[the fourth more]

Although Taigong is the fifth progress, a sub-hall is not the main hall, but it still does not let everyone relax, and everyone is ready for the battle.
In the fifth progress, the elite soldiers are not three levels higher than the players in terms of nine levels, and the unified level is 35. Like the soldiers in the third progress, these soldiers are also divided into three types: halberd, staff and shield. Seeing this, Mu Feng not only has a curious idea in his mind, but if five people have just entered the hall, there may be five monsters to refresh.
But it’s not a bad thing to brush a pair of people. It’s not a bad thing for everyone to get together and make a fuss. Although Xiao Shengfeng’s World War I caused heavy losses to everyone, no one complained that Qi Xin would work together to clean up the monster when they arrived at the position.
It’s a very simple thing for everyone. Nana and Mad Bull two tanks cover the melee and output Qin Mo and fire inflammation, so that the two swordsmen can minimize the damage and how to protect them. This is very simple. Nana’s method is to kick the soldiers with fire inflammation or Qin Mo in close combat. This method is simple and not elegant, but it is better to deal with the soldiers without wisdom.
Because they are not dealing with a single monster, Mad Cow and Nana can’t protect the remote Mu Feng and Magic Heaven, so they can avoid the soldiers’ attack by running away, while not forgetting to attack the soldiers.
At this time, the coolest person is to play Xiao Shengfeng with a low profile. He can’t help it, but these soldiers, he is not afraid to flash behind the soldiers with a set of skills, that is, thousands of injuries will float in an instant, and then keep a low profile and wait for skill D to play a set of skills.
In the back row, Ji Yue and Qimei didn’t attack the soldiers, but they threw out treatments to their teammates, which attracted soldiers’ hatred. Especially Qimei’s "demon interrogation" would reduce the monster’s own defense and attack power by 2% on ten hostile targets for ten seconds. As soon as Qimei released this skill, everyone should be prepared to hold off the ten heads and interrogate the soldiers with demons, otherwise Qimei would be in danger.
However, the judge of the subject’s control over the dead object, the eggplant beauty, has long thought of this. If a soldier tries to get close to her and the eggplant beauty of Ji Yue, he will directly call the black staff to an order door and summon a purple door in front of the monster. After the soldier walks in the door, the eggplant beauty can move the door to other places. After three seconds, the soldier will appear in other places and will eliminate the hate value for the eggplant beauty.
But it’s a pity that this skill called "Order Gate" can change monsters to other places and eliminate the hate value, but it can do harm to monsters. The people who can really fight monsters are Mu Feng and Huo Yan.
"God heals!" Ji Yue holds a holy staff, and a ray of light like the morning light shines in the staff gem, which is scattered on all people in the whole battle square.
This green life-restoring value in addition to Ji Yue, people’s heads have floated one after another for a full one plus a thousand blood values. This skill has restored 10,000 blood to everyone.
The increase in blood volume also indicates that everyone can continue fighting without worrying about the low blood volume and being distracted by the law to concentrate on killing soldiers.
Among the nine people present, the most important thing is the fire, a magic blood sword and a blood-eating suit. Although the attack power is average, he and the soldiers attach a very powerful skill to cutting the root without virtual fire, that is, the attack power will increase by 3% when the life is less than 5%, the attack power will increase by 1% when the life is less than 3%, and the attack power will increase by 2% when the blood volume is less than 2%! It’s quite scary
Other people’s blood medicine has been exhausted. If Ji Yue or eggplant beauty add blood from time to time, people with residual blood will temporarily rest from the attack range of soldiers for three to five minutes before joining the battle. Although Nana light shield can make everyone enemy for 2 to 3 seconds, they are still afraid of soldiers’ attacks even after the enemy is weak.
Nine people played for about half an hour in the fifth progress, and 20% of the blood medicine was completely consumed. Even the medicine was left, and the soldiers still had a third.
These soldiers don’t explode equipment, but they explode experience. Many low-key gods, mad cows, eggplant beauties and Ji Yue all upgrade themselves to experience. Mu Feng is now a 34-level soldier who fights 35-level soldiers, but he hasn’t gained much experience and hasn’t upgraded yet.
As time goes by, after the death of a soldier, Mu Feng hit the damage value and accumulated 20,000. Without saying anything, Mu Feng summoned the ghost knight. The ghost knight looks almost the same as bulke, but his eyes are not the same as wearing armor, but if you really compare the two, there is no comparison.
The Ghost Knight can release some common attacks, such as the sharp charge, the sharp thorn is coming when it lasts, or the life is short. The Ghost Knight will release a skill called "Death Sprint", and the whole person will directly rush to the monster, causing great damage to the latter.
The ghost knight can take a lot of credit when brushing this progress, followed by the magic day skeleton knight. His skeleton knight can summon a head every five minutes, and this skill will be reset every time he kills a monster.
It can be said that Mu Feng and the summoning skills of magic days made it easier for everyone to face the pressure of soldiers’ attacks. When everyone entered the fifth progress, after an hour, they finally ushered in a tragedy. The low-key god was caught in the monster group and was killed by soldiers’ fire. Nana didn’t come to shield Ji Yue’s magic and didn’t save the low-key god.
After that, everyone can silently kill the soldiers to avenge the low-key gods. After all the soldiers are killed, although there are still individuals in the team, everyone’s situation is not very good, and it can be said that it is very poor.
"Hoo … I have no blood medicine, and there is still ten thousand blood in the end. What about you?" Nana gently vomited a foul breath and made it in situ. A pair of tender and white legs were bent in front of her with a small mouth. She said that it was too costly to resist Xiao Shengfeng’s attack just now, otherwise Nana believed that she could definitely help everyone resist the first progress of the palace royal family.
"We … there’s no potion. Hee hee" Ji Yue and eggplant beauty walked over to everyone, and then Qi naughty smiled and said that they were almost consistent. Everyone looked at him depressed. How long did it take for the two sisters to meet? So soon they huddled together.
"But …" Ji month du du mouth said again.
Chapter 39 Dian kitten
"But what?" Mu Feng asked when people also looked at Ji Yue as if they were looking forward to Ji Yue’s coming to talk about things. Ji Yue was looked at by Mu Feng, but it was nothing but being stared at her little face by everyone and suddenly added a bit of purples.
Ji Yue made a thief in the same place until the end. I didn’t have the courage to say what I was thinking, but everyone looked at Ji Yue and worried a lot about Ji Yue’s strange mouth. She looked at Mu Feng and said, "The wind …"
"Er, what happened to Yueyue?" Mu Feng paused with a stunned look and said that Mu Feng didn’t know much about the girl’s mind and couldn’t guess what Ji Yue had to say.
However, at the moment when Mu Feng finished speaking, Ji Yue quietly sent something to Mu Feng. He smiled and immediately smiled. "So it is, but you can’t wait until you hit Huangfuyi."
"What is it? Why don’t you show us Yueyue? Are you too bad? " Eggplant beauty comely face looked at Mu Feng and was slightly dissatisfied with Ji Yue, but that "month and month" was called intimacy ratio, and the two talents met on the first day. It seems that Ji Yue and eggplant beauty must have said something ulterior.
"Nothing is just an ordinary thing. Let’s rest in place for a while and wait for us to go to a deputy progress to try to break through this deputy!" After seeing Ji Yue secretly showing herself something, Mu Feng has more confidence to play this vice.
In a look at the progress of the sixth palace, Mu Feng was suddenly depressed. The fourth progress was the corridor. The fifth progress was the hall. In the future, there was a corridor, the main hall and the royal family. When I thought of this, Mu Feng couldn’t help but think of Xiao Shengfeng’s introduction. He said that he was one of the five sword holders and he had come to guard the imperial city. Will other sword holders come? If there are people holding swords like Xiao Shengfeng in the sixth progress corridor, then Mu Feng should cry.
"Buzz, buzz …" Just as Mu Feng was about to lead everyone to a deputy progress, when Mu Feng walked through the square and divided the temple with his feet, there was a sudden agitation in the temple. First, the buzzing sound started, and then a golden beam emerged from the void.
"snapped! !” The light beam that emerged from the void bounced to the pillars of the temple in a moment. There is a pillar in this sub-hall. Every time the golden light beam bounces, it will bounce to another pillar, and it will send out a "bang" when it bounces to each other. It seems that it is not damaged by the light beam bouncing to the pillar.
This is because the light beam appears and bounces around the palace. Every time the light beam bounces, the second speed will accelerate. The longer it bounces, the faster it will bounce, and the volume of the light beam will gradually increase. After more than ten seconds, the light beam becomes a light ball, and the bouncing speed is so fast that it is difficult for them to follow the naked eye and everyone can watch the light ball bounce around.
Suddenly, a golden shadow passed before Mu Feng’s eyes, and Mu Feng didn’t see it clearly. It was "Bang!" One that the golden shadow hit his abdomen with the golden shadow. Mu Feng’s body suddenly went backwards by dozens of steps, which made his birth strength fierce and stamped his foot. This was the only way to stabilize his body, but the "196" red injury slowly drifted away.
"It’s a monster!" Mu Feng coldly looking at the ball of light urgent shout a moment ago, he felt that the ball of light appeared a little weird, but he didn’t know where it was weird until Mu Feng gave an accurate answer after being attacked at this moment. The ball of light was a monster!
That is to say, this monster has not been killed yet!
"Hip-hop, ha-meow ~ What a stupid human being! Now I find the cat is here ~" A shrill voice of Nana, a beautiful woman who doesn’t belong to Ji Yue and eggplant herself, sounded a little biting, and everyone else became slightly speechless at this time and then focused on the ball of light.
The light ball returned to the temple after Mu Feng was shaken off, and then slowly fell to the ground and gradually exploded after the light ball burst. A golden kitten got out from the inside. This kitten looks as big as an adult cat in the real world. What’s the difference between the real comparison is that this cat has a xiao qing armor and a shoulder armor that just wraps its body, while the light armor is carved with a unique flash plan, like a bunch of light armor and thunder.
"What the hell is Ling Soul doing to design a cat for us to kill?" Qin Mo looked at the monster appearing in the light ball and finally couldn’t help laughing. What kind of kitten can be trampled to death by one foot and trampled to death by the undead?
"Meow! You hateful human cat whose name is Nisha, please apologize to your noble adult Nisha Meow! " The golden kitten "sits" on the floor of the palace and rushes to Qin Mo, opening her cat’s mouth and saying that a pair of round cat’s eyes are also angry, but even so, the kitten is not scary. After all, who is afraid of cats in this era? It may be scary to fly a big tiger.
"The cat sister your name call you silly? What else? Kiss? This is not good, is it? I don’t have an animal fetish. "Qin Mo was immediately happy when he heard this name, but he beat around the bush to denigrate the kitten.
When Qin Mo abused the kitten, Huo Yan touched his nose and corners of his mouth and rolled up a smile. It was a kind of gloating smile. Then Huo Yan kindly told Qin Mo, "This guy is a boss…… …"
"ah? boss?” Qin Mo’s mind was awake, and immediately ordered the kitten information to have a look at Qin Mo’s whole person. Suddenly, the tiger body was shocked, and the mood was still laughing. Suddenly, Qin Mo licked his lips and took out his purple sword.
After the fire inflammation, Mu Feng also saw a kitten’s attributes like Qin Mo’s, and Mu Feng was slightly surprised. Who would have thought that this kitten was a little bigger than a puppy, but it was a god-class boss?
[Thunder King-Nisha] 4-level beast monster purple God-level boss Genie growth star ★ Growth star is limited to Samsung Genie ability Lei monster introduction Thunder King Nisha is a weak cat demon family. When she was young, Nisha witnessed the extinction of the cat demon race. When she was excited, she broke into the forbidden area of the cat demon family, and the power of royal thunder became a thunder cat. After that, Nisha went to the ghost battlefield to look for the enemy who destroyed her race. When Nisha succeeded in revenge, she was poisoned by some wicked people and was finally rescued by the ten emperors.
[Thunder King-Nisha] 4-level beast monster purple God-level boss Genie growth star ★ Growth star is limited to Samsung Genie ability Lei monster introduction Thunder King Nisha is a weak cat demon family. When she was young, Nisha witnessed the extinction of the cat demon race. When she was excited, she broke into the forbidden area of the cat demon family, and the power of royal thunder became a thunder cat. After that, Nisha went to the ghost battlefield to look for the enemy who destroyed her race. When Nisha succeeded in revenge, she was poisoned by some wicked people and was finally rescued by the ten emperors.
"This Nima ….." Mu Feng looked at the kitten with a height of only 5 cm and couldn’t help but burst into a sentence: What is the god-like boss of a tall man like Xiao Shengfeng? How can he accept that even the kitten and puppy are god-like bosses now? Mu Feng sincerely accepts this.
Moreover, this is the second God-level boss Xiao Shengfeng that Mu Feng met when he entered the vice-team. It is said that it was only after inheriting the unique wind and the main legacy that he came to help Huangfuyi, the kitten, to come directly to the story background of being picked up.
But even if Mu Feng tries every means, can he do it again? Everyone has tried their best to fight Xiao Shengfeng. Who is still in the mood to fight a first-class boss now? Even if we are in the mood, we don’t have that ability.
"I don’t recommend that you hit Nisha. What do you think?" Suddenly Mu Feng vomitted a sigh of relief and said.
Vice-presidents have developed into this way, but they don’t think of Mu Feng, and I don’t know why they will put a God-class boss in the fourth progress and another one directly in the fifth progress. Is this a challenge to players’ patience? Or is there another reason?
However, at this time, regardless of the development of Mu Feng, it is known that this Lei Wang Nisha can’t fight without fire and efreet blood. There is no self-reversal. Nana and mad cow are definitely in a state of resistance now, but it is also a problem that Nisha attacks Ji Yue and eggplant beauty milk farm. Although there are still people in the team, a group of down archers are going to fight with a state-of-the-art boss. It is a waste of time.
"Hehe, it seems that our marriage is not over yet." The magic day smiled faintly and didn’t seem to think it was a bad thing. At this time, there was a funny scene behind the magic day. Nana poked her fingers behind the magic day and then put on a beautiful face.
Huo Yan nodded his head with his arms around his chest. He agreed with the idea of Mu Feng and Magic Day. Although it is a pity that there are some failures in this line, for the king, leaving is not a failure, but to be able to defeat his opponent every time.
Seeing Shuai Shuai’s fire inflammation agreeing that the eggplant beauty is naturally a cicada’s head nodded and said that the eggplant beauty has always listened to the fire inflammation. Anyone can see that the fire inflammation and the eggplant beauty should be lovers in reality.
Nana, Mad Cow and Ji Yue are all right. Several main players say that they can’t fight them with Nisha. Are these tanks and treatments staying? But Qin Mo laughs at this moment. "I can’t go for nothing. At least let this guy see me."
Qin Mo was just afraid of Nisha’s strength, but when she saw that Nisha was a kitten, she thought about what she was afraid of, that the Tibetan mastiff next door dared to provoke herself and was just afraid of the kitten. Cold hum a Qin Mo took a tight grip on the purple big sword wound skills. Lingyi Shadow released a pair of black phantom wings and appeared behind Qin Mo, which was cool and exploded.
However, this skill summoning wings are not real wings, nor can players fly freely in the air, but it can also make Qin Mo look cool and the moving speed increase sharply.


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