Just then, a horrible reflection in the river was coming from behind, interrupting her reverie and forcing her to get up in a hurry to avoid another heart-breaker! Trish aimed the eagle bow at him without hesitation. Damn it, Windrunner forgot to give me the arrow! ! The lost heart growled at the beautiful archer like a hungry wolf. She leaned over to dodge and hit him on the head with an elbow. He screamed and fell to the ground and couldn’t move this simple-minded thing! Traxex suddenly had the idea of evil drama. She wandered around the lost heart. "Hey, man, don’t you want to suck my magic?" She just squatted down and stared at him carefully with her big eyes. He looked unnatural and turned away angrily.

However, traxex found that this lost heart is not like the demon addict with green pus just now. He is a young man with sharp edges and corners and consistent lines. He has straight blond hair and a slender man’s beard and ears are as bright as the sun. Fine eyelashes cover his eyes, which makes traxex want to fiddle with two "magic". He is sweating profusely. He is rolling and moaning like he will die without magic, but traxex suddenly no longer hates him so much. He has some sympathy for him. He must have fallen into this state, right? The kind archer was moved with compassion. She gently lifted the bottle stopper of the purifying liquid from his head and poured the blue-green liquid into his mouth. He gradually restrained his addiction and became less painful. He felt particularly comfortable lying in the girl’s arms, smelling fragrant.
"I haven’t finished losing my mind, and of course I won’t hurt you again. This is a purifying potion worth fifty gold coins! Why should I drink it? " I’m glad you woke up. This bottle of potion was given to me by Windrunner. traxex smiled sweetly at him, and his eyebrows were bent into a beautiful crescent. What should I call you? He proudly raised his head. The Morning Song clan has always been a member of the knights directly under the leadership of King Carl. What about you? "My name is" traxex didn’t say that finish and fell into his arms. She was in a coma and Xinlan hurriedly held her.
What should I do? He used to take advantage of Aurelia Windrunner’s departure to learn from traxex’s magic, Windrunner Ranger, to go to the high palace! But I’m a notorious addict. No matter how much, have you forgotten what King Carl taught me? He picked up the archer and ran anxiously to the high palace. She was so beautiful. Xinlan thought absently as she hurried on.
Chapter 42 Blood Knight slept soundly in her arms. Xinlan couldn’t help squeezing her cheek and immediately shrinking back. He didn’t even know what it was like. This is a castle with a spire high into the sky, made of heavy stones and wrapped in white marble. The high palace is located near the center of the city, attracting everyone’s attention. The serrated battlements are carved into unicorn heads and surrounded by strict guards. They finally found Aurelia Windrunner Palace, which is full of high ceilings. Marble floor with shimmering light, hanging plants, tapestries, embossed walls carved with beautiful scenery depicting flowers, vines, ferns and trees, silver moon parliament, nobles and their general rangers all live in it.
"There shouldn’t be a big problem." Skywrath Mage looked at her briefly and walked casually. "I think she must have suffered a heavy blow to her skull before she passed out. Fortunately, we didn’t lose her, otherwise it might cause unnecessary trouble." "Hi,boy" The magic teacher Lena said hello to Xinlan, who was stupid. "You smell like being tortured by magic addiction. I think you should be given some magic to suck."
Lena’s words changed Windrunner’s face from gratitude to anger. She angrily grabbed the young collar accent and was calm and irresistible. "Damn you, if you do something to traxex, I will never let you go!" "I am a soldier, an upright soldier!" Misunderstood, Xinlantui Windrunner straightened his chest. "My family was killed in the middle of the catastrophe invaded by the Natural Disaster Corps that year, so I was immersed in grief and gradually degenerated into a person who absorbed magic and lost his heart. Now I decided to revive the magic addiction and hit the clan glory in the morning!"
"Yes, yes, yes" traxex clapped her hands behind happily. She didn’t know when she came. "You saw his thirst for magic, Lena." Mr. Gunnars hovered around the palace on a dragon eagle. "With dragon intuition, I feel that he is a piece of jade that can be carved. Would you like to be my student, young man? I can give you a new arcane energy to help you get rid of your magic addiction. "The ambitious blood elf boy promised to become the first Blood Knight in Quel ‘Salas, and many years later he became the Silver Moon City, a hero of the whole Guards regiment.
Early the next morning, Xinlan Morning Song followed Skywrath Mage and Xiudou Magic Tutor, and worked hard to train their apprentices. He was not the only one. Many young blood elves were eager to be trained as a soldier. "Mastering a magic can often exert incredible power." Skywrath Mage Huineng fired an arcane arrow at the front, and a towering ancient tree should collapse. "But we must make arcane magic reasonable so that we can really control him instead of being addicted to the monarch like a lost heart."
Traxex sat on the stairs holding the gills and looked at Xinlan with ecstasy. His eyes were full of eagerness to learn and eager to train, but he worked very hard for a long time, so that his body became weak and he soon collapsed on the lawn. "Fighting Sindore! Revenge is just around the corner! " Lena’s inspiring words inspired them to sweat, so Xinlan gritted her teeth again, raised her sword and slashed at the stake.
Aurelia put the eagle bow in front of traxex. "Hey, don’t you want to practice with such a good bow?" "Would you like to teach me archery?" Windrunner nodded when an attendant hurried to report to their ranger leader that the fairy dragon Parker was back. Aurelia met her in the back garden of the palace, and Lena and traxex followed her. Parker was a lovely and naughty faerie dragon. She wagged her tail and greeted traxex, making her giggle. "How is everything recently, General Ranger? I’m here to tell you something, "Parker said, winking at traxex." Don’t worry, she’s a fool. "Lena explained bluntly that Windrunner glared at her because of her rude words and deeds.
"Well, Ranger Aurelia, the leader of the expeditionary force we sent to the Guards Corps, Silencer Nuochong, betrayed the Guards Alliance. He captured the Terran main city with the support of the undead and became the Lord of Storm City. The blood elves and human beings also became extremely nervous because of this incident." "I think Nuochong played a beautiful battle." Aurelia shrugged. "Humans once forced King Carl away, and they never wanted to really get together with us." "General Bai Ranger’s current situation is extremely difficult for the Guards Corps. On the other two fronts, Sal led the orc tribe and fandral led the elves and dwarves to win in Kalimdor mainland, which was almost equal to the’ Natural Disaster Highland’. It was said that Magina, the first warrior of Northrend Guards, made a slogan of’ March into the ice sheet and break the frozen throne in three months’, and there were also problems in the camp of the Natural Disaster Corps. Defense of the Ancients, Phantom Assassin and others were invincible in the southeast front and suddenly disappeared mysteriously. It was widely speculated that they had been killed at sea. ""It is enough that our enemy is the Natural Disaster Corps and the Lich King Bai. "
After Windrunner sent Parker away, she trained traxex to practice archery for an afternoon in eversong woods. She was a natural archer and could quickly master many basic skills skillfully with a little instruction. Aurelia sighed that her talent as an archer was not half as good as hers. traxex trained alone in a secluded forest for a long time. It was not until the dead of night that she rubbed her sore wrists and walked slowly towards the high palace with a bow and arrow. She happened to meet the passing teenagers "Hello" and "Hello" and "Did you come back so late?" "Well, I’ve been practicing archery in the forest." "I happened to see you when I was practicing sword. Your archery looks cute." "Really?" traxex bowed her head and the sunset lengthened her reflection. Her cheeks turned red as if she had drunk wine.
Xinlan and traxex climbed the roof of the high palace. It was Quel ‘Salas night. He literally opened his arms and took a deep breath. On the moonlit night, a gorgeous meteor shower swept over the stars. Xinlan pointed to a cloud above his head and introduced to her, "Well, this beautiful nebula is called the Arcane Nebula. In memory of Skywrath Mage ZhaGunnars, the blood elves found the new arcane energy; That constellation is a symbol of our magnificent daily dynasty. In fact, I can see that Zha Gunnars has always had a crush on Lena, although they are always quarreling. ""What did you get from training today? " One side to traxex nifty and lazy tone "I want to be a knight like Skywrath Mage dragon eagle knight! Therefore, I will try to become a knight while giving up my addiction and revitalize Sindore! " He clenched his fist and looked like a victorious general. "But I lack weapons and a decent sword. I decided to get a job in Silvermoon City to earn enough gold coins to buy weapons and return the money you gave me for the bottle of purifying potion." "Ha, I have given you a sword that looks good."
"Why do you have a sword?" "I don’t know. Anyway, Aurelia said that it was found on me." traxex summoned a puppy-shaped animal messenger to take out the sword from it and handed it to Xinlan. This is an extremely light and sharp-toothed sword with the Terran words engraved on it. "Does Anduin Losa mean the human hero in Liluosa Feng? This is really cool!" He smiled like a bright star in the night. "Thank you, I will always carry this sword, even in the most dangerous battlefield, I will be afraid of it."
Chapter 43 Wolf Night (the first person is Carl) Even a pure-hearted person who doesn’t forget to pray at night can’t turn into a wolf in the full moon night of aconite grass-there are werewolves in Gilneas city for four or three days. My quill pen quickly recorded in magic that when I woke up a month ago, I was lying in the bushes and was wounded, and a hungry wolf was eyeing me dozens of yards away. I resisted my addiction, avoided biting and grabbed its neck. On several occasions, it occupied both sides of the wind. I threw myself on the grass, but I finally broke my neck and exhausted myself. I threw away the body of the wild wolf and collapsed in the same place. I wanted to eat it to satisfy my hunger, but it was really difficult for me to do such a barbaric thing. Anyway, I am the blood elf king.
Just when I was about to die of hunger and magic addiction, a clear spring of life saved my dying life. I leaned over and drank the sweet spring, washed the red and white robe stained with wolf blood, and filled the magic bottle with spring water. I tried to cast a spell, put out the three elemental balls around me, and spun around again. I recovered my physical strength and magic, but many strange things made you puzzled. How can I explain why I came here, Motti and them? What’s Slardar doing with those Naga guys? Did that submarine disaster disrupt normal operation and bring me to this terrible place?
It’s a long night, and the vines of aconite grass keep blocking my progress. I kicked them angrily. I admit that I’m not a competent soldier. Maybe I was born in peacetime. I’m diligent. King Quel Salas climbed over several mountains and hills, and the coniferous forest became sparse. The vegetation nearby became lower and lower. It is estimated that there will be a city-state if we go further. The fog at night seems to smell a little smoke, which makes me very excited. Squinting my eyes and staring into the distance, a city-state is like a mirage in the vast smoke. I am simply fed up with this kind of barbarian, and there will be hope of being saved every day.
But strangely, there are not many monsters in the jungle, such as trolls, Sartre and kobolds. Most of them are wild wolves. The smoke is getting thicker and thicker in the fog. I guess there should be a war nearby. At this moment, a huge and fierce wolf growled at me and warned me not to come near me. I was shocked, but I quickly calmed down and looked at the beast jokingly. It was injured in the leg. It was bleeding but not fatal. "Relax, my friend, maybe I can do something about it." I approached it step by step and tried to explore its attitude in a friendly tone. It really stopped.
Werewolves! I have a cold sweat on my forehead. I remember when I was a child in Silvermoon City, Lena told me that werewolves cursed me. It was always a horror to coax children to sleep. I didn’t expect such a strange thing! ! From his unusually strong body, I can judge that he has a certain position among werewolves. There must be a war nearby with werewolves, but I think it is necessary to form an alliance with him as an enemy or friend. Maybe, "Lie there and don’t move. I can save you, but you have to endure some pain." I squatted down to check his injury. He was hit by a musket and the bullet was embedded in his calf. It suddenly occurred to me that Lena said at that time that werewolves are allergic to silver, which is their fatal flaw. The bullet is silver, and if it is not taken out, he will die of allergies! Fortunately, I found a dagger from him. I cut my leg and abdomen and cut the wound. I carefully avoided the sharp tip of the artery. Except for that bullet, he clenched his teeth and kept silent. The red and brown curly hair clung to my sweaty forehead. His tenacious will was broken, so he helped him to clean the wound by the fountain of life
"Thank you, my friend. I think I owe you one." He washed his face with spring water and recovered his strength from the severe pain. "What’s your name?" "Kalel, I’m not a professional priest." I made a joke and didn’t feel the need to tell my real name "Al? Very good name sounds like a scholar Banehallow. "He nodded approvingly and gave his name." Good people, you don’t know how to save the cursed soul even if you saved me. Six months ago, a plague broke out inexplicably in the kingdom of Gilneas, which brought terrible sequelae to heal many residents of Gilneas. Many of them were cursed to be more ferocious than werewolves. They brutally killed each other in the city. I used to be the chief of the prison in Gilneas. When the king ordered the release of prisoners, the situation was already very serious. A prisoner bitten by a werewolf attacked me and I fell unconscious. "
"It’s too bad. I’m sorry for the unfortunate experience of you and your people. So what happened later? Did things get better?" I suspect that this plague was created by those poisonous magicians in undercity. "There is no werewolf team growing at an incredible speed, and I have become one of the ethnic leaders. Our country is caught in a protracted war-the residents of the werewolf city of Gilneas are evenly matched until one day the forgotten people in northern undercity sent an army of necromancers to intervene in the war in order to occupy our kingdom, and the neighboring storm kingdom also’ maintained order’ by sending Terran troops into Gilneas. Now these two forces have completed the war leaders."
"It is obvious that natural disasters and guards are the behind-the-scenes promoters of this war. Although the kingdom of Gilneas has joined the guards’ alliance, those allies do not look friendly. You must carefully consider this issue when making the right choice between the two." My analysis is also trying to attract him to join our camp. "They all slaughtered the residents of Gilneas. I will never take sides! The Terran Army was led by corps commander Testin, and the Banshee Army of the Forgotten was led by Death Prophet Crobel Ruth. Yesterday, snipers from the Guards attacked our bastards, killed many brothers and captured my wife Bertha. ""Did she become a werewolf? " "I bit her, and I love her very much, and she loves me too." When I said this, I caught a glimpse of the crystal liquid in the corner of his eye.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five Too kind
"Before it’s too late, we have to hurry to rescue them and kill all those women, cowards!" I must seize this opportunity and have some plans in mind. Banehallow agrees with me very much. He bandaged the wound very quickly and then gathered in many lost werewolves. "Listen, you are free! No one can deprive you of your profits! " He was generous and inspiring, calling for a response, half-man, half-beast, half-wolf, and people roared in the moonlight, so he led a mighty army of werewolves in Banehallow and returned to Z, Gilneas City.
In the gloomy sky, there is light rain and smoke in the city-state block. Many residents are afraid of slaughter and can’t leave the wooden door closed; The damaged silver-gray city gate has long been guarded by werewolves and killed without bloodshed. In the downtown square, commander Testin and executioners are preparing to dispose of the last few prisoners, "Bertha!" Bain Holler shouted to the woman beside Testin that she was in rags and disheveled, and her long reddish-brown hair covered half of her face. "No" When she saw Banehallow, her pale face gave a happy look, but she quickly shouted "Let’s go, Bain!"
"I didn’t expect you to dare to come back. It seems that the sniper’s shot didn’t kill you!" Testin seems to have been sure of attacking the werewolf. He snorted two times. "Werewolves are mutated products and are doomed to be destroyed. You are doomed to die in the knight’s knife! Do you solve it yourself or shall I kill this bitch in front of you? " "Stop it, you bastard!" Banehallow suddenly spit "don’t move Bertha! I just surrender to you. "
This is not the ideal result. I quietly switched the elements of ice, thunder and fire. An energy ball hit the head of the alert Terran soldier. He covered his forehead and screamed like a pig’s howl. Panicked snipers immediately responded to the werewolf fire. The two sides fought back. The situation has just eased, and the situation has changed irreversibly. Banehallow’s eyes turned into a blood-red full moon, which coagulated the blood. In the dark night, the ghost wolf was transformed into a giant wolf. Banehallow inspired the tearing speed to kill the Terran soldier. I also mixed the elements of ice and fire with the ice wall. Kardel Sharpeye hid in the dark, and Then the fiery and chaotic meteorites fell from the sky and hit the oncoming infantry in the thunder explosion. Their poor bodies were burnt to pieces by the scorching energy of the sky fire, and the smoke filled the corner of the lawn in the midnight square street, and aconite grass was in full bloom.
At the same time, the bloody smell awakened those infected people who were captured by Testin. They became wolves in full moon erosion, broke free from the shackles, and their chains joined the invaders’ battle. The bright moonlight gave werewolves great strength, and Bertha and others participated in the war, making the commander Testin’s guards and allies gradually show signs of decline.
In the chaos, a bullet flew past and hit Bertha’s chest. She fell in a pool of blood. "No, Bertha! ! !” Almost at the same moment, the other side of the battlefield broke into a roar like a beast. His ears roared as if the whole world was still. "Kill all the hostages!" When Testin saw that the situation was out of control, he simply gave the last order, and the square was instantly killed and buried, but Banehallow couldn’t hear anything. His eyes were red and swollen, and only Bertha was covered in blood.
“Yoursoulshallburn! In the name of banshee, subdue you human cowards! " Death Prophet, Crobel, Ruth Ling called the forgotten from afar to enter the city of Gilneas! Testin’s horse jumped up in shock. He knew it was impossible to win again, so he immediately turned his horse around and prepared to escape. I appeared in the ghost walk to intercept his retreat.
"Summoner how can it be you? !” See my face after he was surprised "you are not and Abaddon, traxex, they all died in the sea? But you will never dare to kill me! ! Your crimes in Stormwind are like scars etched in the hearts of every Stormwind citizen. I will never let you go, an evil wizard! " I smiled, but I thought it was enough to make him collapse. "Thanks to you, I’m not dead yet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t kill you in the big battle on the outskirts of the storm that year." Singing spells raised my hand and cooled it quickly, freezing his energy ball. Testin raised his hand and cast his spell. The body was enveloped by the holy light and the freezing magic was lifted. He didn’t "fight to the death" but passed through the crowd with his shoes with magic phase.
I injected myself with smart, swift and turbulent energy to speed up the pursuit, but I still lost my sight. The remaining knights also followed the commander and escaped. The werewolf won hard, but the forgotten undead troops were approaching. We obviously had no chance to fight again. Banehallow hugged Bertha tightly. Everyone knew that she would not live long. Protect our people, Bain, I will, I love you, and I love you. Bertha smiled with relief. Her eyes dimmed and the last ray of life disappeared. Her eyes closed forever.
Banehallow slowly got up and let out a piercing howl in the full moon. The howl spread all over the city of Gilneas, as if Li Qianhao had swung the bell to disperse the fog and haze hovering in the kingdom of Gilneas. I gave him a hug before I left. It was hard for me to comfort him in such a situation. I hope it would make him feel better. "Lemyrieshillheliving!" Death Prophet’s tragic sound is getting closer and closer, and the wolves are stirring again. "We are now enemies of the Guards, but the forgotten are a branch of the Scourge. Now the only way is for Northrend to go directly to the Lich King." I lost no time in making suggestions, and he had no reason to refuse me.
He hesitated for a few seconds, so he quickly tied the werewolf together. "Brothers, we have two ways to go. One is to stick to Gilnischeng and wait for reinforcements from the Guards; The other way is to migrate to Northrend and take refuge in the Scourge, but the road is extremely long. How can I guarantee its success? Gilneas or Northrend? " A short silence "Northrend! !” "Northrend" is still cheering and cheering, even though he hasn’t come out of the sad shadow. The wolves high-five to celebrate, but my goal has obviously been achieved anyway.
Chapter 44 Ordering Northrend is not always a bad snowstorm. In fact, there is very little precipitation in this polar region and it is horribly cold. Even though she stepped on the ice and snow accumulated for thousands of years, Merritty’s lips cracked because of dryness. She and Defense of the Ancients, brood mother, weavers and others arrived at the foothills of the ice crown. The land was vast and cold, and the frost dragon hovered in the extreme north of the world. Morred has been trembling gently. Abaddon put his cloak on her thin shoulders without revealing his color. "These lowly soldiers have no interest in seeing our great king!" The cold words of Darth, the dread demon king, shut out all Blackarachnia except the Spider Queen and the Weaver "Fvkyou!" Brood mother glared at him in disgust. He couldn’t wait to chop up the burning legion lackeys immediately, but he had to give in to his orders after being persuaded by Abaddon and others.
The remaining four heroes marched along the winding tower steps to the frozen throne shining with silver light in the middle of the top of the mountain. On the way, there were many higher undead, such as rotten faces and rotten intestines, which were huge abominations that Morred had never seen before. A group of black-spotted vultures attacked her face, with blood-red eyes vying to peck at the hateful body and drop carrion. These necromancers’ abnormal experiments saw her tremble with fear.
Clouds and mist rose over the mountains and shrouded them in a mysterious and strict atmosphere. They finally arrived at their destination, symbolizing the highest glory of the Natural Disaster Corps. The frozen temple opened its doors to them. The majestic and solemn palace walls were transparent and rock-solid. The crystal black and yellow carpet extended from the entrance of the palace to the frozen throne, and the noble king sat on the throne in heavy silver armor with the sound of "crack" covering his body. A thin layer of ice shattered his eyes and ignited a deep blue ghost fire. Evil forces were coming out.
The Lich King rose from the throne with frost in his right hand. This is the real curse sword. Compared with Abaddon’s sword, it will look dim. The King of Light is firm and powerful, leaving a clear footprint on the ground every step he takes.
On his left was Kel ‘Thuzad, the Lord of the Eastern Plague, and on his right was Calder, an extremely cold ghost, who was later introduced by Defense of the Ancients.
He is Northrend’s ancient ghost, and his ability to manipulate frost is no less than Kel ‘Thuzad’s.
Next to it is the crypt assassin and terrorblade Morred, who are very nervous. What a cold and dignified king this will be.


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