What? God Andy? When Mu Feng suddenly heard Coustou’s words, he felt that the brain was covered with a stupidity, but it was this stupidity. Coustou waited for a long time. It was this moment "roar …" At this moment, Coustou moved, or rather, the The Hunger tiger in Coustou moved. When the The Hunger tiger roared, Coustou even disappeared in front of the Mufeng, and when he reappeared, he reached the Mufeng and held the bloodthirsty magic sword high above his head with a strange smile.

"Ah … Mu Feng, watch your back!" Coustou’s appearance immediately caused Ji Yue, who had been paying attention to the war situation, to shout this month, and Yao Jiu and others knew how Coustou had just carried out the sneak attack method. It turned out that the The Hunger tiger in Coustou would teleport.
"Ha, it’s too late to scream again!" Coustou yelled at the blood attack and used it again. The blood attack is different from the attack on Yaojiu. He attacked Yaojiu in order to find a blood breeder, but he attacked Mu Feng in order to end Mu Feng’s life and not let this person live.
"God is rebellious!" Mu Feng didn’t look back, he didn’t look back, he didn’t look back, and gently "God’s inverse" slowly issued "Om ……" There was purple light pouring out from Mu Feng’s body, and then Mu Feng’s body was shrouded in a purple halo, and a god’s inverse field appeared in his middle foot. Mu Feng was in an enemy state.
"Cut … ……miss" Coustou blood attack or make out to listen to "cut …" A bloodthirsty sword in Coustou hit the purple halo.
"ah! Even the enemy! " Coustou roared with anger. His sneak attack was well-intentioned, but it didn’t hurt Mu Feng. Coustou immediately roared with anger.
"Crack …" Mu Feng doesn’t care if your emotions are just visible. Facing Coustou, it’s a lightning flash with an evil smile. Mu Feng said coldly while chopping. "I think you are wrong. I don’t have Andy’s equipment, but …"
Speaking of which, the lightning bite held high like a lightning needle, and then Mu Feng shouted, "Star busy! Lightning flashes! Lightning flashes! "
535 Chapter 535 Virtual evil dragon
Speaking of which, the lightning bite held high like a lightning needle, and then Mu Feng shouted, "The star is in two places, and the lightning flashes and flashes."
"Crack" as the wind blows, Coustou feels that there is a flash of golden light in front of him and two days of thunder should respond.
The first lightning flash was released by Mu Feng. After two seconds of paralysis, the lightning flash was also released. Coustou was paralyzed. When this large deputy boss could limit one second to one second attack, Mu Feng was ecstatic, and all the attacks were smashed on him.
"Ding-ding" just when Mu Feng was about to kill Coustou, the ear came to show that Mu Feng was startled. At this time, what would be shown and the sound appeared.
"You accumulated 5 million damage in the battle before biting you, and the damage value has been synchronized. You are synthesizing the ghost protector. At present, the first phase of the synthesis of the protector is ready. In the next three hours, you can summon a virtual dragon to assist in the battle. Remarks: The virtual dragon is temporarily unstable, and it may be impossible to distinguish between the enemy and the enemy."
Mu Feng, the "virtual dragon", was shocked by the sudden arrival. He accumulated five million damage values. When did that happen? Mu Feng didn’t know if it was because he brushed it from the daytime until now, and the first stage of the armguard was synthesized. Could it be that there are other stages in this armguard?
Finally, the virtual evil dragon, who knows that the ghost guardian can summon many monsters, is the first time that the virtual evil dragon has heard of it, which may be related to the magic guardian that the handsome enemy sold to him.
When Mu Feng analyzed this general statement, Coustou had recovered from his paralysis and shouted as if he were going to kill Mu Feng. Mu Feng gritted his teeth and looked at Coustou with sharp eyes and muttered to himself, "Coustou, try me."
Accompanied by Mu Feng’s light shout, the hand guard lying in the object bar issued a black luster, which seemed to be in response to Mu Feng’s virtual dragon coming out.
"Boom" accompanied by Mu Feng calling the ghost emperor, at this time, the bloodthirsty giant fell to the ground. The ghost emperor, the ghost brake, the letter geek and the negative four finally put the furious bloodthirsty giant to the ground without treatment.
"Brush" just as the bloodthirsty giant fell to the ground, and at the same time, a black aperture with a diameter of more than ten meters suddenly appeared at Mu Feng’s foot. "Hiss", black gas kept pouring out of the aperture, and Mu Feng looked coldly at a serious Coustou in the black aperture at this time.
"Roar" Coustou sat on the The Hunger Tiger and roared fiercely. It seemed to be demonstrating and fearing "rustling". Coustou led the The Hunger Tiger back and slowly retreated away from the edge of the black aperture.
"Ow!" Yi Long Yin from the depths of the black aperture seems to be really summoning dragon monsters.
"Ha Mu Feng, are you summoning the ghost king? But it doesn’t look like a dragon boss. It’s a good battle." At this moment, the ghost emperor and the ghost brake have already rushed over to talk. It’s the ghost emperor’s second time. He saw that Mu Feng had released the skill of summoning the boss, but it’s a little different from this time. The ghost emperor is thinking that this is not Mu Feng’s new summoning skill.
"Well, I don’t know how powerful the guy who is coming out is called the virtual dragon, but the virtual dragon attack may be regardless of friends and enemies. You will be careful not to be hit by it later." Mu Feng also came to the edge of the black circle and was with the ghost emperor and others. At this time, Mu Feng and Coustou were in a very subtle hostile state. Both waves of people hated each other on both sides of the black aperture and seemed to be waiting for the birth of the virtual dragon. At this time, the skeleton frost wyrm’s spine was exposed.
"Ow roar" Skeleton frost wyrm came out, and Ma Yue gave a huge roar. Mu Feng and others felt that the brain was suddenly buzzing straight and could not help but take a few steps back.
"Hum" saw Mu Feng’s skeleton frost wyrm summoned. Coustou looked up and couldn’t help but hum. Then he said, "It scared me to death. It will be the kind of boss calling. I didn’t expect it to be so small. Now that you frost wyrm have been summoned, let’s slaughter tonight." Coustou said as he crossed the bloodthirsty magic sword and prepared to attack at any time.
"Hum empty potential skeleton frost wyrm attack" Mu Feng listened to Coustou’s words and felt uncomfortable. What do you mean "I didn’t expect it to be so small"? Mu Feng skeleton frost wyrm is at least ten meters long. He even said it was small. Since you said it was all small, let you taste it. Mu Feng thought about it and sent an order to attack Coustou to the skeleton frost wyrm.
"Ow" see skeleton frost wyrm a roar loud a foot one meter thick water column suddenly spewed at Coustou in the past.
"Roar" in the face of the skeleton frost wyrm turbulent water column, you will see The Hunger tiger roar, The Hunger tiger Coustou suddenly disappeared in the original.
"Boom" Skeleton frost wyrm water column actually jumped, and the one-sided impact of the water column suddenly condensed into an ice beach. "Ow, roar" Skeleton frost wyrm’s failure to attack suddenly roared with dissatisfaction.
"Ka 321" doesn’t look at Mu Feng. Everyone knows who this guy will be behind. Mu Feng just visible is a sword. "Ka" Mu Feng Tianlei eats and Coustou bloodthirsty magic sword suddenly meet together. "Say" Mu Feng and Coustou both force their swords to be glued together at the same time.
"People disperse and retreat" Mu Feng immediately shouted after meeting Coustou’s sword to help Mu Feng Ghost Emperor and others immediately stopped and retreated. Although they don’t know what Mu Feng made them retreat, it is definitely not the time to ask this question. Mu Feng must have his own ideas.
"Hum, how do you want to talk to me?" Coustou glared at his big eyes and said to Mu Feng.
"Ha, yes, no" Mu Feng then revealed his trademark evil smile and silently made a formula to himself. After making this formula, he listened to Mu Feng yell "attack and attack Coustou" at frost wyrm, the skeleton in the sky. After shouting this sentence, Mu Feng Ma issued a "death shock" command to his three skeleton knights.
"Ow-ho" Skeleton frost wyrm immediately issued Yi Long Yin after receiving the attack command. A water column suddenly spewed out from his mouth, while at the same time, the three skeleton knights also pulled the reins and hissed repeatedly. Skeleton knights did not hesitate to directly turn into three shadows to impact Coustou.
"Boom!" Ghost Emperor and others heard a violent roar, where Mu Feng and Coustou were violently exploded, and ice droplets were dancing in succession. At the same time, in this roar, Coustou roared with pain. Obviously, Coustou was hit red-handed by an icicle attack by the skeleton frost wyrm, but Ji Yue, Ghost Emperor and others are not worried about how much Coustou has hurt. They are now thinking about an idea. What happened to Mu Feng? Mu Feng once said at the time that the skeleton ice dragon attack was inseparable from the enemy, but the mufeng kept the ice dragon in a stalemate with Kustu. What a big question was he attacked at this time?
Chapter 536 blood
Faint in the dark column spread a piece of black, the ghost emperor, Ji Yue and others saw purple light coming out from the direction of Mu Feng and Coustou, and the black fog dispersed. The ghost emperor, Ji Yue and others saw clearly that the purple light came from Mu Feng’s body and was surrounded by God’s reverse light. Oh, my God, Mu Feng actually used God’s reverse skills again.
"It’s Ji Yue. You help Mu Feng, right?" The first reaction when I saw Mu Feng’s reverse skill was that the alphabet geek had studied many skills, among which the savior had a sharp drop in skill D. Mu Feng would release the reverse twice in such a short time. It must be with Ji Yue’s help.
"Damn it, it’s that strange purple field again," Coustou said maliciously, and at the same time, a string of red attacks were floating above his head, including Mu Feng’s attack and the virtual dragon’s attack, which was red. Coustou lost a lot of lives in this Mu Feng attack
In the face of this, Coustou Mu Feng was also surprised to find that Coustou was bound by the virtual dragon attack, or rather, the Coustou The Hunger tiger was bound to the ground, and just now the virtual dragon attack area formed a swamp with long-term binding.


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