Thought of here Feng Zhi smiled and he knew that the time was ripe.

"Let’s go to Cologne to pick up Ye Zhang."
Feng Zhi’s words are very surprised that the famous war and the day will be fierce. In their view, it is more difficult for the three of them to pick up than Ye Zhang’s own running back. However, Feng Zhi has already walked towards the front, and the famous war and the two have to fight with each other.
When crossing Zulong Imperial City, everyone was stunned and then did their own thing at the same time. After the black dragon disappeared, except for the players who could see each other, NPC did not disappear. Although their level did not reach 13, there were many here for them to collect.
These players seem to see Feng Zhi, a group of people, and they seem to deliberately ignore it. When Feng Zhi walked from the north gate of Zulong Imperial City to the south gate, they miraculously were not attacked.
When Feng Zhi and others saw Ye Zhang near the canopy of death, they also saw another group of people behind him, and this group of people gave a deafening cry when they saw Feng Zhi.
"Blood washing is the best!"
They are all members of the former Somali night club in Cologne. When Zhang Ye took them away from the resurrection point in Cologne, they were greeted, so they were all unimpeded all the way and even "borrowed" Cologne to send something directly to the canopy of death.
At this time, the sky will rush fiercely, with some sighs and some disappointments. He has experienced such a scene in the ghost domain under his leadership. Even if the members of the ghost domain guild cheer for a victory, they will never be trapped in one place for a long time, and they firmly know that they will be rescued one day. This is the support of faith and the biggest gap between him and Feng Zhi.
Feng Zhi nodded at Zhang Ye. In Feng Zhi’s mind, Ye Zhang did it perfectly this time, and it also exceeded his expectation. Although the war can’t end so soon, it can’t end, but it has bought a species so that players won’t chase them like before.
"Hey hey, guess what I got?"
As soon as Zhang Ye came over, he smiled at the famous war and the famous war suddenly became one leng.
When Ye Zhang took out an orange dagger from his backpack and handed it to a famous war, he suddenly laughed.
"There is also a reward for you. It’s a pity that you didn’t team up with me, so I can enjoy the experience alone."
When Ye Zhang uttered this sentence, Feng Zhi and others saw that Ye Zhang now lost 2% of his experience by hanging up his level, but after reducing the black dragon’s blood volume by 1% again, his level is now 11.
This made the famous war and the heavenly generals rush fiercely, and the great whirlwind was really amazing, but they didn’t know that it was more exciting for Ye Zhang to be an artifact weapon. He got 10,000 points of hope in Shui Yue Tian Tian.
The famous war is very emotional to take this 12-level artifact dagger into the bag, and at this time, it will be fierce and some discontentedly complain about this equipment, which makes everyone burst into laughter and the atmosphere relaxed for a while.
Feng Zhi left first because he wanted to settle this group of players, and made an appointment with Ye Zhang to meet Shuiyuetiandu, leaving Ye Zhang three people to continue to March in the direction of Shuiyuetiandu.
Along the way, they also met many players, but no one attacked them, and they couldn’t help sighing that this war should be over, but Zhang Ye threw cold water on it.
"Wait, the real war is not yet."
Ye Zhang’s words made the famous war and the heavenly generals care for each other in horror, and Ye Zhang didn’t explain much because he knew that there was a dividing line between ordinary players and RMB players, and he Ye Zhang was on this dividing line. He was like a balance lever, and no matter which side he fell on, the other side was doomed to disagree.
He looked forward as if he had never been so bright.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-six coolies
Now it’s early spring, and Zhang Ye is very difficult to be alone with Xu Yin. I didn’t expect the little beauty to shout him out in a word. Now the three of them are eating in this small restaurant. It’s okay for Ye Zhang to cope with the players. The most headache for him is this situation.
Feng Zhi incredibly business delay inconvenience to come by midway stood me up, which makes Ye Zhang more and more feel that this is the little beauty brother and sister two deliberately arranged rhetoric for him.
Therefore, he didn’t dare to say anything at this table, but Xu Yin and Xiao Mei have been talking and laughing and commenting, but they are all topics that women are interested in. Ye Zhang simply opened his mouth and didn’t listen to anything.
However, the little beauty always asks Ye Zhang for advice from time to time. If he knows anything about these things, he can’t say anything to keep "uh-huh". The little beauty’s face suddenly turns ugly.
Xu Yin aside dozen circle field, but the little beauty suddenly saw the sky changing again and again, which made Ye Zhang sigh and go shopping again after dinner. Ye Zhang felt a little reluctant to move.
Walking in front of the street with a hard face is two beautiful women with a high turn head, but pedestrians also show envy and jealousy when they see Ye Zhang’s bags and things. It seems that it is also a envy to be a groom for two beautiful women.
"Ye Zhang, let me ask you a question."
The little beauty fell behind for half a beat. When she saw Ye Zhang’s reluctant expression, she smiled back at Xu Yin and then ruthlessly choked Ye Zhang’s arm, making him almost fall off with that backpack in his hand.
The question of little miss is tricky. Ye Zhang has learned it several times. Every question is in that way. Ye Zhang deliberately refused, but the question of little miss has been said.
"Xu Yin and I are in different crowds. Do you see me or Xu Yin first?"
Ye Zhang was a little surprised because this question is a little too ambiguous. He glanced at Xu Yin and seemed to have heard nothing from the other party. Ye Zhang thought about it very carefully. He found that if both of them were really involved in the crowd, they would definitely see the little beauty first.
Xu Yin will be surrounded by several people, and the little beauty … is too short to be divided at a glance.
But Ye Zhang hey hey smile replied.
"It must be Xu Yin."
The little beauty showed an epiphany expression, and she recognized the answer very much, but no one saw the dim light in front of her eyes.
Ye Zhang some dare not get too close to the little beauty. He walked to Xu Yin’s side in three steps and two steps.
"How’s the card?"
Ye Zhang has been discussing this issue with Xu Yin for some time, but the current situation is very tense and it is not the best time for Ye Zhang. Feng Zhi put the job on hold for a while, but Xu Yin drafted it after listening to Ye Zhang’s speech last night.
"You should ask Sisi Lee. She will find a way."
Xu Yin’s answer made Ye Zhang one leng. He couldn’t tell whether Xu Yin was sincere or jealous. He secretly regretted that he had known what to say and should refuse to travel with the little beauty. Besides, it was not good for him to do something with Xu Yin.
"Isn’t this Xiao Ye?"
A sound suddenly came from the side with a hint of surprise and astonishment, and Ye Zhang knew that it was Fu Yuesheng before he listened to the sound. Ye Zhang didn’t like Fu Yuesheng at all, but at this time, Ye Zhang immediately greeted Fu Yuesheng as if he had caught a lifeline, which made the latter somewhat flattered.
Fu Yuesheng is much more experienced in dealing with women than Ye Zhang. There is another woman beside him this time, and seeing Fu Yuesheng’s hands and carefree appearance makes Ye Zhang sigh his bitterness.
"Miss Xu, Sisi Lee’s sister"
Fu Yuesheng hurriedly gave gifts to these two women. This period is the most delicious day for Yue Sheng in his life. He has always had contacts with Feng Zhi, and his grandfather Fu Heng also acquiesced to let Fu Yuesheng have contacts with a mermaid Feng family.
Tracing back to the source, Fu Yuesheng certainly can’t forget Ye Zhang, the lucky star.
Lives of three women soon found a common topic, leaving Ye Zhang aside, and Ye Zhang was secretly glad that he was doing the right thing.
However, there is obviously a great conflict between the two people’s views on values. Fu Yuesheng lamented that Ye Zhang didn’t necessarily agree with him, and what he spit out in Ye Zhang’s mouth was also naive to Fu Yuesheng, but maintaining a relatively hypocritical communication is a good thing for both of them, and it is easy for them to appear. You say you and I say me, but the topic is completely different.
"Hey, isn’t this Fu Gong … Miss Xu, you are here!"
Soon Ye Zhang and others met another group of people, but Ye Zhang didn’t know anyone. He suddenly remembered that everyone in this team seemed to be famous except him, of course, in reality.


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