But now they are in the United front, so the old ghost didn’t say much about what is positive. For the first time, the man looked very calm and couldn’t fathom his character. At this time, the old ghost said

"Surely you didn’t come here to enjoy the heroic spirit of the great whirlwind?"
In the face of the old ghost problem, the famous war was still moving. At this time, four players came behind him, all of whom were undead. When a player named Ahai whispered a few words to the famous war, the famous war frowned.
"Ye Zhang, they are in trouble. If the old ghost president doesn’t mind, I might as well take the lead. We need to give a little help to Big Cyclone."
Chapter three hundred and seventy-five Freedom
This is the fourth meeting between Ye Zhang and the old ghost. Every time he sees the president of this splendid mountain and river, he has a feeling of wanting to step on his feet, but today he sees another person fighting beside him.
At first glance, the famous battle gave him a bearing like Feng Zhi, but Feng Zhi is different in that the famous battle is very low-key, very low-key. Whether he is there or when he looks at Ye Zhang, you can’t feel the strength in the other person’s eyes. The famous battle has no aura and is easily overlooked in the crowd.
It’s hard to think that this is the first person to accuse Ye Zhang terracotta figures on the video channel.
"Do a few people come all the way here to kill the BOSS?"
Killing BOSS has almost become a symbol of Ye Zhang’s poking fun at the old ghost. When the old ghost heard this sentence, his face suddenly became gloomy. After calculating the strength of both sides, he found that once he started to work, although it was possible to kill Ye Zhang and most of them, he could never leave Ye Zhang.
Killing Ye Zhang in the hearts of the old ghost and ghost Yin is their common goal, but it is quite difficult to accomplish it.
Among flashy players, it can be said that it is a greater honor to defeat and kill a whirlwind than to achieve it. There will be topics like restraining a whirlwind in the official website forum.
After the magic theft, purification and dispersion, almost everyone has tried every method they can think of, but those are all on paper, and a few people have done it in the glitz.
Obviously, Old Ghost and Ghost Yin don’t have such strength.
"Ye Zhang, how long can you be proud?"
Ghost Yin doesn’t hide his hatred in his eyes. He spent a lot of money to pull a group of powerful old players from glitz. He also walked a lot of doorways and got a strong outfit, but these are not enough.
Because every time he hears the names of those megatron super guilds from flashy players, he thinks of what Zhang Ye said, and his anger can stay on the surface.
Across the world, the hall of ghosts, the hall of six and a half, the black rose, the rule of heaven, the carefree family, the blue night and the heaven.
There is a whirlwind behind all the downfalls of flashy guilds. By the way, Ye Zhang set up the Red Chamber himself.
You have come to enter a circle ambitiously and want to do something big. Unfortunately, before your career has developed, you mistake a leading boss for a punk and have a hard-to-solve vendetta. What is this?
Ye Zhang didn’t care about the old ghost and the ghost Yin at all. These two people gave them a highest level, which was just the role of Xiaoyao Wang and Gone with the Times, but this famous battle gave Ye Zhang a little worry.
"Are we enemies?"
When Ye Zhang said this, he said to the famous war that if there is no need, Ye Zhang really doesn’t want to provoke a famous war. No matter whether he is pretending or having such a personality, Ye Zhang can’t see through him since he met him. Just like Feng Zhi, his mind avoids evil and tries to get lucky, so that he can go further.
The famous war is very calm and gives people a thick feeling.
"Against me?"
Ye Zhang asked again.
"Because you are not honest."
Ye Zhang’s eyebrows locked up when he heard the answer to the famous war. I’m not kind. How can I be kind? Do you really want to let you gentlemen sit at home and wait for me to send you money?
Ye Zhang shot up a fire in his heart, and even the anger around him felt Ye Zhang’s heart uncomfortable now.
"Then you give me a plan."
Ye Zhang don’t anger the smile solemnly staring at each other at this time, there is no interface in the famous war, but look at the other people beside Zhang Ye, and finally focus on the immortal bird.
"Somali night people should see better than me."
Ye Zhang’s heart is fiercely famous. Don’t you want to disintegrate them from the Ministry? The undead birds pondered for a moment before they looked up.
"The name war, right? What’s your position on this matter?"
When all eyes turned to the battle of fame, this man smiled for the first time as if he were waiting for such an opportunity, and at this time everyone saw his body, the guild badge, the ghost domain, a super guild with the second largest population base and the second largest population base.
The undead birds frowned for a moment and became famous at this time.
"Can’t I represent myself?"
No one laughed at his words, and no one spoke. In such a situation, the old ghost represents splendid rivers and mountains and a large number of ordinary players who blindly oppose Ye Zhang, and Ye Zhang is a symbol of flashy and invincible. It can be said that there are huge forces on both sides.
And the phrase "name war" suddenly lit up everyone’s eyes like the gloomy light in their hearts.
A whisper spread among the players. At this time, the sleeping sheep went to Ye Zhang’s side and whispered
"This famous battle is not simple!"
Ye Zhang didn’t feel this way again. This is the simplest sentence, but it reminds everyone that they don’t belong to one person here. Most people don’t know each other in reality. They are independent and represent the hope that human beings yearn for the most.


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