"Don’t bring it, don’t think it’s too disrespectful. You have something to run naked ~" Qin Shaojie said angrily.

This guy has been in his body for a long time, and it’s not that he’s never seen modern people wear it and it’s ugly.
"Come on, can’t I wear it?" Ghost said quickly and then moved quickly to get dressed.
Naked ~ running? Are you kidding? Although this body is not your own, it belongs to you now. It is also your own to go out naked and throw it.
"How can I repair this …" Ghost felt a self-repair after getting dressed, but he was surprised to find that he had actually regressed back to the golden body when he was in the golden fairy period.
It’s all in gold, but the difference is too big
It’s like being a billionaire and now a street beggar.
"This is normal," said Bei Mingzhan. "If Nirvana Dan hadn’t helped you make up your knowledge, I’m afraid you wouldn’t even have a chance to have a physical body, let alone practice it."
"Then I don’t want to practice again?" Unbelievable. Boy, how long will it take to get back to the previous repair?
He’s not Qin Shaojie, that pervert, and he doesn’t have that perverted practice speed. I’m afraid it will take hundreds of years to practice again
"Theoretically, it is," said Bei Mingzhan with a nod, "but it may be faster if you have any adventure."
Qin Shaojie laughed when he looked at the ghost’s depressed expression. "Come on, come on, I’ll protect you. What are you afraid of? Haha, let’s go out."
Qin Shaojie, who was just about to go to the door, suddenly remembered something and turned back and said, "You wait for me to go out and say hello first."
On the last day of ps, three chapters were repeated. If there is no accident, I won’t take intravenous drip, which is normal.
Chapter 62 Just want to go to a brothel.
Dean is very anxious. There are a lot of things when he comes. Even if he takes a little time to make a baby with that little secret, he has been at the Taiping gate for more than ten minutes now. Naturally, he is not worried. Can’t those two be dissected inside?
And there seems to be a light flashing out just now. What’s the situation?
I was thinking when I heard a light sound from the emergency door, and then the young leader came out.
"Dean, please" Qin Shaojie said politely.
Qin Shaojie, the dean of the family, has to be polite himself.
"Don’t bother, don’t bother." Dean saw Qin Shaojie come out and quickly got up from his chair and said, "It’s my pleasure to help the two leaders."
"Well," Qin Shaojie nodded and took the dean and said, "There is a more important thing to happen now. If you don’t see anything, forget it or you will know the consequences."
Qin Shaojie said coldly with a straight face, "If a fourth person knows, you should know that you will be executed for treason."
"I know, I know," said the dean, trembling as he wiped his forehead with cold sweat.
"It is good to know" Qin Shaojie nodded and shouted "Come out" inside.
Dean looked at the Taiping gate and wondered what he was doing. Isn’t it just taking a body and being so careful? It’s really impossible to arrange an ambulance to send it away.
Maybe it was two people when they went in and three people when they came out?
Just thinking about it, I saw two figures at the door.
Dean immediately stare big eyes straight feel his little heart beating badly, even if the little secret naked in front of your performance didn’t feel the heart beating so much.
Sure enough, the dean of three people thought that it was black at the moment and then "bang" lying on the ground.
Qin Shaojie looked at each other with the North Ghost War and Ghost, shook his head and turned to walk outside. Anyway, all the work was done. Dean fainted because he was tired of playing games just now, so let him have a rest.
The three of them walked out of the hospital as if nothing had happened.
Although it is winter, the weather is surprisingly good today, and there is plenty of sunshine without the cold wind, which is a rare good weather in winter.
When I walked to the hospital gate, I suddenly stopped, then I looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle. When Qin Shaojie made any sequela, I heard him shout with his arms open, "The old man finally came back to life. Haha, beautiful women are waiting for my luck."
This voice really made the gods cry. Many people who came in and out of the hospital gate were startled by his abrupt voice. Some of them had bad hearts and almost smoked in the past.
"Is this guy in the wrong place? He should go to Anding Hospital to treat mental illness there. He is handsome, but he is very ill." A woman shook her head holding her boyfriend and looking at the ghost.
"Don’t talk nonsense," the man said. "I was excited about being reborn."
I just heard the words of the two men and I was about to thank the man when I heard him say, "You heard him calling for a beautiful woman to wait for him. I guess he was admitted to the hospital because of sexually transmitted diseases, but he also envied him for indulging in flowers every day."
"Why do you want to learn from him?" A woman suddenly said coldly when she heard her boyfriend say this.
"How is that possible? I am expressing my envy. I am very satisfied with you."


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