Gao Rang increased his resistance to curses because of his talent. dark wizard Patamet tried to make him successful several times.

Although everyone was overwhelmed by the curse, they tried their best to attack the Patamette film in dark wizard.
When dark wizard Patamette’s shadow blood volume dropped by 2%, the ghost servant became the ghost king, and his strength instantly increased by a large margin.
The sudden surge in strength caused Dahlia to be in a hurry. Once, she was almost killed by the ghost king. Fortunately, when she was allowed to be high, she blocked the sandstorm demon spirit in front of her and she blocked the fatal blow.
As soon as Aries saw that Dahlia couldn’t stop the ghost king, she immediately ordered, "Ge, you should replace a queen, and you should break away from the ghost king and join the attack on Patamette Shadow in dark wizard!"
Grandet’s strength is stronger than Dahlia’s, and Grandet has a little concentration bonus, so he has a better grasp against the ghost king alone.
When we really fought, Grandet discovered that the strength of the Ghost King was really awesome. Fortunately, he was able to see through the attack routine of the Ghost King with his concentration at 1 o’clock, otherwise he would never be able to withstand the attack speed and attack means of the Ghost King.
Grandet can dodge, but if he can’t dodge, he will block the shield in his hand.
Grandet is very clear about his mission. Aries asked him to do it to pester the ghost king, but he didn’t let him fight with the ghost king. Grandet was defensive. Even if he had several good opportunities to fight back, Grandet didn’t rush to shoot. He followed the strategy of "defending without attacking"
Grandet insisted that it was not white, and soon dark wizard Patamette’s film fell for the first time.
After the fall, dark wizard Patamet’s shadow body turned into a black smoke again and then condensed into a new body again.
"You bastards, I must crush you!" After the resurrection, dark wizard Patamette Shadow looked very angry.
When Gao Rang and others finished watching dark wizard Patamette, they attacked him.
After a group of people joined forces to attack dark wizard Patamette, the shadow blood volume dropped to 5% again.
"I’m really angry!" Dark wizard Patamet’s shadow roared and turned into a puff of black smoke again.
However, this time, the black smoke did not condense the body again, but directly poured into the ghost king who was entangled with Grandet.
After the black smoke entered the ghost king’s body, it did not change from the ghost servant to the ghost king, and the body finally changed.
Like a balloon, the ghost king’s body soared from about 1.5 meters to three meters away, and the ghost king’s lean figure suddenly became strong.
In addition to the physical changes, the appearance of the ghost king has also changed a little after the combination.
At that moment, the original head just grew out, and the one-horned horn instantly increased by about 3 cm. It looked a little pitiful and became ferocious and terrible. The long fangs directly pierced his lips, and a lot of bright red blood flowed down the corners of the mouth of the ghost king after fitting.
"Dark whirlpool!"
"black rain!"
After the Ghost King’s contract, dark wizard Patamette Shadow was once again in a position to almost destroy the team’s skill combination
After eating once, everyone stopped being so flustered and arrogant, and Tutu ignored it and continued to summon things to attack the evil thoughts of the new boss.
Scorpio, on the other hand, is brave enough to block the vortex attack and then quickly disappear behind the evil thoughts.
Grandet and Dahlia launched intensive raids and collisions at the moment when the dark vortex came out, and got rid of the vortex suction.
Aries is desperate to treat people who are suffering from black rain in the whirlpool.
"Everybody out!" Capricorn in the black whirlpool shouted to everyone around the evil shadow
At this time, Capricorn is holding a long bow with white arrows flashing all the time.
At the sight of the flashing arrow in Capricorn’s hand, Aries instantly understood what Capricorn was going to do, so he quickly shouted, "All melee professions should be evacuated immediately."
The melee professions around the evil thoughts are scattered immediately.
At the moment when the melee player flashed, the arrow of Capricorn Bow drew a white line and flew straight to the evil shadow.
The evil thoughts were shot before they could react.
After being hit by an arrow, the evil spirit’s body twisted and expanded violently, and then it was directly blown into fly ash.
In fact, Capricorn just shot that arrow, and he, Aries and Scorpio completed a hiding in the novice village and got the hiding, giving Capricorn three arrows in total.


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