Gu Yi enjoyed this moment, ordinary but sweet.

Is what she and Mo Jun lack most at night.
Their feelings have grown up in repeated hardships, but there are few warm and sweet times like this.
Gu Yi decided that it was good for her to make it all up, love first and then fall in love.
"Where to go later?"
Gu Yi’s beautiful eyes sparkled with little expectation.
Mo Jun’s smile flashed in his eyes at night, and his slender beautiful fingers gently rubbed in Pakistan, and suddenly his head leaned over and lowered his voice.
"Do you know where those lovers in love are bound to go?"
Mo Jun said at night that he was really blindfolded by such a mysterious concern for a while and thought for a long time before he just asked, "Where is it?"
Mojun’s smile at the corner of his mouth slowly became evil and gently spit out the word "hotel"
I’m blue in the face, but Mo Jun said casually at night, "Isn’t this normal?" Feelings naturally need further communication. "
He was very interested. "We haven’t tried it in a hotel yet. Maybe we will have a novel experience."
Gu Yi’s face turned into eggplant, and he couldn’t wait for his bag to hit Mo Jun at night.
What’s on this man’s mind all the time!
Seeing Gu Yi’s expression, Mo Jun relaxed at night and couldn’t help but gather together and pecked at her face.
"All right, let’s go."
Gu Yi refused to get up. "Where to?"
Mo Jun smiled at night. "Do you still say that? Of course. "
"Mojun Night!"
"To eat, of course."
He finished with a smile. "Aren’t you hungry at this time?"
Gu opened his mouth "to eat."
"Why are you a little disappointed with the answer in your heart?"
Mo Jun pulled Gu Yi up at night, put his arms around him, put his mouth in her ear and said softly, "You can’t think of anything else until you have eaten enough and have the strength."
"You hate it!"
Gu Yi’s hand was clenched into a fist, and whoever hit it in the past wanted to leave!
Mo Jun laughed at night and hugged her as she walked, and her tone was spoiled. "Well, I hate it, but don’t you just like it?"
Gu Yi really wants to beat him up. This man really says anything!
Just then Mo Jun’s night talk rang and he picked it up with a smile on his lips, but soon his words fell to the ground and smashed the screen.
Gu Yi was startled and looked up only to find that Mo Jun’s face was extremely wrong at night.
His face slowly became ferocious, and his hand remained in the answering position, but he was trembling slightly.
"Tsukiyomi ikuto Tsukiyomi ikuto, what’s the matter with you? Don’t scare me! "
Gu Yi held Mo Jun’s hand at night and was shocked to find that his hand became cold or warm just now.
What the hell happened?
Mo Jun felt the warmth of his hand at night and bowed his head slowly. His eyes were indifferent and he had never seen anything.
"little meaning"
"Yeah, I’m here."
"Grandpa, something happened to him."
The car sped along the road and lovingly held Mo Jun’s head in her arms.
From just Mojun night, she was in such a state that she suffered a huge blow in vain, and people became slow and didn’t know what to do.
Tsukiyomi ikuto was brought up by Grandpa Mo, and his feelings were extraordinary. Gu Yigen couldn’t imagine what Tsukiyomi ikuto was feeling at the moment.


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