"Look at what animation you are," Oshima replied seriously. "If it was Naruto, I can guarantee that there would never be a leader who would have unified the world."

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The fourth volume Roots Chapter II Massacre ()
"That’s good." Huo Junzhong also denied that these Ri people could be as real as Aoshi Maru in animation. If there is such a ninja, Ri can unify the world. After all, the so-called ninja needs the realm and is not afraid of Alaye’s knowledge to perceive him.
Aoshi Maru smiled at Huo Junzhong. "It’s my pleasure to join the battle with people who entered the celestial body first."
Huo Junzhong said, "Being too polite is hypocrisy. What is it that I just entered the innate path before you and Liu Daoyou?"
After listening to Huo Junzhong’s words, Aoshi Maru and Liu Yiyun gave a wry smile at the same time. Liu Yiyun realized that Huo Junzhong was not a polite speech but really shook his head and said, "Huo Daoyou, don’t you really understand what nature stands for?"
Huo Junzhong said one leng, "Nature is to reply to the source and go against the sky, and initially complete this step. This step can be regarded as that Dan Dao Xiaocheng can finally spy on the avenue."
Aoshi Maru also said with a wry smile, "The innate realm is the Daomen method. In our Buddhism, the innate realm is the realm of the Great Arhat. After reaching this realm, you can control all kinds of incarnations, and King Kong can throw elephants."
Liu Yiyun said, "In the Xuanmen, people and immortals are innate, and even if the Tao is no higher, people can be talented. Once they enter the innate, they can live in the immortal world. It is immortal to see people in the future without being bound by cause and effect. I think you should be a genius. After five years, you should have the opportunity to impact the innate realm. I didn’t expect that …"
Liuyiyun did not expect a wry smile for three times in a row.
Aoshi Maru then explained, "How many people can the world enter the innate practice? I think even those witches who are still alive in Europe and America or those blood clans who have been born for thousands of years can’t be found in you. You have such a way at an early age, even if you are respected by the enemy, Zhang Jiaxiao Tianshi, at your age, I’m afraid you can enter the innate realm. Although it’s not clear how you made such progress in a few days, Huo Daoyou now needs to show weakness in the face of the world. "
Liu Yiyun said, "It should be what innate treasure or elixir you got. According to the fact that when the aura of the world was sufficient in the era of the wild, the alchemist refined the external elixir, but it was impossible to refine it more than 2,000 years ago. However, as far as I know, a hundred years ago, the alchemist Qing Chan once completed an incredible magical power and abruptly refined it into three, which allowed the alchemist in the afterlife to directly enter the realm of the innate alchemist. Zijin Nature elixir was refined into Ri, and the earth became Se, and the Yellow River was diverted, so hundreds of thousands of people died.
Aoshi Maru’s eyes flashed, "Is there really such an elixir in Liu Yiyun?"
Liu Yiyun gave him a white look. He clearly knew what Aoshi Maru was thinking. "You are already the first person in the Bodhisattva realm for thousands of years, and nothing can make you go to the next level to make the Buddha think about foreign things."
The teacher pill wry smile way "there is a big fear of life and death, you don’t blame me"
Huo Junzhong really didn’t know that the demon flower sisters gave him Dan medicine so precious that they should have dedicated it to Zhu Youneng, right? However, Zhu Youneng’s way has already entered the innate nature, and besides, the virtual Y and N Yang Taoist Ding Lu * * fire is not false, and a good Ding Lu is better than anything else for Zhu Youneng.
They are really decisive enough. When they found out that Zhu Youneng refused to take refuge in them, they immediately decided to offer the elixir to Huo Junzhong and let him enter the innate realm to protect them.
The cat demon Rongrong has been afraid to pretend to be a pure passer-by cat since she saw the two of them appear, but at last she couldn’t help crying, "Does this elixir have anything to do with monsters?"
Liu Yiyun eyebrows a pick "just a cat demon also dare to think of purple purple gold creature Dan?"
With his words, fluffy felt as if her heart was crushed by something, which made her hair stand upside down and her legs soft and almost fell off Huo Junzhong’s shoulder. Fortunately, Huo Junzhong put it on her body and cut off the pressure. "Liu Daoyou’s fluffy friend is my friend."
"Livestock biochemical people are animals, too. You have eaten your soul with a foul smell in your mouth, that is, when we meet other gas refiners, I’m afraid we have already practiced demon reduction. Zijin Nature Dan is refined by people, and you don’t want it." Gas refiners really don’t like monsters, just as Liu Yiyun changed gas refiners, I’m afraid they are going to demon reduction.
Oshimaru said, "It’s almost time. Can we talk about this after we send these scum away?"
Huo Jun nodded. He didn’t come here to chat but to kill people.
Aoshi Maru laughed and suddenly disappeared. As he did, the front door gave Huo Junzhong the back door, and he solved the problem of one after the other.
Huo Junzhong stretched out a blue Se mountain and flashed like two flashes in front of the iron gate chain, just like being twisted by an invisible giant.
Liu Yiyun wondered, "Huo Daoyou, your earth magic … is it western magic?"
Huo Jun nodded. He didn’t tell Liu Yiyun that he was born in the flesh, which was equivalent to the fourth heaven of then Avenue, but he was only in the realm of double heaven and failed to enter the innate realm. He could do nothing.
Liu Yiyun disdains that "although western magic has its own characteristics, it will affect the realm if you have dharma and Taoism in the face. You need to use these petty skills when you enter nature."
Huo Junzhong said, "Liu Daoyou, we gas refiners are not conservatives."
Huo Junzhong walked into the factory area. At this time, people in the factory also found Huo Junzhong cursing and yelling. More than a dozen people rushed out with guns and several people could actually see the thunder.
Seeing them rush out with guns and chanting incantations in Huo Junzhong’s outstretched mouth, those people carrying thunder were suddenly horrified to find that the thunder firing pin actually popped up by itself.
The crowd went up in smoke in the explosion. Huo Junzhong failed to see how many people were injured and died. He wailed that Huo Junzhong had once again read the spell, and several steel bars flew up and stabbed them in the neck.
None of them will stay. This is the joint decision of Huo Jun and Aoshi Maru that it is a crime for the refiner not to kill the mortal, but if the mortal takes the initiative, he will be forgiven with emotion.
Beside, Liu Yiyun heard Huo Junzhong’s curse, "Heaven and Earth are extremely dry and Kun borrows the law!" He couldn’t help laughing. "You’re a strange magic spell."
Huo Junzhong said, "The magic spell is to stimulate the magic circuit by pronunciation, so that the phenomenon is generated and controlled by what the magic spell is. It’s just the habit of the messenger. I’d better read this."
"You make the earth is magnetically influenced, right? This is just a street trick. "
Huo Junzhong didn’t deny that "magic power is to reproduce phenomena, and the most powerful magic is natural phenomenon magic because of the limited phenomena he has seen. But in modern society, people can see more phenomena, especially in the movies, many magicians think of phenomena, such as many phenomena in the war jǐng. If the reproduction consumes little magic, it will have the best effect."
"But these are effective for ordinary people. If you are dealing with a gas refiner, you are so skillful."
Huo Junzhong nodded, "I know, but most of them here are not gas refiners."
Two people advance while Huo Junzhong āo controls magnetic force to influence metal to look at people, so she kills the roots and doesn’t give those people a chance to shoot. Liu Yiyun also dare not learn from the living soul with velvet beside him.
Huo Junzhong had killed more than 30 people when he went to the enemy’s factory.
In the journey to the west, the Monkey King was driven away by the Tang Priest and returned to Huaguoshan to kill thousands of people in one breath. He once felt that even Ri would kill without killing, and Huo Junzhong felt the same way at this time.
Walking into the factory, Huo Junzhong saw the white Ri, and he went to the school to find three Ri people. At this time, the three people’s faces turned white and obviously they were very nervous, while three people, two men and one woman, were sitting on the site next to them. They were all in their forties, wearing silver-white Se robes and a high-crowned woman, and wearing a white Se witch’s head with a hair band.
The massacre outside doesn’t seem to affect these three people. These three people should be the Y and N Yang division of Aoshi Maru, but I didn’t see the ninja.
In addition to these six people, there are seven men in black who shouted "honk" when they saw Huo Junzhong and aimed their guns.
Huo Junzhong grabbed the shoulder velvet faster and threw it out. In Sinochem, a giant cat was one or three meters long, and seven people were caught dead and swept away by her.
Velvet will send these people off Huo Junzhong’s trick. Velvet will be restored into a cat’s small body and fall on Huo Junzhong’s shoulder.
"It turned out that it was the magician’s cat that made the magic. No wonder you killed those jǐng guards." The witch saw that the velvet monster’s posture was still calm and confident. It seems that velvet is not in people’s eyes.
Huo Junzhong stroked the fluffy fur. "You want to catch me, I’ll come."
"We want to buy your jade from you at a high price, and you suddenly kill us. We have an agreement with the Wizards Association not to invade each other. You are waging war by doing so."
"I’m not playing Pearl Harbor, and it’s not so-so." Huo Junzhong bent down to ignore the puppets shouting, but focused on the three Y and N Yang teachers. She is the leader in the middle. "You dare to attack me, I have to solve the problem and kill them all. Look at your background and dare to send someone sāo to disturb me again."
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