Qinglian turned pale with anger and tried to suppress her anger, which was almost unbearable.

She wanted to … She got out of here.
Otherwise, if she can’t control what she has done in a short time, she will be more than she can bear. Section 454: The little thing is still so bad!
She wanted to … She got out of here.
Otherwise, if she can’t control what she’s done, she’ll be more than she bargained for.
"Princess rest early handmaiden excused himself first …"
"Well, I want to eat bird’s nest porridge in the morning. Do you understand me?"
Exhale and inhale, then breathe and inhale … [
Qing lotus body slightly trembling gnashing way "yes"
"Well, then return it."
Jiang Xueya couldn’t help laughing after Qinglian left.
Looking at Qinglian, who was so angry that she was trembling all over, but tried her best to endure her anger, she felt that her heart was better than carefree.
But sometimes she thinks she’s bad, too.
Who told that Qinglian was a lowly human being?
This sounds like anger in my heart.
If you don’t vent it, it will be spoiled.
There are many ways to deal with that kind of natural person, she Jiang Xue bud.
"Little thing is still so bad. It’s really irritating to have a mouth …"
Suddenly a familiar sound sounded in the room.
This beautiful sound is rustling, deep and mellow, and a little lazy.
Jiang Xue Bud’s face showed a surprised expression and looked at the Uber man who suddenly appeared in the house. "Flow mark …"
Isn’t that the person who smiles a face of evil spirits in front of her bed … the wandering mark of the lonely moon?
He was dressed in a scarlet robe, with long dark hair and a dazzling luster like satin.
Charming facial features in the candlelight shine with a coquettish charm.
Thin lips blown phoenix eyes curved end is a face of seduction.
The chest is slightly open, revealing a large area of honey to attract people’s skin
This guy … has never seen when he can dress properly [
No, Lulu’s chest muscles and Lulu’s shoulders. Is this guy uncomfortable all over?
It seems that I haven’t seen this Uber for a while.
Seeing him again, Jiang Xue Bud is as excited and excited as seeing an old friend.
"You are always so elusive"—
Afternoon continues ~ ~ ~ I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. Section 455: Do you know that misfortune comes from the mouth?
Seeing him again, Jiang Xue Bud is as excited and excited as seeing an old friend.
"You’re always so elusive."
Silent moon is looking down at her with a shallow smile when she doesn’t talk
"Well, don’t stare at me and laugh like that. I know your smile is charming. You want to verify your charm, so don’t do it every time. It’s better to appear naked in front of me once, so the effect will be better …"
"poof!" [
The smile on the corners of the mouth of the silent moon deepened.
There was a flash of surprise in his eyes and he shook his head and said, "Little Wan’er, you always surprise me."
"Do you know what you just said is that you can’t even say it to our fox women?"
I really don’t know … what she actually said as soon as she didn’t turn red.
"Oh, really? Then do you think what I said is right or wrong? "
In the eyes of the silent moon, the waves are flowing, and the lips are raised with a hint of Nai smile.
He sat by the bed and sighed, "It seems that I am not as direct as Wan’er Jr."
"I don’t deserve to be a mortal. Everything is obscene. Where is it better than a flow mark? You have never touched a leaf in a million flowers."
"Little things are always so good at talking. Do you know that evil comes from the mouth?"
Jiang Xue Bud Leng Leng immediately smiled gently. "I can be overbearing and have this mouth."
"I have a good nature. Even if I step on an ant, I will recite the scriptures and recite the Buddha. transcend is dead, and he is more afraid of being single and lonely after his death. So I will step on dozens of ants as my companions. If I do my best, there are very few kind people."
"I’m so kind and simple. If people don’t attack me, I won’t be a prisoner. I’m a weak woman who has been bullied and has a mouth to take advantage of. If you don’t let me talk, don’t you want to wronged me to death?"
Ji Yue Liu Mark was silent for a few seconds and then burst into laughter.
While laughing, he raised the jade fan in his hand and knocked on Jiang Xue’s brain: I missed you so much!
Ji Yue Liu Mark was silent for a few seconds and then burst into laughter.
He smiled and raised his jade fan and knocked Jiang Xue’s bud head.
A face of nai spoil sample "little thing, why do I just like your mouth? I haven’t seen you these days, but I miss you to death."
Here we go again … here we go again …
Even if you listen to this sweet talk for n times, you will still feel a layer of goose bumps all over your body [
Jiang Xue Bud stretched out his hand and rubbed his arm. "Flow marks, can you wipe your neck and lip prints before saying these words? In this way, even if your words are hypocritical, people will feel a little sincerity. "
Silent moon flow mark leng leng "lip print?"
Jiang Xue Bud smiled and pointed his finger at a bright red lip print on his neck. "Flow marks are not what I said. You should wash yourself after you finish things. You must be sweating after doing that. I think you always love cleanliness, don’t you? How to break out in a sweat and wander around without washing? "
"If you don’t wash it, don’t wash it. Don’t stare at the lip prints around your neck. People will laugh at you if you do this."
Her conscious attitude is very sincere, and everything she says is heartfelt.
What’s the lingering shadow of the silent moon? This Uber laughs so … so ambiguous after listening to her words.
His smile … It really makes people uncomfortable all over.
"Cough cough you what are you laughing at?"
When I said this, I involuntarily moved inward.
Because that Uber actually brought that beautiful charming head closer to her.


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