As Yunfei fell to the ground and died, the first round of Group A competition also ended. Wang Tianping won the victory by two to one and entered the winner group, while Yunfei became the biggest loser. The exposed strength of weapons defects had also entered the loser group before.

After the Group A competition, the other group competitions also ended successively, including Wang Tianping, who was released in the last group of famous people, and the professional players suffered another failure. Three professional players entered the third battle, and the president of the Mythology Association won the victory for the first time.
In this way, among the 16 players in the winner group, the frenzied squadron is once again in the leading position, while the professional players, including those "professional players" in the emerging guild in the player’s mind, are only seven, which is less than half.
There is no regret for ordinary players that the first round of the single-player battle ended. All the battles, especially Wang Tianping, who was selected to broadcast live, were very exciting against celebrities such as Yunfei’s fighting neurons and Dream Glass.
For the top players, there is no regret. Although they all lost the final match, the level of the players is still quite good, which makes them realize their shortcomings and learn a lot of skills.
For the organizers and operators, there is no regret that the popularity of the sports association "Steel Mania" has reached a new level, and the competition with the huge player group of "Steel Mania" has also won many new eyes.
The cumulative bonus brought by the popularity of both parties has attracted a large number of sponsors and gained a lot of advertising revenue, and this correct live broadcast choice has given them a good eye and a good evaluation
For the contestants, it can’t be said that there are no regrets. After all, entering the loser group, the road to the next competition will be a thorny place. Now they are happy and some people are worried. The winners are jubilant and the losers are gloomy.
However, many contestants have no time and energy to sigh here at this time, because the first round of the five-man war will be held the next day after the first round of the one-man war, and the contestants who have been shortlisted for the five-man war finals are now going to prepare for the war.
The frenzy squadron is relatively relaxed at this time, except that Wang Tianping is a department and all four projects are shortlisted in the finals. There is a dream that Liuli will enter the finals of the single-player battle, and other players have no competition for the time being. They need to prepare for the five-person post-war team battle.
In addition to the team battle and squadron battle frenzy, all the squadron members are in an encrypted arena room at this time. They are still carrying out running-in training for new and old players, such as training new players into old players. This is their biggest at this stage.
However, it is not Wang Tianping who is presiding over the training here, but the squad leaders of various reconnaissance classes and sniper classes, and Wang Tianping’s roots are not here.
In another small encrypted arena room, Wang Tianping and the other four members of the strongest five-person group in the Federation are here. The next day is their game. Of course, they have to make a training and tactical arrangement.
Among the five of them, the most relaxed and focused is the Golden Dragon. Without the constraints of single-player battle and team battle, he doesn’t need to worry too much. Now he can concentrate on preparing for the five-person battle.
The least relaxed and unfocused is Yunfei, who has been out of touch with the other four people several times since training, either because the command is slow or the action is blunt, which shows that his mind root is not here.
Atlas and Huang Jinshenglong are also very resistant to anyone who was rushed to the loser group in the first round, but it happened that Wang Tianping rushed him to the loser group but fought together and often took the post of captain, which was really a torture for Yu Yunfei.
The atmosphere in the room is very bad. Wang Tianping doesn’t seem to be affected. After all, he is the winner, and he doesn’t seem to show that Yunfei is slow in training.
The other three people are not good at interrupting. On the one hand, the winner of the dispute should naturally not blame, while on the other hand, although mistakes occur frequently, it is not good for the three people to sprinkle salt on the wound.
Plus, what happened in the battle with their eyesight can also be seen that Wang Tianping left a face for Yunfei, but Yunfei was possessed by ghosts. Instead of accepting Wang Tianping’s kindness, he took the opportunity to kill Wang Tianping
Although the final result is that Wang Tianping is still strong, although he has exposed a lot of strength, he is merciless in the end. A very embarrassing way ended Yunfei’s experience, and Wang Tianping must not be in a good mood.
And they don’t know what Yunfei is thinking. In their opinion, the best solution to this situation should be Yunfei’s initiative to apologize and then take the initiative to behave better in the five-person training.
But now Wang Tianping doesn’t comment, Yunfei is also inexplicably silent, so the three of them are caught in the middle and don’t know what to do, so it’s better to be silent and put their minds in training.
However, it’s not a way to go like this, so the training can’t be done properly. Going to Yunfei in this state is likely to be a burden in the official competition all day, but now it’s the final stage, and it’s not four to five that they can easily solve the battle.
But what exactly should we do? The best way is to appease the two of them separately, but Yunfei’s head is a chore. Wang Tianping’s side is not difficult, but the problem is that all three of them are not familiar with Wang Tianping.
Although they had made friends with each other as early as the previous war, there was no connection at ordinary times, and finally they pushed around for a long time and decided to go out with the deepest friendship
But just before the edited information was sent out, Wang Tianping’s patrolman suddenly stopped and turned on the external speaker and said to the other four people, "Stop, stop, look at what you’ve done."
If we hadn’t discussed how to solve the problem between you two, how could we be so half-hearted and how could we be like this?
Wang Tianping ignored their condescension and then said, "Especially how did you Yunfei fail to reach the scheduled position and complete the scheduled photo several times? How can we win if we go like this?"
The three of them said more in their hearts, can’t you be tactful? I’m wrong, but after all, I lost the game, and I’m bored. I’m just trying to persuade you. Is it necessary to talk like this?
But of course, the two parties couldn’t hear their thoughts. They were all silent at this time, and they didn’t know whether they said anything or said something in private. On the whole, when the three people watched Wang Tianping and Yunfei, they both sent out of the room without saying hello.
Chapter 494 Monty king and neurons
Compared with the single-player battle, the elite players flourished in the five-player battle, and the professional players finally recovered a little here, including Wang Tianping’s team. There were 16 professional players in the final, accounting for half of the country.
Of course, among the 16 teams, the strongest five in the Federation and the strongest five in the Empire are the first. In addition, each of the six military bases has a five-person team to enter the finals, and the strongest five in their respective guilds led by Monty King and God King Odin also played well.
In addition to monty and the gods, the other three world-class guilds were wiped out because the captain was not in all the five-member army. There were also light and shadow guilds in the regional guilds. Fortunately, the last five places were handed over to small guilds.
Among the elite players who advanced to the five-person group, they were the heads of nerves. Some of these elite players were originally their own teams, and one of them was shortlisted. Some of them had five people playing together, while others were simply formed temporarily.
At the stage of five-person battle, no guild or team of players has more than one finalist. At most, the five-person team is the strongest in the two camps, and the finalists will be selected separately in other groups.
It is still the virtual main venue of the former single-player war. The first round of the final draw of the five-person war has ended at this time, and the list of 16 matches has been released.
However, this time, unlike the previous day’s solo battle, there was no scene of Mars hitting the earth. The strongest five in the Federation and the strongest five in the Empire both met the elite players, and there was nothing to watch.
The two most watched five groups did not meet together and did not meet any topical opponents. Of course, it was not suitable for live broadcast, while other teams seemed to have shortcomings in fighting. Therefore, the neuron five group was finally selected according to live broadcast and main venue battle.
Although the neuron squadron is fierce in the team battle, it is somewhat unsatisfactory in the single-player battle and the five-person battle. Only one neuron is in the final, and the same is true in the five-person battle. It seems that without the leadership of neurons, other players who are very good have lost their strength.
However, it is still quite ornamental to have neurons in the battle. In addition, in the first round of the lottery, the neuron five-person group drew A1 and A2, which is precisely the strongest five-person group led by the Demon King.


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