"Are you ready?" The residual blood vaguely moved, and this lofty sentiments reminded him of the past years.

Chen Han came out of the five people in front of him. "Is it a blessing or a curse for my predecessors to start this day? I want to make clear two things first. I wonder if my predecessors can tell me frankly."
"Do you know what to say now?"
"One of the crazy predecessors once told me that some of his grandparents were in the fix-up world and said that there was a breakthrough in the Yuan baby period to enter the fix-up world. Isn’t this world not beyond the Yuan baby period? Where is the fix true world? "
He asked the people not to wait one leng for the residual blood to leave a post and accepted the us. "Don’t tell me you don’t even know this? Right … You didn’t ask Tianlong over there, so no one said that he was kicked out after staying in Duanmu Family for a few days. I’m afraid he didn’t come to find out a lot of things. "
There is a secret that is not a secret among the super powers similar to the four great families and sects, that is, in the realm of Yuan Ying’s fix the true.
The wrath of heaven robbed the future generations, which was influenced by the new world rules. Yuan Ying could not cross the moat in the later period, but this was not absolute.
There are some special places in the ball that are less affected by the rules of heaven and earth.
The majestic peak of Kunlun Mountain
This is the only place where Yanhuang has surpassed the Yuan infant to fix the truth, where the constraints of heaven and earth rules are smaller than those in other places, and multiple infants can also make breakthroughs.
"How did this happen … didn’t you say that it didn’t exceed the yuan baby period?"
A post words surprised Chen Han and murmured, "Since this is the case, what are those who have reached the Yuan infant stage to fix the truth and still stay in the secular world?" The residual blood predecessors could have gone there long ago to practice and ascend in Kunlun Mountain to complete this entrusted by the Lord in those days … "
Soon his doubts were explained, and things were far from as simple as he thought. First of all, these special areas had access restrictions.
Restricted by certain rules, these places have a period of one month every 500 years, and they must reach the Yuan infant period before they can pass through the natural boundary. Most Yuan infant practitioners are restricted by Shou Yuan, and they have died before they wait for the Qi. How many people can meet the requirements of Qi and reach the corresponding realm?
In other words, when you get there, you can’t come back for the next five years. Jing Ke entrusted you to revive the Jing family. However, the Jing family roots are in the yellow land, not that small piece of Kunlun.
Besides, even once every five years, there is a certain quota limit on whether to come here or bring people there.
"I don’t know what it’s like over there, but Yuan Ying is definitely not a master in the later period."
The residual blood eyes rested on the two sisters and shook their heads and sighed. "Regardless, I have been looking for the mysterious box of the day. Even if I gave them the sisters to fix the truth, would the three of us be able to live there when we reached the late Yuan baby? It doesn’t matter if I die. If anything happens to them, I will face the general. There is no problem in protecting them in this world, even if someone is stronger than me, it is not much better. "
From the wrath of heaven to the robbery, the practitioner is the strongest in the world, that is, he has the spirit of the wind and the residual blood in the later stage of Yuan Ying, and he has long been a master in Yuan Ying, and there are only a handful of people who are stronger than him. He has enough ability to protect the two sisters.
However, in the unknown Kunlun Mountain, he must be beyond the Yuan infant period, and his strength is not high when he gets there.
He took his two sisters to take risks in that place. He would rather pin his hopes on the mysterious box. If something happened to the two sisters, he would start talking about reviving the Jing family.
Soon after the wrath of heaven, it was discovered that the secret of Kunlun Mountain took root there, and they still had powerful giants after the catastrophe, which also included four big families, but it was not just that they had four big families more than 2,000 years ago, but they fought against the wrath of heaven and almost wiped out the whole family. The Jing family had already lost all their foundations.
"In addition, even if the Kunlun Mountain surpasses the Yuan infant period, once the strong people return to the secular stage, they will be suppressed to the later stage of the Yuan infant period. It is a small world, not a fix world. Yanhuang is the root. If all the strong people are sent there and lost control of the secular world, wouldn’t it be penny wise and pound foolish?"
"I don’t understand … when was the first time that the Kunlundian enchantment was initiated?"
"Eleven years ago, five practitioners were suppressed to the peak of Yuan Ying’s later period, and messengers came to the earthly world to attract talented practitioners to fix the truth."
"What are the forces of Kunlun Mountain?"
"The wrath of heaven killed all the strong men beyond the Yuan infant period, and the Yuan infant period were also killed by 99%, but at that time, the number of super-giants was very large, and there were still many low-order practitioners left. Therefore, they all went to Kunlun Mountain at that time, and the giants moved there. In the past, they sent a small number of people to see the situation, so it was not clear what the real situation was like."
More than 2,000 years ago, the number of practitioners was staggering, and countless families, sects, royals and princes all belonged to the super-giants.
Now there are four big families and a few hermits, so it can be inferred that these still lie in the fact that the secular families sent some people to see the situation in the past, while other giants moved over, so the distribution of power in Kunlun Mountain is just the opposite to that in the secular world.
The four most powerful families in the secular world and the hermit families developed all the way because fewer people were sent in those years, but they did not send families to migrate. The giants were powerful in the past.
"What’s your second question?" The residual blood looked at Chen cold and asked
"I know the answer."
Chen cold tightly holding a fist face a cold heart a monstrous pitfalls "kunlundian enchantment rev once in a hundred, every rev will send someone to come over and select the talented person to bring back, just eleven years ago, it happened that dad had a rare congenital Taoist Duanmu family over there, and the power was not strong. How could it be a coincidence? Kunlun Mountain … "
He had guessed vaguely that grandpa didn’t know the real situation, but didn’t want him to know that he couldn’t report because of this enemy.
It is also for this reason that grandpa didn’t even tell him about Kunlun Mountain, which led him to not know that the strong one was in Yuan Baby.
Chapter 2 Reversal of Heaven and Earth 1
The mysterious box floated out of the sky and suspended in the middle number. The quaint lines gave off a golden red glow and an indescribable and obscure atmosphere.
Three semi-transparent keys in different colors, blue, yellow and white, exude a mysterious atmosphere, and appear in the square wave floating on the palm of the remnant blood.
The key is almost identical in shape except for the different colors, except for the small handwriting engraved on the handle.
"Blue sky yellow white man"
The residual blood pointed to the tiny handwriting of the key and pointed to the mysterious box of Heaven, saying, "The first layer of grain in the treasure box was actually moire clouds more than 2,000 years ago. If I didn’t guess wrong, the first key inserted was cyan. Those idiots got the key and it was the root of the ground key. Don’t be careful!"
As soon as the words just stopped, everyone retreated to more than 100 meters away, and the residual blood stood in front of Jing Ao Snow and Jing Ning Snow. Zhenyuan separated the key and explored the only keyhole in Xuanzhenlong’s box.
A post and others all held their breath and stood in front of them to protect themselves. True Yuan condensed into the strongest state, and everyone practiced the strongest residual blood to protect themselves. True Gang also enveloped the Jing sisters in the cold, and quickly released the powerful seal and the immortal seal cloud combating Dao tightly in his hand, ready to deal with the mutation at any time.
Everyone looks extremely dignified, and it is not only a witness to the historic moment, but also an unknown danger, but also a great benefit.
Giggle …
The key just touched the keyhole and instantly attracted like a magnet and iron sand, without the control of the residual blood, and disappeared as soon as it got into the keyhole.
At the same time, it seems that the center of the ancient city gate is stirred by a circle of semi-transparent ripples.
"This is … fairy reiki? !”
Also the ripple is some kind of attack energy. When they are ready to flash, the residual blood suddenly loses its appearance and exclaims. "Not afraid of energy dissipation without aggression is … damn it! How can there be fairy aura? Everyone is careful! "
With the fairy aura escaping, the sound is getting stronger and stronger, and there is no gap. The mysterious box is suddenly divided into several small blocks, which are constantly reorganized like building blocks, just like Transformers in cartoons. In the eyes of everyone, a bronze door with a height of 100 meters and a width of about 20 meters appears.
This door, which is formed by the reorganization of the mysterious box, is not erected in the middle as usual, but embedded in the virtual as if connecting two different worlds.
"Oh my God! This is simply amazing. The root is not the means of fixing the truth! " A post exclaimed.
"It’s not surprising that we, the low-order practitioners, don’t say that the Mahayana period is extremely strong and even the Du Jie period practitioners can thread the thread to do this."
The remnant blood is not as rude as others. After all, he has lived since before the wrath of God, and he has seen the powerful who really have great powers.
It was just that fairy aura that surprised him, and somehow that energy root did not lie in this world.
The bronze gate is strangely suspended in the middle. The most square is more than a foot high from the ground. It is heavy, simple and dignified. It is indescribable. The door is also engraved with a lot of ornamentation, but it is obviously different from the sky. It belongs to another era and there are residual blood to understand.
"The vast land is limited to the mountains and rivers"
Canxue took out the yellow transparent key and said solemnly in a low voice, "The key behind the sky is the ground key. This is the key that those Australian fools get to open the second door. Be careful!"
It is a piece of cake for him to repair the realm in the later stage of Yuan Ying, if not to control the magic weapon.
The yellow key flew slowly to the bronze gate, and there happened to be a tiny keyhole in the center of the gate. Everyone’s spirit reached the extreme.
Bang …
Similar to the last situation, the key just touched the lock hole and was immediately sucked in. The bronze door slowly opened.


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