In fact, it is difficult for a few people except Malaysian sports fans to know these things.

However, Lin Feng knows that at this time, she is vomiting hard at the trash can in front of the camera, and she feels that her stomach is going to be turned upside down, and the whole world is spinning around without direction.
Of course, this is because Lin Feng is drunk, not because he heard this program. Actually, Lin Feng can’t understand what this program says at the Singapore hotel.
However, the effect of making people sick and vomiting after bragging is still lacking. Lin Feng vomited at the bedside for about two minutes and finally felt better. Then she was moved to a soft place in the bed and fell asleep.
"This bastard is a good drinker. Why did a bottle of commander wine fall down?" Old Pei Hongtong’s cheeks were not shy this time or something. He just drank a bottle of commander’s wine like Lin Feng, and then he was a little dizzy.
But in fact, Singapore Commander wine is not a wine with an outrageous alcohol content. It is really unexpected that Lin Feng drank and vomited so quickly this time.
"That’s because I added a little spirit Erguotou to the wine …" Xiaoru smiled and explained a button on my chest.
"Pa" LaoPei a dozen XiaoRu hand.
"Don’t torment him, let him sleep." Lao Pei was gentle and covered the quilt and didn’t ask Xiaoru what to get drunk.
"huotang legally means huotang legally, so the mind is delicate, gentle and considerate. A bad woman like me can always be small …" Xiaoru said with a sullen face, but she giggled and looked at come being placed.
Then two slightly drunk women gently left the door at this time. Xiaoru’s cell phone suddenly rang and Xiaoru left the room.
While LaoPei is in front of the door and looked at sleep very safely come.
The big bed man’s eyes were closed and he didn’t seem to hear the cell phone ring just now.
"You sleep peacefully, but someone has to face the storm." Lao Pei sighed, and the gentle lights in the door made the sunset glow in Singapore look particularly beautiful outside the window.
The traffic overpass in the center of Singapore is a business district. On the second floor of the CBD in the center of the city, a circular area in a western restaurant is neatly arranged with knives and forks. After the waiter finishes the last serving of foie gras red wine, it is the same color as blood.
It’s not fishy, but it makes people feel refreshing, and the piano playing at the table is getting higher and higher *
There are three people in front of the tableware, and a lady has been eating nonstop. She turns a deaf ear to the sound of sogeum in her ear and grabs this lady’s thigh denim skirt around her. At this time, the woman looks at the man playing with a lighter and says no to glare. After all, Xiaoru’s eyes are not big.
However, it makes people feel a little uneasy to close their lips and cling to Lao Pei’s hand.
"What do you want?" Men spit out a smoke ring in their mouths and get rid of gravity in the air, but it will be boring to laugh with men.
"It’s so noisy." Lao Pei is still eating paella in his mouth, fork up a cut veal steak and send it into his mouth with his head down. It doesn’t stop at all. "
The man waved his hand and played at the end. The waiter made a bow and then retreated, which made people look very uncomfortable.
At least in front of this man, he is very upset.
Holding a cigar, my fingers made a circle in the middle, and then I looked at Xiaoru with my back in front of me leisurely. It looked very happy, but others wouldn’t feel happy at all after reading it.
At least Lao Pei doesn’t feel happy. Looking at it, he feels that he is adding difficulties to himself.
"Are you full?" Lao Pei looked at it and was still silently making sculptures in front of Xiaoru. The sirloin steak and Italian heart powder seemed to move slightly.
"I’m not in the mood for you to eat …" Said Xiaoru in a rare low voice.
It sounds uncomfortable in my heart.
"Where can we eat with all this noise?" Lao Pei said with a burp. He grabbed the red glass in front of him and drank it all at once, which was nothing like drinking red wine.
Lao Pei is even more unhappy.
The waiter did not know why again, but he still pulled Tulagan from the ice and poured a tall glass, dangling red wine in Lao Pei’s hand.
But not for fun.
"Your friend is much more than you. What do you want to do when you fall on the ground? You agreed … the child gives me money and you take it away." The ruby in the man’s hand reflects the magic brilliance in front of Xiaoru, which seems a little dazzling at this moment.
"I don’t want money, I want an explanation." Xiaoru said word for word and then bit her lip like a prisoner waiting for trial.
The man laughed when he heard it.
"Ha, ha, ha ~ What you want to explain is all the people in the dusty world. I hope everyone can find their hearts. It has been said very plainly that how many expensive children do you want for me? We are still friends from now on." The man’s face is old and indifferent.
It’s disgusting at first sight.
What’s even more disgusting is that he still feels good about himself and laughs very much.
"Pa …’ Hu La’" Two exploding at the table.
Not far from the table, the waiter shrewdly jerked back and looked at the fried glass bottle in front of him. It was a pity that this bottle of Laturra Gan was in his heart.
There is no fake wine shop in Singapore. It’s a pity that this bottle of Bordeaux is only one-third aged for 20 years.
The former waiter also thought that the red wine was red but bloody, but this time, the red wine bottle was fried in the man’s head with red wine and blood, which filled the air with a bloody taste.
Soon, for about half a second, it was Xiaoru who first reflected it.
Unlike other women, after seeing the bloody picture, the frightened Xiaoru became very calm and looked at the man who was slowly lying in the chair with his head in front of him.
"is that what you want to explain?" Men are flustered, but they eat pain and speak vaguely.
"This is karma for you!" LaoPei rob before XiaoRu answer has overturned the table.
This more surprised the waiter and sighed that he had just walked fast.
Who would have thought that this woman with a loli face could be so violent?
But I was surprised that the two girls were worried that others might not know, but the waiter knew very well that the guy who was put a bottle by Lao Pei just now was the owner of this restaurant.
Soon the security guards and workers in the restaurant have gathered to see what happened.
Besides, Singapore is actually a small place, and all kinds of troublemakers can be expelled or executed directly without trial.
If "endangering national security"
And after the boss bleached here … the waiter has been afraid to go.
At this time, Xiaoru and Laopei have quickly left the scene.
The man lying in the seat before is going to pull a small Ru skirt …
Xiaoru looked back at the man after being pulled by the skirt.
"For our mutual affection, let me see my son." The man’s pleading and swaggering look ridiculous at all.
"It’s time for Sun to delay. Don’t be a pawn. Let’s go." Laopei touched Xiaoru’s hand before wiping the sauce at the corner of her mouth. Unfortunately, Xiaoru’s skirt was dragged and it was difficult to get away unless the department tore it off.
At this time, Xiaoru looked at this man in a daze. Where can Lao Pei drag two people with one person?
Lao Pei also saw that the situation was wrong.
At this time, the man even intensified his emotional offensive. "Do you remember what I said to you when I redeemed you?"
It’s a pity that a dirty word has burst out before Xiaoru returns to Laopei.
"Remember you? Bah!" By the way, I grabbed a pile of ice cubes and threw them directly at the man. What else did I want to say? "Whoops ~" couldn’t be sent out.
"Xiaoru, you’re here for revenge. If you don’t go, elder sister will do it for you. People should look forward and walk out of here with me. There are men who are one hundred times better than this kind of king island lined up to hook up with you …" Laopei finally pulled Xiaoru away before he finished his words.
I also react that this king’s egg is trying to delay and I’m afraid I can’t really come if I don’t leave.


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