Defensive 199 points

Critical hit 4%
Avoidance rate 5%
The moving speed limit is 11%
Blood return speed is 191 points per minute.
Return speed is 5 o’clock a minute.
Mu Feng’s attribute of new equipment has been greatly improved. Looking at his new attribute, Mu Feng was satisfied, and then he ticked the bloody phantom and walked towards Mu Feng.
When the Phantom of the Bloody went to Mu Feng’s side, Mu Feng held her hand and she didn’t resist because Mu Feng said that two people held hands and sent them to the puppet cave * * and the royal entrance would appear together.
And the Phantom of the Bloody is afraid that Mu Feng will get lost and let Mu Feng hold her directly, and then they will consume 5 maze tokens and send them to the royal entrance.
Chapter 3 Goodbye Wolf Emperor Lonely Bubble
After the completion of the delivery, the two men appeared in a long tunnel, and the walls on both sides of the tunnel were still with torches. Mu Feng put the little beauty’s bloody phantom of the opera from her arms, and she was embarrassed to give Mu Feng an angry look, and then the two men walked into it.
According to the small map, this is the puppet cave. * * The royal entrance, Mu Feng and Phantom of the Bloody Flower 5 maze tokens were sent directly here. If not, you have to kill the puppet cave from the puppet maze. * * The fourth and fifth floors to get here, and here is the puppet cave. * * Eventually, the boss is in the royal family, but Mu Feng is puzzled that there is no monster in this royal entrance. Anyone will be surprised.
While thinking strangely about Mu Feng, he accelerated with the bloody phantom of the opera. Soon after he left, Mu Feng found that there were fights and shouts ahead. Don’t say that Mu Feng knew there were players in it. At the same time, Mu Feng also knew that there were no monsters in the entrance passage of the royal family. It should be that they had just killed it and it was refreshed. It also said that they had just killed it.
Thought of puppet hole * * boss will eventually be beat to Mu Feng by others and ran with the bloody phantom of the opera, and this little beauty was dragged by Mu Feng and had to run.
After running for a while, Mu Feng and the Phantom of the Bloody finally came to the end of the royal entrance. There is a door blocked by chains in the front. There are two huge puppet golems in front of Daimon Masaru’s door. They look like the king of rocks, but they are not boss, but 16 special golems.
At both ends, two groups of players are killing the stone demon. The stone demon on the left has a man and a woman, but it looks good. They can compete with the stone demon and kill more than a dozen people on the right, but their quality doesn’t seem to be so good. While cutting the stone demon, they are exploding, and their dozen players are being killed by the stone demon one by one.
Mu Feng didn’t pay attention to the man and a woman who played the stone demon on the left, but observed the players who killed the stone demon on the right. After a careful look, Mu Feng suddenly saw that he often braked wolf Lao Liu with himself in Kimura. More than that, even the fifth man, Azuz, braked wolf, and there was a song in it. The soldier had calculated his wolf emperor.
When Mu Feng saw them, they also noticed Mu Feng, but they were too busy killing stone monsters to pay attention to Mu Feng, or they were secretly thinking about how to deal with Mu Feng, and he himself was thinking about how to kill the brake wolves.
The Phantom of the Bloody also saw Mu Feng’s abnormal behavior. She saw a murder in Mu Feng’s eyes. This look not only made the Phantom of the Bloody shudder, but also vaguely guessed what Mu Feng was going to do next.
"Wolf emperor we meet again" Mu Feng shallow laughed and then walked slowly towards them. The Wolf emperor saw Mu Feng come and hurriedly spent six players to deal with Mu Feng. Mu Feng twisted his neck and didn’t summon the emperor little sally and Mu Linger. It was an ordinary magic attack to kill them. The Mu Feng magic attack limit was 1173.45, and it took less than two minutes to kill them with more than 3,000 blood.
After Mu Feng called out several players to solve the Wolf Emperor, Mu Feng quickly rushed to the Wolf Emperor and smashed it from behind. He was blocking the puppet stone demon attack method to resist, and Mu Feng just smashed most of his blood. After he reacted, the puppet stone demon smashed a punch at him and sent him back to life directly.
After the death of the Wolf Emperor, others also gave up the attack. The puppet stone demon directly targeted Mu Feng, and in the face of the attack of seven players, he gently shouted "Storm springs!"
There was a whirlwind blowing on the ground in front of Mu Feng, which gradually became bigger and then turned into a storm. This storm rolled up four or five brake wolf players and slowly tore them apart, reducing their lives.
There are a few players left who can’t pose a threat to Mu Feng, even if they attack Mu Feng, they can’t kill him. If he wants to drink a bottle of blood medicine, Mu Feng can continue to fight intact.
After a few seconds, the storm stopped and the spring stopped. The wolf Lao Liu became a remnant of blood. Mu Feng killed them after making up a few attacks
"Fuck you! Kill so many old people and go to hell!" Just then a hoarse voice sounded from Mu Feng’s ear. Mu Feng listened. Looking back, he saw two thorn spirits hiding behind him, holding daggers and preparing to release what skills seemed to be releasing the shadow combo.
Mu Feng frowned. If it was two stabbing spirits who released the shadow combo, then they must have avoided it by their own defense and blood value. But before Mu Feng finished thinking, there was a pain behind it. One stabbing spirit’s shadow combo had knocked out Mu Feng’s 21+ blood, and another stabbing spirit smiled with a dagger. He felt that he was about to kill a man who looked very powerful.
But then the thorn spirit suddenly turned into a white light and directly returned to the living point. Another shadow combo attacked Mu Feng, and the thorn spirit also returned to the living point after Mu Feng wondered for three seconds.
At this time, the Phantom of the Bloody appeared in Mu Feng’s field of vision. The Phantom of the Bloody smiled at the red dagger in his hand. "Hey, I’m doing well, aren’t you quick to thank me?"
"Ha ha" Mu Feng smiled a little, just now, I really lost this Ni’s hand. Otherwise, Mu Fengneng can’t stop the shadow combo of two stinging spirits. That is absolutely unknown. Then Mu Feng poured two bottles of blood medicine into his mouth. After life was restored, Mu Feng went to the Wolf Emperor and didn’t kill the puppet golem.
This monster guarding the royal gate is really not an ordinary stone monster. It can kill 7% of their lives than the Wolf Emperor. Now this monster has more than 15,000 blood left. It is estimated that this guy must have 50,000+blood, which is comparable to a 14-level boss.
Because I didn’t take out the Emperor little sally and Mu Linger, the speed of killing stone demons in Mu Feng was much slower, but fortunately, the bloody phantom of the opera helped Mu Feng not to be killed by stone demons.
On the other side, a man and a woman who killed another stone demon watched the player kill more than a dozen brake wolves. Mu Feng also smiled bitterly. Both players knew that they would have to fight with Mu Feng.
A few minutes later, the two golems didn’t explode the equipment, but it was a good income to give Mu Feng 5% experience and 3,000 gold coins, and the door to the puppet cave was gradually opened when the two golems died. However, Mu Feng, the Phantom of the Bloody and the opposite male and female players had no motivation. They all knew that people who entered the puppet cave could have two of them but not all of them.
Suddenly, the opposite male player came along. He was a swordsman, and his career seemed to have changed. He was wearing a white shirt, with gray hair and an earring in his left ear. He looked handsome. After seeing the player’s appearance, Mu Feng flashed a familiar feeling in his mind, as if he had seen him somewhere.
The male player came over and said to Mu Feng, "Come on, which one of us goes in?"
"can you kill the boss inside?" Mu Feng didn’t say who to let in, but asked him, "Why don’t you let me go in and see if I can kill the boss? I can’t let you go in and continue to kill."
"Hey, why don’t you kill the boss first? That’s a final reward." The phantom of the blood looked at the bubble in dugu and cried. She had a strong feeling that Mu Feng could also kill the boss inside.
Lonely Bubble didn’t answer because he knew that this little beauty method decided who would go in and kill boss, and the real decision was this player named Mu Feng.
Chapter 4 The King of the Beautiful Puppet
Looking at this familiar and unfamiliar swordsman player Mu Feng, he got up, patted him on the back, stained with dust and said, "I think it’s more appropriate to kill together."
"together? Who owns the equipment? Who is the captain? " Lonely foam was dazed and then asked Mu Feng to respond to his two words "random!"
Playing boss blasting equipment can be distributed. Of course, when teaming up, the team leader can also randomly give the player a lonely bubble, then nod his head and wave to the female player who followed him. After receiving the bubble instruction, the female player takes small steps towards the lonely bubble.
When a female player came to the front of the bubble and was listed by Mu Feng, Mu Feng suddenly took a deep breath and felt a sense of suffocation. He also suddenly rushed to my heart and looked at the female player’s face like a child’s face. Yingying held a water snake’s waist and tall and straight hips and slender white legs. Mu Feng felt that he had seen a beautiful creature.
She is a mage, a narrow mage robe just wrapped around her small body and shaped her perfect and exquisite figure. A burgundy micro-curly long hair hangs over her left shoulder. At this moment, her big eyes are looking at Mu Feng curiously.
Mu Feng looked at each other’s beauty Yan and figure and then looked back at the bloody Phantom of the Opera’s flat figure. Suddenly, she was embarrassed and coughed over her mouth. Fortunately, she is not her girlfriend, otherwise Mu Feng can get out of here directly.
Then Lonely Bubble introduced Mu Feng to the female player beside him. Her name was Buried in the Moon, who was drunk? It was a bubble girlfriend. When it came to her girlfriend, Lonely Bubble also took a look at the Phantom of Blood, which seemed to laugh at the fact that the Phantom of Blood was not as beautiful as Buried in the Moon.
Mu Feng also made a brief introduction to Buried Moon and said, "Let’s get ready to assign a captain position."
Mu Feng said lonely bubble and nodded, and then Mu Feng pulled out the random screening captain interface to put himself and the bloody phantom bubble and the id of four people buried in the moon.
Just after screening and burying the moon, I hugged my foam shoulder and said, "Brother DOG just asked me to go shopping with them and sing K, I don’t want to kill boss."
"Ah?" Lonely foam one leng is obviously a little can’t stand the delicate and touching sound of being buried in the moon, and he also knows how to be buried in the moon. After thinking about it, foam said, "Well, I’ll go with you. Who told you that you are my baby?"


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