Shen Nuo body shaking or sitting on the land Hugh thought far position.

Now Shen Nuo can’t believe a word of what Lu Xiusi said.
Say what not to do in front of so many people at this time, but last night when she was struggling, Lu Xiusi said something very asshole.
Last night, he said in vain, "I don’t care if you call everyone in the villa again. Of course, you just have to be shameless."
It can be seen from this that Lu Xiusi is simply not credible.
Seeing Shen Nuo sitting far away from himself, Lu Xiusi was obviously unhappy. He put down his tableware and his face sank. "Shen Nuo, I’ll give you a chance to sit by my side. You should never try to make me say it again."
Because once he repeats anything for the second time, the consequences are very dangerous.
Shen Nuo holds the tableware, her hands tighten more and more, and her heart is tangled. She really wants to sit next to Lu Xiusi.
Of course it’s no problem if it’s for dinner.
After extremely tangled, Shen Nuo still lost to the terrible sight of Lu Xiusi.
Shen Nuo is the first time to feel that eating with a man is also a stressful thing.
See Shen Nuo darling sat up Lu Xiusi this just satisfied.
The servant brought breakfast and smiled. "Young lady, these are the things that our young master often eats on weekdays. If you like anything, you can tell me directly or talk to the kitchen."
Shen Nuo nodded and thanked the servant.
Lu Hughes also didn’t say much, which was obviously the default of the woman’s words.
Shen Nuo hesitated at the moment. Although Lu Xiusi has a bad temper and a bad attitude, some people are also jerks, but she really eats well and lives well with Lu Xiusi.
Is it a fake wedding special for her and Lu Xiusi?
Section 7
Shen Nuo wanted to think, and suddenly he was a little unhappy. How could Lu Xiusi give her these treatments and make her feel that she was kept by others?
Shen Nuo twist twist eyebrow consciousness looked at his side Lu Xiusi Lu Xiusi is one-way didn’t put her in the eye after eating breakfast.
When Lu Xiusi’s sister spoke, Shen Nuo obviously didn’t want to take the initiative to talk to Lu Xiusi.
It’s calm after a breakfast.
After breakfast, Shen Nuo changed clothes directly and left the villa.
When Shen Nuo left, Lu Xiusi was sitting on the sofa on the first floor. He looked at his wrist watch. "It takes 20 minutes to get from your company to the villa at 5: 30 in the traffic jam. I want to see you in the villa."
Shen Nuo listen to psychological suddenly a quiver.
Lu Hughes, can this man go any further?
He seems to have investigated everything about her, even knowing when she will go to work, and since Lu Xiusi has calculated the needs of this journey, he naturally knows where she works.
This man …
Shen Nuo twisted her eyebrows. Speaking of it, she doesn’t like others to know herself too well.
Lu Xiusi thinks that such a move will make Shen Nuo more and more disgusted.
But even so, Shen Nuo still doesn’t want to say anything to Lu Xiusi now. She hurriedly left the villa and stopped a taxi and went straight to the company.
Shen Nuo graduated from studying design and is now working as an intern in a design company. Although the salary is not high, Shen Nuo is very keen on this job.
Shen Nuo likes jewelry design, but not so. She is also very talented in this respect.
Every morning at work, there must be an early meeting. It is a man in his twenties called White Curtain.
Shen Nuo has always felt that he is an excellent man. After all, it is not easy to take the position of director of design department at a young age.
White curtain glanced at in a hurry to Shen Nuo didn’t say much.
Until the end of the meeting, Liu Fei, a good friend of Shen Nuo’s, was greeted. Liu Fei and Shen Nuo were the same batch of interns who entered the company, and they always took photos of each other.
Liu Fei curious to Shen Nuo side mouth "Nuo Nuo you’re not taking a wedding leave? Why did you come to work today? And how did I hear that there was some chaos at your wedding? "
Have you heard?
Shen Nuo twist twist eyebrow even Liu Fei heard about it.
Shen Nuo sorted out a mess of thoughts and smiled and said to her, "I’m not worried. I’m fine. The wedding has been cancelled and my sister is single again!"
Liu Fei looked at her and seemed to say this sentence easily, which was very distressing, but she didn’t ask too much about poking her where it hurts.
☆ Chapter 11 Exercise after dinner!
"Well, then, you are better than anything." Liu Fei comforted her.
Shen Nuo responded by thanking her with a smile. However, no one knew that she was married to her fiance’s uncle instead of being single. What a big joke!
When I was in class, Shen Nuo walked out of the building with something on his mind.
"Shen Nuo!" Hearing someone calling her name behind her, Shen Nuo looked back and saw that it was his company’s white curtain.
Speaking of white curtain, it is really young and looks very handsome, tall and exquisite. I think all female employees will be moved by such an excellent company


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