When Ye Zhang received this news, he repeatedly watched it several times to make sure that Xu Yin was not angry. After that, he was very surprised. He said to himself in his heart.

It’s just to pay an appointment. Are you still afraid that the other party will be hard?
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine Can’t go back
Ye Zhang came on time, but Shen Jie came earlier than him. In the memory of this hot barbecue stall in Ye Zhang, the warm scene was gone.
In the sight of this beautiful woman, as always, Zhang Ye put his hands crossed in front of him and looked at Jie Shen with a look of hope.
How he hoped that this smiling face coming towards him was not so familiar, and that when she came over, she was just a passer-by, but he knew that the probability was too small, just like Ye Zhang shouting "I am a whirlwind" in the street and then turning around less than 10%.
"Sit down and have something to eat?"
Jie Shen has ordered a barbecue. When a big family like her comes out, the big lady will eat a barbecue. A strange idea rises in Ye Zhang’s heart. Everything is natural after he takes a seat. This is his life.
The proprietress is very busy. Although there is sunshine after beginning of spring, Argo is still very cold at night. In this silence, Jie Shen said
"Ye Zhang didn’t expect this day to come so soon."
There is a little nostalgia in Jie Shen’s words, which reminds Ye Zhang of the day when she was very excited and then offered her 5 silver coins but was rejected.
Life is really like the Korean drama Dog Blood. I met a woman all the way from knowing Jie Shen. From Feng Siyi to Xu Yin Ye Zhang, I didn’t miss the object that filled his heart. But at this time, he still left a little for the girl in front of him. He was looking forward to the other person’s speech.
"Half a year is not too fast."
Ye Zhang looked at the scene where a couple were hugging each other and laughing. At this time, he turned around and suddenly asked a question
"If I had doubted that I had gone to the house with you, would I be a Shenyang Xu today?"
In the face of this question, Jie Shen was slightly puzzled. She obviously didn’t turn her head from Ye Zhang’s leap-forward thinking, but Ye Zhang smiled faintly. He obviously didn’t care about the answer to this question.
There was another silence. When the proprietress sent a barbecue, Ye Zhang buried himself in eating, but Jie Shen didn’t move. Ye Zhang vaguely remembered that she had been here four times, but he didn’t eat it among the four impressions.
She seems to be a born bole, and she caught her swift horse here.
Jie Shen handed a piece of paper towel and Ye Zhang said thank you. When he finished eating, he got up and said,
"Still going to the Peninsula Hotel?"
Jie Shen immediately smiled at this time, and a limousine that had already stopped came over. When Zhang Ye pulled the door in, the limousine ran out like the wind, driving in the curtain street and looking at the street lamps on both sides, Ye Zhang gradually calmed down.
The word Peninsula Hotel came into view. Zhang Ye pulled the door. When Jie Shen came out, they entered the warm hall side by side, and then Ye Zhang said
"Eat or room?"
Jie Shen didn’t laugh this time. She lowered her head as if she was caught in a dilemma because of the Ye Zhang issue, but Ye Zhang had already reached the front desk.
"one room"
Ye Zhang handed the card to Feng Zhi. When he handed Rongcheng Tong a key to Ye Zhang, he took the key and waved it to Jie Shen and went straight to the stairway.
Jie Shen seemed to suddenly wake up from a dream, but he hasn’t been able to return to absolute being, so he came to Zhang Ye’s side.
Come to the high-rise Ye Zhang, go room by room and look for his house number. When he brushes the key to the door, Jie Shen opens his mouth.
"Ye Zhang, you are not like this!"
Ye Zhang seems to have finally waited for this sentence. He sighed in his heart. Although it seems that the wind is tough all the way, he seems to be forcing Jie Shen to make a decision, but it is actually himself who is being forced.
It is absolutely impossible for Ye Zhang to have something with Jie Shen. In Ye Zhang’s heart, Shen Jiegen’s method is comparable to Xu Yin’s.
"Why not? Women always suffer a little from this kind of thing."
Ye Zhang stubbornly beat the room when a gust of wind blew head-on. At this dark gate, Ye Zhang heard Jie Shen sigh secretly.
His anger seemed to disappear with the sigh of his life.
However, Ye Zhang has always faced a stronger opponent, Caesar or Xiaoyao Wang, or BOSS in glitz. His opponent never despised him, but he never compromised with Ye Zhang.
In the end, all these opponents were defeated by him, with one exception, Ye Zhang was the final winner, but when Caesar turned around to help him, Ye Zhang accepted it, and when he and the residual blood rift method bridged Ye Zhang, they didn’t make a clean break with the residual blood.
So he had said a word in front of the song of triumph in troubled times
"Don’t dissolve the guild and wait for me to visit Otmar!"
But Ye Zhang’s opponents never compromise, but once they do, Ye Zhang will "forgive" them. It’s like a child fighting.
Don’t apologize or I’ll feel guilty for hitting you!
Jie Shen was wrong, Shenyang was wrong, they didn’t have Feng Zhi’s vision, and Jie Shen was ashamed of her 17 IQ. They gave up Ye Zhang, and in the end, they didn’t get any oil or water in the flashy dish.
And this sigh seems to represent the whole Shenyang in admitting mistakes to Ye Zhang and let Ye Zhang vent his anger.
But it is this sigh that he wants, but it is this sigh that he is afraid of.
After all, he hardened his heart and broke with Jie Shen completely.
"Help you or help Shen Cen?"
When Ye Zhang asked this question, he compromised again. He hated himself a little.
"Help me"
Jie Shen’s words made Ye Zhang sigh again and apologize. Jie Shen helped her so much, which gave Ye Zhang a reason to say that whether she wanted to help Ye Zhang or not, the angle of thinking is no longer this way.
He turned to look at Jie Shen and laughed.
"I told Xu Yin before I came that I wanted her to come, but she refused. I don’t know whether she believes me or you."
Ye Zhang dialect seems to have turned to another level. This time, Jie Shen spoke directly without thinking.
"I envy Xu Yin"
There was some ambiguity in the scene. Ye Zhang turned on the room light and suddenly became bright. This is a single person. Ye Zhang went inside and looked at it. It cost him a lot of money to decorate the room luxuriously, but he didn’t have the heart to do anything.
"Go to bed early. I’m leaving."
Ye Zhang left his keys in bed and left alone. This is the last thing he can do in Jie Shen. Trading with Shenyang is not a part of his willingness to help Shen Jie. It is a kind of interest exchange. For Ye Zhang, helping Jie Shen and helping Shenyang are two different concepts.
Since it’s an interest, we can’t help the problem any more
Ye Zhang comforted himself by saying that when he left the Peninsula Hotel, he met another person.
Chapter three hundred and fifty fiance
"What a coincidence that you are here."
Ye Zhang one leng immediately saw Fu Yuesheng’s face. Although he and Fu Jia repaired it, he still didn’t want to see Fu Yuesheng, but this was Ye Zhang’s idea alone.


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