Divide the dormitory and get the school to distribute pillows, quilts, and Xilin found that his role had brought the admission notice from the seat of the entrance thousands of miles away to Beijing University, and he didn’t bring anything else, such as clothes, shoes, and washing.

I have to take my wallet back to the grocery store at the school gate and buy a whole set of five hundred-dollar bills, leaving only four.
A busy lunch point … Lin belly actually cried.
"Nima will not be hungry outside, and she will be hungry in this special training!" Lin was surprised that there was no way to go to the school cafeteria to eat. When eating in the cafeteria, he had to do a meal card to charge the money. The canteen didn’t accept money and credit cards.
Lin spent 1 yuan to set up a card and then charged it into the meal card. 2 yuan, anyway, eating in the school cafeteria is much cheaper than eating out of school. It’s really good and cheap to let Lin, a experienced person, evaluate the price for two years.
Fish-flavored shredded pork 2 yuan
A green vegetable, 1 yuan
Wuliang Rice 1 yuan
I’m used to the northern food forest and I’m surprised at the reality of this virtual game. Even a minced meat the size of sand has a strong meat flavor.
After dinner, I spent 50 cents to buy a tender cucumber as fruit after dinner and walked out of the cafeteria while eating it.
What are you going to do in the afternoon?
Lin walked out of the school and wandered around the school.
Lin, who has been in Beijing for four years but has never climbed the Great Wall, how can he be familiar with this place … The only place Lin is familiar with is that he once spent the night in * * to watch the national flag-raising ceremony during the National Day, and occasionally wandered around Wangfujing and Xidan. After all, playing games requires brains!
In two years, there were nets everywhere, and most of the nets were near the school, and the nets were generally full near the school … The price of four or five yuan for an hour has been able to enjoy the treatment of vi box after more than ten years, and it is still black (without a business license). The price of regular nets is about 30 yuan, so it is normal for no one to worry about the lack of machines, one brain to play and one or two to watch.
Lin casually walked into a network and wanted to be nostalgic. As a result, there was no place to come late … In this neighborhood, the network was full of students from nearby schools, and all primary and secondary school students had no regulations on network operation at this time, and they would not check their ID cards.
Lin turned around in the internet, chatting with qq or playing stand-alone games with rough pictures. Lin obviously lacked interest.
Wandering around the net, Lin suddenly heard a sound.
"What brain-breaking hard disk is less than 1g!"
"What broken network speed doesn’t even have 1g!"
"What kind of broken network doesn’t even have a search engine!"
"Broken mouse …"
"Broken monitor …"
"Broken chassis …"
"Antique! M is an antique! "
The speaker is sitting in a remote corner of this net with a loud voice.
Lin’s eyes glanced at the past and moved to the side of this person. A player playing "The Sword and the Chivalrous Man" swept the target brain screen from the corner of his eye.
The target seems to be able to sense that Lin’s eyes are on his side, and the line of sight is aimed at Lin’s side.
Lin’s eyes turned to "The Sword and the Chivalrous Man". A primary school student was playing oss. Lin patted the shoulder of the primary school student who was playing "The Sword and the Chivalrous Man" and said, "Don’t worry, children, kill this oss. He has something good in him."
The pupil looked back at Lin and responded to a manipulator, Li Xiaoyao, who made Feilong’s cloud explorer feel something and immediately exclaimed in surprise, "gold silkworm can upgrade gold silkworm if he eats it!"
"yes! Continue to have it! "
"And … another one!"
"Keep stealing and there is no time to kill him!"
Lin is just behind the pupil, pointing out that the pupil is slowly playing "The Sword and the Chivalrous Man" … For a person who is proficient in this ancient stand-alone game of "The Sword and the Chivalrous Man", it is obvious that he has not attracted the attention of the target.
Lin stays here and takes a look at the target screen from time to time.
The target applied for a qq number named’ Tyrannosaurus 7′ on the Internet, wrote’ I’m from dr97′ on the profile, and then searched the Internet for names such as Tyrannosaurus 6, Tyrannosaurus 5, etc.
The target character’s Chinese characters are extremely slow, which means the one-finger Zen typing method (typing with one finger), and the speed of this network is also pitifully slow, so that Lin can see the target clearly.
A Tyrannosaurus 2 was found from Tyrannosaurus 1 to Tyrannosaurus 6.
This Tyrannosaurus 7 immediately chatted with Tyrannosaurus 2 on qq.
Tyrannosaurus 7 asked, "What’s the number?"
Tyrannosaurus 2 back to "136! Don’t talk, talk online first. It’s expensive to roam in this era, or it’s a two-way call in case of emergency! "
Tyrannosaurus 7 took out a mobile phone like Lin and entered the number in the screen dialog box to continue typing "OK! Remember my number 139! "
Tyrannosaurus 2 "Where are you now?"


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