But Ruyan Qimu didn’t respond to his warning. It’s very clear. It’s up to you to bet whether Lianjia is as clean as in the past or to take this matter as the goal.

Chapter six hundred and seventy-six The second warning
Cao Meiren was finally clubbed to death. There is no need to explain. After all, everyone knows that flies don’t bite and sew eggs.
Every imperial secretary is a traitor, and many people choose to believe that because this beauty Cao is provoking, even a woman with the greatest post-imperial power is worthy of it.
Cao Meiren’s affair soon reached the ears of Bu Shang.
His own flesh and blood was killed, which can be said to be unique. It is still possible to turn to the prince of integrity.
Cao Meiren ended up frightened and received a threatening letter. Yuan Cairen quickly told her uncle the news.
The catering department of the Ministry of Rites found the Ministry Shang, "I already know about your daughter’s affairs, and even one of them is my niece."
"What must we do?"
The official department has been thinking for a long time. "Yue Wang is dead, and the only people who may help Yue Wang to speak are gone. You might as well sacrifice your niece."
"What do you mean?"
"If you let Lian Jian do it, your niece will not only die as miserable as my daughter, but also be as miserable as my daughter, and we can’t avenge her."
The catering department of does nodded, and they falsely accused Yue Wang of death, so that everyone could not avenge Yue Wang, even Jia Jian could do the same.
When we got to the next day, it was lively. Yuan Cairen was poisoned! It took the doctors a whole morning to save their lives.
I searched the whole palace and finally found a mass of ashes.
This matter is more than enough. Even if you think about it, you will immediately let Yaoguang investigate!
The two sisters of the Phoenix family know this, which is the sacrifice of the Department, but it’s a pity that Yuan Cairen didn’t die. If he dies, even the Jianjia will be miserable this time. Unfortunately, the catering department of does not sacrifice his family so much to save himself.
"Sister, how can we tell you about the ashes?"
"Isn’t there a two-faced man?"
Being chosen by the two sisters of the Phoenix family is the south wind spirit.
Ru Yan Qi Mu still likes Nanfeng Ling because Nanfeng Ling has a pair of eyes that are almost the same as in the past.
Clear because she keeps no secrets, clean because her purpose is to climb.
It is easy for people with simple eyes and vicious means to have such eyes.
Nanfeng Ling knows that if she doesn’t do things, even if she is like this, she will be destroyed.
"The pursuit of male and female servants was very scared when they heard about this Yuan talented person."
You Yan Qimu looked at her, and her eyes were clear. When she said this, it was like seeing the eyes of Qianlian, and she did not hesitate to put her guard. "Oh? What news did you hear before you were afraid? "
"They all say that Cao Meiren or Yuan Cairen offended the Empress, but … my body associates with Yuan Cairen more often than her … she never visited the Empress alone except with her sisters in the palace."
"Has anyone ever seen this ash? What was burned?"
"I don’t know, but since it’s a piece of paper, it’s either a letter or a picture. Yuan Cairen doesn’t like painting. Is someone poisoned in her house?"
With a direction, it’s easy to find out if you are in Qimu … It’s a new age again.
"Jianji, should you explain what letter you wrote to Yuan Cairen?" The envelope in your hand was not burned and you were surrounded by the maid-in-waiting who sent letters.
Even with a calm face, "I suspect that I poisoned a little talent."
"Your eyes are not a small talent, but Yue Wang’s affairs."
"There is no reason to be poisonous to the male and female servants. The male and female servants want to see how brave they are to undertake what they do."
As a result, it is obvious that this conversation ended in discord after all.
In a few days, it will be the wax festival, and in just a few days, the atmosphere in the palace has become more tense. Princess Yi is still here, and even Jia Jian and Ru Yi Qimu have fallen out, but what they didn’t expect was that.


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