This time, I saw Ye Zhang’s BUG-level sacred blessing shield not through video, and he finally found the organization for nothing.

"According to the killer rules, I’m still in the investigation period for three months. I’m not … not qualified to get equipment."
Angry inflammation at this time attitude is very sincere and some expect that dwarf head twisted in a group of facial features looks funny.
"We don’t have time to carry waste for three months!"
The bloody nose feels a great murderous look when it is angry. This sentence is not at all polite, but it is indeed the most realistic truth.
Joining Ye Zhang means that they will face fighting at any time. The equipment and level will be the biggest chip in the battle. Angry at this time, he will no longer refuse to hold the equipment in his hand and touch it. This is the first hidden gold equipment in his life.
Chapter XII Seize the Exchange!
Let residual blood and others didn’t think it was anger inflammation, but it was also a man show like Ye Zhang.
The difference is that once he talks, he will become as coquettish as Ye Zhang, which makes the residual blood and others smile bitterly, and Xu Yin also looks at Ye Zhang from time to time with the latter’s eyes to reveal a meaningful smile.
Angry inflammation is a major in blocking spells. The most common thing in flashy is that blocking spells have high damage and wide attack range. It’s not too long to cool down skills, except that they need to sing and don’t have special effects.
And Ang Yan’s joining the Big Magic Array of Five is almost complete, but it is almost because Ye Zhang has to bear the burden of the main array captain’s meat shield to switch each other at the same time, and Ye Zhang is still not up to standard at this point.
When people return from the canopy of death again, Ye Zhang said
"Can you go to the bloody castle?"
The remnant blood glanced at him and shook his head. He knew that it was not yet safe to train, and they had to make a bigger stunt to calm the storm.
Caesar, they are also in the dark, and the dream is seventeen. These people are still the swing, and they will not completely take sides. They are only interested in profit.
"Let’s go to the Cologne City Exchange!"
The words sound just fell and punk and Tang Yidao’s eyes lit up and they got the message.
"It’s going to be big!"
Tang Yidao sighed that he didn’t talk as much as a veteran. The veteran was a perfect executor, and Tang Yidao was a decision-maker just like him in style, but he couldn’t compete with the remnant blood because he didn’t have the charisma of a leader, which was not suitable for mediation and interpersonal work.
Therefore, Tang Yidao is more about distribution, and the residual blood is the final nod to Ye Zhang. He is a soldier, um … super soldier.
Angry is also hot-blooded. For him, leveling is what it is, so that he can kill people better. He is not a killer. He likes PK in the game. He spends most of his time in the Flanders mine arena except leveling.
After all the people were properly allocated, Ye Zhang and Teddy boy still got all the way. Ye Zhang’s execution ability is really not reassuring.
Just sent from Fenggu to Ye Zhang, the main city of Cologne, a sensation broke out among players.
The whirlwind is coming again, and judging from his walking direction, it is the Cologne Stock Exchange. Players know what will happen today.
At this time, the players’ department stationed in the Cologne Stock Exchange is all members of the guild of all corners of the country. When they saw the familiar figure, the department showed a desperate expression.
They can’t leave here, which also means they won’t be able to stay here any longer.
Ye Zhang shot a technical spell and hit the end group. Although the other side deliberately dispersed the crowd, two players still died in the hands of Ye Zhang.
Ye Zhang is here to kill, and he is here to kill.
Teddy boy watched all this happen in front of him with his rest. Although he didn’t do it himself, he was very satisfied with it. Let’s say that’s it.
The Cologne City Exchange was quickly cleaned up by players from all over the world, and not many people just came for nothing, which was a good experience for Ye Zhang.
Without this group of players who are always in charge of the exchange, the exchange immediately entered a state of suspension. Although there will still be a set of independent systems operating normally in all resource points in the glitz, once the trade union establishes a branch, it will pay the law for every two disappeared exchanges, and everything except the merchants will enter the "government" stage.
"The song is coming!"
The residual blood sent a message to teddy boy and Zhang Ye. Teddy boy smiled and fell asleep, which was an old friend to him.
"Hold here for an hour and give it to me!"
Teddy boy smiled and left Ye Zhang, who was sitting alone in the vast vertical and horizontal branch, and stood in the doorway like a goalkeeper.
Fall song soon arrived with people. When he saw punk blocking the road, he didn’t show disdain because of the other person. He died twice in the other person’s hands, which was a great shame for his life.
"Don’t get sick when the old cow sings!"
Teddy boy cheerfully joked with the other side without any tension, but fell into song and eyebrows. After saying a few words to a player beside him, more than half of the people rushed over to the exchange, and he also locked all the exits of Teddy boy.
However, this time the song fell into a dilemma.
He knew that there were many people on his side, but they couldn’t stop Teddy boy from running, and their only success might be to let Teddy boy do it himself, and then the gold guard would catch Teddy boy, but the other side also realized this.
Teddy boy came behind him and shouted to kill him. It was Ye Zhang who unilaterally slaughtered many players from all over the world. Teddy boy kept smiling and his face became heavier and heavier.


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