Twenty years seems to be a long time, but it seems to be very short. Even in just one line of words, it has quietly passed away.

After 20 years of development, Meng Qi’s followers have expanded several times. Every day, the belief force has almost reached a terrible situation, and the first stage has been successfully promoted three years ago.
This is the result of the commitment of the two billion new believers.
Of course, in the past 20 years, the progress was not only Meng Qi’s spiritual inheritance in the cultivation of immortals in Northeast China, but also Zi Xuan has reached a critical moment, and the two gods of the Wu nationality have recently recovered.
Soon after the recovery, the two gods wanted to see Meng Qiyi. For those priests, this was definitely a great favor to Meng Qi, but as far as Meng Qi was concerned, he didn’t really want to see the two gods.
But now it is impossible. After preparing for it, he went with Yao to see the two gods. After arriving at the witch family, Meng Qi followed Yao into a ritual circle and then entered a seemingly empty place.
And bringing Meng Qi here Yao is leaving Meng Qi alone. Meng Qi looked around and still didn’t figure out what this place is, but since God didn’t show up, he just needed to wait quietly.
After waiting for about a few hours, Meng Qi suddenly felt a horrible smell spread in it, and Meng Qi knew that it must be that God appeared.
Sure enough, in a short time, there suddenly appeared a pair of eyes shining with golden light. As soon as the eyes appeared, Meng Qi felt that he was completely looked at everywhere, and there was nothing to hide.
Without words, it seems that Meng Qi came here to show everything to the God. God didn’t talk and Meng Qi didn’t talk, but Meng Qi hated the feeling of being stripped naked and being seen by others.
It was a long time before a stereo called "Are you Meng Qi?" The sound didn’t come from that eye, but it seemed to appear from the whole.
The sound was deafening, and Meng Qi felt as if he were in a big clock. At this time, it was like someone ringing the big clock from the outside. He felt a roar in his head and lost his mind for a while.
It took a while for Meng Qi to return to absolute being. At this time, his heart had a little fear, and that unhappiness had already been thrown outside the cloud nine.
"I am Meng Qi," said Meng Qi with some humility.
"You are very good, and I look forward to your becoming one of us." This time, the sound didn’t make Meng Qi feel that his head was hit hard, although it was already so grand.
"I will work hard," Meng Qi said with humility.
"Well, you go home." After this sentence, those eyes disappeared in an instant, while Meng Qize was in a trance. When he returned to his absolute being, he was back to the send-off when he just entered.
At this time, Yao has come forward and said, "Let’s go."
Meng Qi nodded and asked strangely, "Don’t you want to know what God told me?"
Yao stopped, turned around and shook his head seriously, saying, "Everything that is divine is not something I can wait for."
Looking at Yao turned and walked on, Meng Qi nodded thoughtfully. Is this God’s people?
On the other hand, Meng Qi and Zi Xuan of the Wu nationality are developing and cultivating the immortal world, and several bodhi old zu are gradually waking up. Moreover, Hu Xianer is also rapidly rising her faster than Meng Qi in these twenty years.
In just 20 years, she has already entered the Du Jie stage, and even passed the first catastrophe. Now she needs to go through two more disasters to become immortal.
However, after three thunder robberies, the result is the lowest. After six thunder robberies, it is Xuanxian, and after nine thunder robberies, it is Luo Jinxian.
However, after Hu Xianer returned to cultivate immortality, there was never a smile.
Hu Xianer is thinking that she will go to the southwest to see Meng Qi after the completion of cultivation. Although others say that Meng Qi has betrayed the cultivation of immortality, her heart is unwilling to believe that she has to see Meng Qi in person.
With such motivation, the growth of Hu Xianer’s cultivation is very terrible, and the fruit position in tian hu, Kyubi no Youko is not very high, but it is also necessary to go through six thunderbolts to rob the fruit position of Xuanxian and five thunderbolts to rob Hu Xianer while practicing.
Ten years later, the world seems to be still the same as before. For Meng Qi, it seems that he can’t do anything before he becomes a god.
However, today, Cuiming Mountain ushered in a guest, and after seeing the bearer, Meng Qi had no expression all day, but his face showed many smiles.
After seeing Meng Qi, the man jumped into Meng Qi’s arms and kept rubbing against "Master, I miss you so much" in Meng Qi’s arms like a kitten. Zi Xuan was so excited that he cried when he met again after forty years.
And Meng Qi is also holding Zi Xuan and said with a smile, "Well, well, people who are dozens of years old are not stable at all like a child."
It is true that although forty years have passed, Zi Xuan has not changed, and she still looks like a teenage girl in terms of appearance and body.
"What people don’t want to be sedate?" Zi Xuan hugged Meng Qi tightly and thought that if he was sedate, he couldn’t stay in the master’s arms and play the woman.
"Okay, okay, get up and look at you. If you are EU elder sister, it’s been a long time." Zi Xuan was lifted from his arms and Meng Qixiao smiled and said.
And Zi Xuan although some reluctant to hold Meng Qihuai, but she was still happy to go to the front of Cheng Rewei and said, "If Wei Jie I miss you so much," say that finish is to hold Cheng Rewei’s hand and then talk about something.
Meng Qi looked at the two men from time to time and shook their heads and smiled. For a long time, they never had a relaxed and floating heart. At this time, Meng Xiao also came. At this time, Meng Xiao looked like a double-nine teenager, but his face was already very calm.
Meng Qi smiled and waved to Meng Xiao Zhao and said, "Xiao Er came and met your sister Zi Xuan. She hugged you when you were a child."
Meng Xiao nodded and walked to the front of Zi Xuan and said "Sister Zi Xuan".
In fact, Meng Xiao looks more like his mother Ai Zhuoshui, but his personality is indeed more towards Meng Qi. Zi Xuan looked at Meng Xiao and smiled. "Oh, Xiao Meng Xiao has grown up. It’s really good, but can’t you ask her sister to ask her aunt to know?"
Meng Xiao looked at Zi Xuan and then at Meng Qi, but there were some questions in his eyes.
Meng Qi is also a little strange and asks, "You are my apprentice, and he is my son. It’s right to call you sister. How can you call me aunt?"
Hearing Meng Qi’s words, Zi Xuan’s face turned red. She blushed at Meng Qi and said, "Don’t worry about it. I just want to be aunt Xiao Meng."
Then he said to Meng Xiao, "Come to Meng Xiao and call your aunt."
Meng Xiao hesitated for a moment or called "aunt"
"Ah, that’s lovely." Zi Xuan stretched out his hand and touched Meng Xiao’s head. This is the place where former Meng Qi often touched her. Now she can touch others like this. Thought of here, Zi Xuan was secretly pleased.
And Zi Xuan said that Meng Qi suddenly remembered that Zi Xuan had just arrived in the witch family, but it was a bit strange to say that she was his wife and Meng Qi’s expression was thought of here.
And after chatting for a while, Meng Xiao left the room, leaving Meng Qicheng, Ruowei and Zi Xuan, and Cheng Ruowei looked at Meng Qi and Zi Xuan suddenly and said, "By the way," xianggong ",I’ll prepare a meal for the noodles and get a dinner for Zi Xuan. You can talk with her first."
"Oh, good" In fact, where does Cheng Rewei have to do these things in person now? She just gave Meng Qi Zi Xuan some.
And Meng Qi is not ignorant of this reason, but he did not stop Cheng Rewei from thinking in his heart. In fact, Meng Qi himself is not sure.
After Cheng Rewei left, Zi Xuan came to the front of Meng Qi and looked at Meng Qi biting her mouth and not talking.
And Meng Qi didn’t say anything, but she didn’t have Zi Xuan’s eyes. She kept shaking her head and saying something.
Zi Xuan didn’t seem to stop thinking about Meng Qi, and then hugged Meng Qi and kissed him. This time, it was different decades ago. Meng Qi of Zi Xuan was severely bumped into each other, but he didn’t feel different when he was in pain.
This time, Zi Xuan was careful to gently touch his lips with Meng Qi’s lips tightly, and then Zi Xuan felt a straight body flowing from his lips.
A crisp and numb feeling hit Zi Xuan’s mind.
And Meng Qi was not surprised by this sudden kiss. In fact, his heart had faintly guessed that it would be like this, and this time Meng Qi didn’t have such a big reaction. Zi Xuan kissed together quietly
It was a long time before Zi Xuan moved her red face from Meng Qi’s lips and looked at Meng Qi firmly and said, "Master, I like you."
Meng Qi looked at Zi Xuan with firm eyes and didn’t know what to say. Finally, he gave a long sigh "I know"
Chapter seventy-three Cross God’s bullet
Chapter seventy-three Cross God’s bullet
"You know?" This time, on the contrary, Zi Xuan was a little shocked, because Meng Qi always treated her as a junior. Remember the words that Meng Qi said that he had an Oedipus complex.


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