gets angry at any moment
It’s not easy for manager Teng to have a chance to sleep in his own bed.
Of course I don’t want to go.
"I’ll just rest here-can’t I watch?"
Manager Teng is really getting more and more watery.
Gentle nai look at him, then bend over and walk with the child in her arms. Teng Yun grabs her wrist and looks at him coldly.
"Gentle …"
"Let go or I’ll turn my face."
Teng always lets go and I’ll go.
It’s better for her to go out with the baby in her arms than for him to go out by himself, and it’s not so embarrassing.
Gentle but his eyes blurred after he left.
When eating, the two of them didn’t talk much. When the meal was full, the aunt needed help and got up gently. We did it ourselves.
Still don’t like being touched by others.
Is to give everyone a meal, Teng always holds a bowl, and she is also in trouble. Unexpectedly, she just sat there.
Manager Teng’s eyebrows are slightly annoyed, and then he gently puts the bowl down.
The two professors also feel sorry for themselves, but this result is already very good compared with leaving with the children gently.
Later, Teng Yun looked at tenderness and went to the master bedroom on the second floor. He still obediently went to the third floor.
I chose the third floor because someone specially ordered someone to prepare a room for him.
She just didn’t want to see him, but he used to be well prepared for the occasion.
Now I regret it, but it’s no use trying to be strong on her this time, which will make her even more disgusted.
I didn’t make a decisive choice to keep doing it that night.
I turned my mobile phone in the window to see the monitor in Suning and then suddenly thought of a problem.
Gentle returned to the room and lay down after taking a shower, but she didn’t think so much.
If loving someone is to be humiliated, then she would rather not spend a little more time with him
I just fell asleep when I received Jiang Wen’s words. I was groggy. Listening to Jiang Wen’s words, I told Sister Rou. I also learned some jokes to tell you …
Gently turned over and put the phone on the pillow and went back to sleep.
Is this girl possessed?
But is it too spacious for such a big bed to sleep by itself?
I can’t sleep at midnight.
Han Xi went to Gentle Ancestor the next day. What medicine did you give her? I kept reading ghost jokes until midnight, which drove me crazy.
Smile gently … Actually, I really don’t know what’s wrong with her.
Teng Yun sat in a chair and watched his wife and adult fuck Director Han, who was also mysterious and a little curious, but didn’t know how to ask.
The key is gentle and won’t pay attention to him
At breakfast, she served porridge to everyone but not to him.
No one will put in a good word for him and watch him be left out.
"You don’t know? If you didn’t tell her anything, would she even fall asleep with the tablet? " If the old lady sees her, she will die.
"Yesterday, I told her that Miss Yu is good at telling jokes, but I didn’t expect her to be so persistent all night. And did you or she leave me alone?"
"Wait, can someone tell me what happened?" Tengzong finally couldn’t hold on.
"Your wife has got a new favorite now and forgot to love our family. Your wife used to practice telling jokes at home in bad karma for fear of being left in the cold."
I see
What an interesting person.
"Miss Yu’s jokes are really good. Don’t believe you two."
Manager Teng …
Han Xi …
Gentle …
Well, she admitted that she was a little chatty.
It’s too much talking to think of yourself gently.


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