"Even if I can’t leave, I will die with her," the man threatened.

Bai yinting is a sneer, "do you know me and her?"
The man is one leng, of course, he doesn’t know Bai Yinting and Xia Zhu, but once this tall and handsome man in front of him saved Xia Zhu regardless of his life, which shows that their feelings are unusual.
"She is my wife, but now that she has moved to this apartment, it can be seen that we have separated and there is another woman in my family. Guess what you just decided is good or bad for me?" Bai yinting smile to ask
Chapter three hundred and thirty Can become a puppet
Xia Zhu was a little sad when she heard Bai Yinting’s words. She didn’t expect Bai Yinting to come here not to save her, but to fall into a trap.
The man holding Xia Zhu seems to be shocked by his words and spits bitterly, "Bah, a man like you doesn’t deserve to live."
"Bai Yinting, will you really be happy if I die?" Xia Zhu cried, but she was not as scared as before.
Bai yinting did not answer, and the man stared at him coldly, waiting for his answer.
Suddenly Bai Yinting reached into his pocket, and the man suddenly became alert and tightened his knife. "What are you doing?"
"Don’t be nervous. I have a 500,000 bank card here. If you can really kill her, this card will be yours." Bai Yinting took a step forward and reached out and handed the bank card to the man.
Xia Zhu couldn’t help laughing. "I’m quite valuable. You broke 500 thousand so much."
The man looked at the bank card and hesitated, but he suddenly realized that if he really killed someone, where would he spend money?
"Don’t lie to me. I’m not stupid. Get out of the way. I want that car." The man became nervous again.
Bai Yinting shook his head and sighed, "It’s a pity, but I can still give you this card and ask you to take her away."
The man is stupefied again. How much do you hate this woman? Somehow I feel that Xia Zhu has some pity for her husband, but the mistress paid someone to scratch her face.
I can’t tell you how upset a man is. He seems to have been played. He also had a wife in those days. As a result, he ran away with other men when he was in prison. He especially hates this kind of person, and today he finds that Xia Zhushi is as pitiful as himself.
Xia Zhu looked at Bai Yinting’s heart and limited the waves. I’m afraid they were not even strangers in the end.
The man didn’t pick up Bai Yin Tingka, scolded him in his mouth, and then told him to get out of the police. He sent someone to pull her back.
"I can’t see this women’s field. I’m really upset. How about I be your driver?" Bai yinting said and opened his car.
"White President, you’d better evacuate to the security zone first." P Renye Fang couldn’t say what he said just now. These words are really harsh.
"Okay, cuff yourself." The man suddenly had some ideas.
Today, he’s going to avenge himself, and he’s also exporting gas for this woman.
Xia Zhu couldn’t help but be surprised. If Bai Yinting really doesn’t love her, why put herself in danger?
She saw that Bai Yinting’s telling the truth was paving the way to save her from irony. At this moment, his heart should be more anxious than anyone else.
"I don’t want to see him," Xia Zhu cried and said to the man behind him, "I don’t blame you even if you kill me today, but don’t let him drive. I hate him."
The man didn’t speak. He had his own ideas and stared at Bai Yinting intensely. As a result, he really wanted a pair of handcuffs. People didn’t want to give them and didn’t know what he said. As a result, handcuffs quickly handcuffed his wrist.
Bai yinting raised his handcuffed hand, and then they opened the car door. The man didn’t rush to the car, but asked for an umbrella, and then asked Xia Zhuju to cover both him and Xia Zhuju, so that he could ambush the high man and judge his specific position.
Let everyone back and let them all turn around before the man quickly came to the car with Xia Zhu.
His way is to get the car first and then let Xia Zhu throw away the umbrella car, and he will still keep a hostage situation.
But when he just got into the car, he suddenly felt a pain in his wrist with a knife, and then the knife fell to the ground.
At this time, Bai Yinting will pull Xia Zhu into his arms and then quickly open the door, even if the perfect rescue is completed.
However, Xia Zhu always felt uncomfortable in her stomach and was really scared. She didn’t leave her original position when Bai Yinting bent down to help her.
Almost in just a few seconds, another dagger fell on the back of Bai Yin’s neck. He was suddenly surprised that he underestimated this man. Look at his five big and three thick. He is also prepared.
Xia Zhu sat down and looked pale.
"Let’s go" Bai Yinting would rather be a hostage than let Xia Zhu continue to be in danger.
Xia Zhu shook her head. She can’t leave. She really can’t do it at this time, regardless of Bai Yinting.
"Roll" Bai Yinting growled at Xia Zhu.
Xia Zhu burst into tears. She was really scared, but she was more worried about him than Bai Yin Tingan.
The man was a little impatient and grabbed Bai Yinting by the collar. "You are tired of playing this game with me, aren’t you?"
"Eldest brother, don’t hurt him. I’m your target. I’ll be the hostage." Xia Zhu got up from the ground and said nervously.
"Give me the car if you two are not acting in front of me." The man is a little crazy.
He saw the police who had been around him, and the hand knife began to force Xia Zhu to see the blood and immediately he was scared.
"Don’t give me a car, give me a car," said Xia Zhu, who was going to climb the car.
"Xia Zhu, are you crazy? Go "Bai yinting some nasty.
But Xia Zhu still climbed the car. If this is her fate, she will die with Bai Yinting.
After Xia Zhu drove, Bai Yinting closed his eyes a little. If Xia Zhu left completely out of danger just now, or he could last stand, a man who may not be his opponent.
But now he can be a puppet at his mercy.
The man is good enough to let Bai Yinting drive and his knife is transferred to Xia Zhushen.
"Where are we going?" Bai yinting asked after the car.
He glanced at Xia Zhu and took care of himself. Xia Zhu also understood his meaning from his eyes.
They should still have a chance, because men don’t allow the police to follow, or he will tear up the ticket office at any time. This car has been blocked all the way.
The man didn’t tell Bai Yinting exactly where he was going, but he seemed to have been texting someone on his cell phone.
Xia Zhu failed to take a peek several times. He was very careful.
Bai yinting listened that his command had been far away from the city, and he began to contemplate various possibilities. How should he face and solve the problem? Never let Xia Zhu be in danger again.
Chapter three hundred and four Let you and I get hurt again
Two hours later, Bai Yinting drove to a relatively remote forest path with deep slopes on both sides and a narrow stinking ditch full of aquatic plants.
A motorcycle came from the opposite side. The man saw it and suddenly ordered Bai Yinting to stop.
After Bai Yinting stopped the car, the man grabbed Xia Zhu and got off the car. Bai Yinting was about to move but he threatened, "You are not allowed to drive."
The motorcycle stopped, and the cyclist next to them wore a helmet and could not see his face.
"Aren’t you very arrogant?" The man suddenly smiled and said to Bai Yin-ting, "You said so much nonsense that I almost believed you, didn’t you want to save her? I’ll give you a chance. If you dare to drive away from here, I’ll let her go or I’ll bleed her now. "
"Bai Yinting, don’t listen to him." Xia Zhu looked at the slope, but who knows how deep the ditch is?
"I’ll give you three seconds to think about it." The man narrowed his eyes.
The motorcycle man was a little anxious and said, "Let’s go. Stop it."
"Come, come," the man didn’t seem to get revenge at the last moment. A Bai Yinting felt uncomfortable.
Bai yinting looked at Xia Zhu Xia Zhu kept shaking her head, and her tears had broken.
Men are impatient and count down quickly. "Three, two, one!"
Bai yinting really drove and rushed. he didn’t even have a car door.
"Bai Yinting" Xia Zhu was livid, and this uncertainty made her feel terrible and flustered.


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