"What a surprise!" When I saw Chu Yun, the Lord of Xuanwu felt that "it has never been tried by people and you have passed it."

"You have been here, Lord." Chu Yun didn’t expect the Lord to be so good that he had been waiting for himself here.
"Ha ha, it’s only half a point for me." The duke laughed.
"Half a minute?" Chu Yun looked blank.
"It’s different in reality when you are in the trial. You may have been in it for a long time, but it took me half a minute," explained the duke.
"…" To verify the duke’s words, Chu Yun didn’t make much difference when he first entered.
"This box can play now. I hope this hidden professional cigarette can make you more powerful." The duke pointed to the jade box and laughed.
"Then thank you for your kind words to the duke." Chu Yun went to the side of the box and a dozen boxes appeared. In addition to the volume, there was actually a necklace
The necklace is exquisite, but how does this style look familiar?
Chu Yun gently picked up the necklace in the box without looking at it, but this view was startled.
[Glory Necklace] Category Necklace; Level-I Tianxuan equipment requires the exclusive attribute spirit +12 intelligence +12 physical strength +5 strength +5 luck +4 understanding +4 charm +4 enhancement of 6%. The introduction of light magic comes from the goddess of light. If anyone can put together a dazzling necklace, a dazzling bracelet and a dazzling ring, he can have a hidden professional dazzling arbiter.
Skills [Judgment and Trial] Terror light gushes from the dazzling bracelet. When trying a target around 100 meters, the judge directly cuts off 1% of the total health and restores each target, which can make a cooling time of 3 seconds.
The dazzling necklace is actually a dazzling necklace. Isn’t it two pieces with your own dazzling bracelet? If you get that ring again, you can …
Chu Yun is short of breath. Although I don’t know how powerful the judge is, this bracelet necklace alone is terrible to the point of outrageous.
Guangyao bracelet is fixed for 5 seconds, but this necklace actually cuts off 1% of the enemy’s life and restores the method.
This skill may be nothing to the weak monster, but for the divine and the divine, by that time, 1% of life may be counted.
"This is?" The duke has never seen the dazzling necklace with a blank face.
"This is a dazzling necklace …" There is no need to hide this Chu Yun.
"What a dazzling necklace!" The duke was shocked, but he clearly knew the origin of this necklace.
"Well" Chu Yun nodded and was not surprised because this necklace came from the goddess of light after all.
"Can I touch it? "The duke a face of excitement.
"Of course," Chu Yun felt funny that the duke had such an expression.
Chu Yun directly put the necklace in the hands of the duke, who watched it like a sacred object, perhaps because he worshipped the goddess of light too much.
Chu Yun took out the jade box and looked at it randomly.
Requirements: The first-level introduction comes from Moss, the human sword god, who practiced his sword for the rest of his life, blinking his eyes and attacking the enemy.
Chu Yun suddenly thought of something and said to the duke, "When you said that I passed the trial, I would get the exclusive sword of the Sword God."
Chu Yun but remember clearly …
"Now that you know the sword, it belongs to you naturally." The duke smiled, but his eyes kept staring at the dazzling necklace as if it were sacred.
Judging from the obsession of the duke, Chu Yun is really worried that he will take the necklace for himself.
If this is the only thing to take, it will be taken, but Chu Yun still has one in his hand. What if the ring is left and he gets it himself
Looking at the duke’s appearance, Chu Yun could wait quietly for about five minutes before the duke handed the necklace to Chu Yun.
"Since the Goddess of Light necklace appears in the Sword God box, the Sword God wants to leave it to his brother … Maybe this necklace is not good for you, but it must be protected." The duke earnestly told him.
"Uh-huh!" After Chu Yun took it, the chicken nodded meter by meter, and he was happy. Fortunately, the duke didn’t want to take it all.
Then the duke moved out a square box from the corner, which was not gorgeous, but filled with an ancient smell and a lot of dust.
"What is this?" Chu Yun said curiously.
"This is the sword god’s sword," said the dark rain, blowing off the dust with a breath.
"This is a sword, but this box?" Chu Yun opened his mouth wide. This box is too small. How can it hold a sword?
The duke directly hit the box, which was not a sword but a hilt.
"This is what I call the broken sword of the Sword God." The duke took out the hilt, which was silvery and bright, giving people a dazzling feeling, but it was a single hilt.
"Broken sword!" Chu Yun silly he also this sword evil Excalibur, even incomplete but also didn’t expect incomplete into a sword handle.
The duke handed the hilt to Chu Yun carefully and said, "Since you got the sword god to change his job, then this sword belongs to you."
Chu Yun in distress situation so seriously took a look at the original like guangyao bracelet is not neat?
[Streamer Excalibur] (Residual) Category Weapon-level Mystery Equipment Requirements Law makes the attribute unknown. If the residual Streamer Excalibur can be brought together, unexpected things will happen.
It’s all done, and there’s nothing here in the duke. Chu Yun left as soon as he said goodbye.
Chu Yun, however, remembers that he came to a hotel and booked a box after coming out of the Duke’s Mansion.
I can’t help it. It’s a treat for my little sister. Who made her do so much in the trial?
Dark rain eats like yesterday. That’s a crazy Chu Yun wondering if she will become a big fat pig if she eats like this.
If such a beautiful girl turns into a big fat pig, Chu Yun really wants to cry. After all, a beautiful girl can be beautiful and a fat pig can do anything but eat.
In the dark rain, the wind and the clouds are full of dishes, and there is not much left
Chu Yun can eat what’s left of her. Alas, men suffer. Men suffer more when they are around women!
Chapter 151 Pets!
"How full!" It’s nice to lie here in the dark rain
"If you eat too much, you will get fat." Chu Yun woke up and said, "I really have to eat a big fat pig one day.
"I want you to manage!" Dark rain snorted.
If Chu Yun stops talking, he will regret it that day if he really becomes a fat pig!
After leaving the hotel, Chu Yun walked around the street with the dark rain. She bought whatever she wanted. Chu Yun didn’t refuse.
Yesterday, there were many places where I didn’t play, and Chu Yun complained like a little servant.
"What is that place?" Dark rain points to a place and runs quickly.
"Don’t go!" Chu Yun’s face turned black because she pointed to a women’s clothing boutique.
Men seldom go into such shops, whether in reality or in games.
Seeing the dark rain going in, Chu Yun can bite the bullet and go in. Fortunately, there is a female companion around, just go in when she is.
This store is specially designed for women, and it is almost the same as the real clothing store, which sells clothes for women.
Fortunately, there are several bustling women and men, which makes Chu Yun breathe a sigh of relief.


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