Although surprised, these players later felt very cool!

Many of them have long been unhappy with Golka, but no one has been able to cure this bastard, so they can swallow it.
Today, I really feel proud that someone is coming out!
Their usual roots are ignored just to set off the green leaves in Golka!
For a moment, they all had a good impression on the young head coach who had been despised by them.
Chang Sheng turned to the little players and said, "All right, all right, forget the deserter. Keep the game going. Keep the game going!" And he motioned to angulo.
Angulo also knows that he’d better leave this matter alone. Anyway, it doesn’t matter to him whether Golka has the last laugh or always wins.
So he blew the whistle "The game continues! !”
After the training, everyone went back to the dressing room and found that Golka had left.
The atmosphere in the dressing room suddenly became a little weird.
Those core players in Golka are silent, but they are the most active group in the locker room, which is very happy to agree with Golka’s words.
Today, they are in a complicated mood, because they all saw Golka staring at their eyes before leaving, and they could see that they were bitter and stupid. How could they not know what Golka meant? Golka resented that they didn’t stand out from him, but that China coach was so neat. How are they going to stand out? Besides, they actually think that Golka has gone too far. Sergio is recognized as a good guy, and no one has offended him, but he said that Sergio finally complained about them, but they didn’t start it! Why do you want us to wipe your ass when you’re in trouble?
For the first time, these players, who were the former leaders of Golka, were dissatisfied with their "boss" in their hearts
After the initial strangeness, the atmosphere in the locker room gradually became relaxed because everyone talked about the new head coach.
"That China person is so fierce … unexpectedly dare to hit Golka …"
"Yes, that shoulder throw is really beautiful. Did you see it? It’s just a profession … Have you practiced judo before the coach? "
"China people should be … China kung fu? Just like Bruce Lee and Jack Cheng! How exciting! Wow! "
The more heated the discussion in the dressing room, the higher the mood. Who among these people has not been more or less angry with Golka? Everyone doesn’t like him. Some people don’t care about him. Some people just keep a low profile and don’t make trouble. Now they are all very happy to see Golka beaten by the new head coach.
But what makes everyone feel strange is that those younger brothers in Golka didn’t even go against them, just sitting in their own positions and being silent and not knowing what they were thinking. But now they are not afraid of those people because they feel that this new coach will support them!
Carlos sat next to the plug and poked him with his elbow. "Are you still disappointed now?"
Plug shook his head "training level is another matter …"
Carlos smiled.
At this time, a voice suddenly sounded in the lively locker room. "Don’t be happy too early, right? The club attaches great importance to Golka’s attitude. It’s not that everyone hasn’t seen him before. The club has promised him that he can let it go after such a big loss this time. What if he asks the club to keep him and has to get rid of the new coach? "
There was a silence in the dressing room.
Yeah, how did they forget about it …
Golka can measure his popularity … Can a new coach compete with him? In the eyes of the club’s top management, a genius in ten years is obviously more valuable than a new coach, right?
The dressing room was silent again, because everyone thought it was likely to happen. They knew Golka’s character, and he was sure to complain to the club, and once this happened, the new coach would be completely defeated. He could not have Golka, which was more important to the club.
This is the only coach who is willing to stand up for these ordinary players, but he will be driven away like this …
Everyone feels bad at the thought of here.
But what can they do?
They are Chinese, and they are not geniuses once in ten years. They can’t influence the decision-making of the club level.
Plug suddenly said to Carlos next to him, "If the club really wants to get rid of the new coach, I’ll leave too."
Carlos was startled. "Are you crazy? Didn’t you say that his training level is another matter? "
"But these are two different things. I don’t know if the new coach is a good coach, but I think he is a good man. If the club really wants to get rid of him, I think it is unfair, but I can’t help it. I can protest in my own way."
"Where can you go without Hertha?"
"Whatever. Golka is right. I really don’t have the talent to be a player. Maybe I shouldn’t dream of playing professional football. I should get a job and play amateur games with my friends every weekend." Sai said flatly.
But Carlos felt dim in his tone.
Golka’s mercilessly taunting him in front of so many people today really hit him.
Carlos doesn’t know how to persuade his friend. He can sigh and then stop.
The atmosphere in the dressing room became even more depressing than when Golka was proud.
Chapter 10 Golden Pupil
On the southwest edge of Madrid, Hertha Satellite City is not big, nor is Hertha Club. At noon, the news that the coach of the new youth team beat the talented Golka away from the club spread all over the club
Then it reached the ears of the outside news media.
In the afternoon, a big news broke out in Hertha’s local TV station "Hertha Life"-the father of Golka Alonso Basel, a hopeful star who was highly noticed by Hertha fans, revealed that his son had been unfairly treated in Hertha Fei and wanted to leave the team!
Golka is unknown in the whole of Spain, but it is a little famous in the Madrid region, which is simply called "home Yu Xiao" in Hertha, a small satellite city.
Hertha fans have been betting on him since he was 14 years old. This bet has two distinct emotions, one is expectation and the other is worry.
Because Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid’s Vallecano youth training camp all expressed their attention to this little genius.
Compared with these three big brothers in Madrid, Hertha is insignificant and has nothing to keep talents. Hertha has never been a genius. For example, coliseumalfonso perez has named him, but he has never played for Hertha. He has been trained in the youth training camp in Real Madrid since he was a child. He is more from Real Madrid than Hertha.
On the one hand, the fans are looking forward to Golka growing up to represent Hertha’s first-team team in the competition. The team’s attack on cities and villages is a great contribution to the promotion of the first division, but on the other hand, they are afraid that Golka will be taken away by three other big clubs when it is not mature …
This kind of worry exists all the time, because there will always be such a smell around Golka. Until he was seventeen, the fans didn’t feel secure or hung up.
But the fans didn’t think about what there would always be a lot of news around Golka. They thought that the three big brothers were greedy, but they never thought about what was wrong with Golka.
It’s not that the former Golka dad didn’t say that he might leave Hertha, but this time it’s obviously different
Because Golka’s father highlighted the reason why his son wanted to leave Hertha in an interview.
"… my son is a Hertha. He liked Hertha since he was a child. He never denied this. No matter what happened, he longed for Hertha to play before. Hertha didn’t drive him away, but now it still happened … The new coach of the youth team clashed with my son on the first day. He bluntly said that if he was in the team, there would be no future for Golka! My son was devastated and frightened. After he came home from the training ground, he kept indoors. His mother and I were worried about him … "
The success of winning the new coach of Hertha Youth Team is very small in the local media, which is about equivalent to a news story. The fans of Hertha are not impressed by the new coach and don’t care.
But now because of Golka’s father’s words, he always wins overnight and becomes the man of the hour in this small city of Hertha!
In the afternoon, Vicente Moscosdo Frando, manager of Hertha Club, kept ringing in his office. All the reporters talked and loved to interview him. He wanted to ask him if what Golka’s father said was true.
Of course, Frando can’t say, "Yes, this is what he said!" He was able to assert that "there is no such thing. I think there may be some misunderstanding here, but we will naturally inform you after we find out …"
Then every time he talks, he will scold Golka, the greedy old man, who has only been here for one day and has caused himself such a big trouble. He won’t support making such a China man the head coach of the youth team. What does a China man know about football?
But Mr. Chairman, Flores doesn’t know what’s wrong. He has to recruit this China.
Mom, is she all right now? Stabbed a big basket out!
In addition to dealing with these reporters, he also has to deal with Golka.
Golka’s father called his cell phone directly, "My son was treated unfairly in the team! Vicente, you want my son to uphold justice! "
"The club is preparing to investigate this matter …"
"What is there to investigate Vicente? My son was beaten by that China bastard at the training ground! His face is still swollen and he can’t eat for a day! And my child was greatly frightened! This psychological shadow may accompany him all his life! The club must get rid of that damn hitter and murderer! "
Then the old man talked about it for a long time, all with the same meaning, that is, to let the Hertha club win in addition to the constant victory and then compensate his son for the specific compensation, but I knew from the tone that it was not so easy to send it away
Golka’s father was finally sent away, and his words rang again.


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