It is precisely because of more than 20 years of special training that it has been able to grow rapidly.

During the three-month special training, it was not only that he was behind, but a change of direction!
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Promotion lieutenant!
"I just went to kill five rebel military academy officers. There must be a lieutenant colonel in them … there may be a school-level rebel army." Lin doesn’t like this uncertainty, but there is no way for them to get together and it is difficult to tell.
"Oh!" Long Zhi was stunned for just over ten hours, and Lin killed five field-level officers himself, saying, "According to the normal promotion difficulty, you should be promoted to the third rank."
Suddenly Lin remembered to take out a black cylinder from the steel facade in the valley and said to Long Zhi, "By the way, go to the military department and ask if it can be directly regarded as a promotion!"
Long Zhi asked, "What is this?"
Lin said, "Before we were rescued, the scout should have taken this thing with him. If there was no mistake in judgment, it would be a key. There are nine keys. I grabbed the other ones from the rebels … Don’t lose money. This is definitely a good thing. Compared with this, the method of armor replacement and mechanical disassembly is worthless!"
Lin was sure that there was something good behind the steel gate. Otherwise, how could nine field officers appear in that place at the same time? The armor wouldn’t blow itself up.
At this time, Long Zhicai noticed a bunch of tactical backpack and backpacks behind Lin, but he took one look and continued, "Nine … The rebels are missing one. It’s normal to prevent that one from being taken away by the rebels and released for direct promotion. There’s not much difference between one and two, but it’s different to have nine keys left. If it’s less, it can also be promoted to the rank of sergeant two or three."
This game is not that you don’t know how to be flexible, but that you have enough intelligence to match the player’s intelligence.
"You are thinking wrong!" After listening to Long Zhi’s words, Lin said, "Pre-rescue can make all accepted players upgrade to a higher rank instead of a player!"
"hmm!" Long Zhi is not a person who can’t make mistakes, and he is not the kind of person who won’t admit his mistakes. He immediately realized that his thinking was wrong and said, "According to this thinking, wouldn’t this thing have no problem even if you were promoted to a field officer?"
"Go and ask first, this is not a question of how many ranks can be promoted, but a question of how many ranks can be promoted by the highest officer here!"
"too! Then I’ll go first. You hide and make a network connection and wait for my news. "
"yes! These things you … "Lin wants Long Zhi to take away his battle benefits. After all, it’s inconvenient to wear them. You can’t say what you will touch in battle. But after thinking about it, let Long Zhi take so many tactical backpack and backpacks, and you all know that he has a problem. The possibility of exposure is too high." Forget it. We’ll deal with it slowly then! "
Long Zhi sent away directly.
Lin didn’t stay in the delivery point, but returned to the black swamp.
After waiting for more than an hour, I received a message from Long Zhi asking him to quickly go to Room 9 of the Military Department of another city’ Jinsha City’ in ten times the gravity area, and attached a map of Jinsha City, the shortest route from the delivery hall to the military department.
Long Zhi spent more than an hour looking for the quickest route surface and calculating the good route.
Lin is a race against time to be sent directly to Jinsha City, and immediately after being sent to Jinsha City, he was discovered by the players who were waiting for the night … But Lin was very fast. When the other party paused to confirm Lin’s body armor, he quickly ran out of the delivery hall and disappeared into the eyes of the players who were waiting for him.
It took dozens of seconds before he appeared in the delivery hall of Jinsha City.
There is no way to send a message waiting to be sent … It takes tens of seconds, which is the fastest speed.
But it’s too late to return it at night. When we get to the root of Jinsha City, we can’t see Lin’s figure, but he knows that Lin will definitely go to the military office and go to the military office of Jinsha City as soon as possible.
At night, I went to the gate of the military department to find the sergeant-level gatekeeper and asked, "Did a sergeant in gold armor just go in?"
If the rank is higher than the night, or the root of the same rank, it is impossible to talk to him.
"Did you see which direction he went?" Ask again if you don’t come back at night
"Military office!"
Don’t come back at night, speed up the pace and rush to the military office. There is no military office room one, no military office room two, or no … Until the military office room nine, I didn’t come back at night and was stopped by a sergeant guarding the door.
Rush in
This kind of stupid thing won’t be done if you don’t come back at night … Don’t rush in. It won’t work in the vicinity. It’s directly controlled by the city’s security order to keep the armor away from the door of the ninth room of the military office.
"Ha ha! I will wait for you here! " Not far from the door of the ninth room of the Military Department at night, my eyes were fixed on the door of the ninth room of the Military Department.
Lin and Long Zhi are in front of an ice armor.
Looking at Lin, I said, "You have finished the rescue and killed a rebel lieutenant colonel, and you have been promoted to two ranks. You can hand in this video that a rebel military academy can be promoted to a rank of sergeant … I have deducted the corresponding military merit from your military merit."
"Just now, I have talked to Sergeant Long Zhi about the key to a secret research institute. You can be promoted to lieutenant within my limit, but you can be promoted to lieutenant because you are not qualified for military service!"
Lin paused and asked, "How many military achievements are there?"
Say "more than 40,000!"


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