Hearing this, Shilin had to enter the ranged attack evasion training ground first.

Long-range attack dodge training ground!
Inside the mobile house, directly opposite the forest is a gate, and outside the gate is a street that goes straight to the distance. The street is full of scrapped cars, broken buildings, broken poles, and big pits bombed by bombs. On both sides of the street are several collapsed buildings … This is the ruins of a city that has experienced the baptism of war.
"ding! Train to escape from the city! 5,4,3,2,1 training! "
This is the end of training. I don’t know what to do without showing it … but Lin soon knew what he was going to do.
When a loud noise appeared in the forest, the earth shook and the house trembled.
When I looked up, I saw a huge crack in the ceiling of my house. White dust and small stones fell in pieces … At this time, Lin also knew that it was impossible to stay here, and if I continued to stay, I would definitely be buried in it.
Lin rushed out of the house quickly, and the silver armor was very eye-catching when Lin appeared outside the gate.
A machine gun stretched out from the broken buildings on the street to the window and sprayed flames at the muzzle.
Lin doesn’t want to know that this is the so-called long-range attack training ground. Isn’t it that someone is at gunpoint to avoid their long-range attack?
A bullet hit Lin and immediately left a deep bullet mark on Lin Jia’s arm.
Without thinking about it, Lin immediately bent down and rushed towards a scrapped car that was relatively intact but had no tires not far away.
Da da da!
As Lin moved, bullets hit the ground near Lin, and the ground was penetrated into Lin’s ear.
When! When!
Lin escaped a lot of bullets, but he was shot several times, but all in the back position. The system did not determine Lin’s death.
Lin hid in the car alive and lay prone on the ground.
Dadada …
The machine gun didn’t stop shooting because of obstacles. The bullet hit the car as hard as it was free, and soon the car side was screened.
If this kind of scene happens in reality, Lin must have weak legs.
However, this is just a game, but Lin feels that he is full of blood … This feeling is very exciting and definitely not comparable to those online games in the 21st century.
Lin’s head leaned out from the side of the car and looked at the shooting position. He was immediately forced back by machine guns, but Lin also saw the enemy’s position.
Lin is now a weapon, and this is not to train his long-range combat ability, but to train his long-range attack evasion ability. No matter how powerful Lin marksmanship is, it is useless.
Knowing the enemy’s location, the forest will observe the surrounding environment and see if there is any place to hide.
Lin soon planned a relatively safe route for himself, grabbed a crumbling piece of iron in front of the car and pulled it without much force.
Throwing the iron sheet out is contrary to your planned route.
The appearance of the iron sheet immediately attracted the machine gun fire, and Lin immediately rushed out at full speed. When the machine gunner saw Lin again, he controlled the machine gun. When the machine gun came over, Lin had hidden behind a huge collapsed billboard and then got into a house on the side of the road.
There is no way out of this house except that the front door has been bombed.
This situation made Lin want to find the back door, and he planned to drop his machine gun at the door. He kept blocking the Lin Li route and didn’t even give the probe a chance to go out and see the situation.
After dozens of seconds, the sound of machine guns suddenly stopped. Before Lin came to see the situation, he watched a pointed cylindrical thing with a long salamander flying in from the door.
Boom one!
"ding! Training is over! "
"Training difficulty level 1: 54 seconds, score 1 point, forward distance 21 meters, score 21, bullet hit times 9 points, rocket hit times 9 points, score 1 point, final score 3 points!"
"Your training performance will be converted into data and input into your brain. Your automatic evasion program is being upgraded. Please wait!"
"ding! You automatically evade the program level upgrade progress of 500 semicolons! "
This achievement … If Lin knew that the house had no back door and that this training was not only machine guns but also rockets, Lin would never hide in that room and would not be killed so quickly, and the score would never be a mere 4 points.
Chapter 1 Rules Practical Training Ground!
In this first training, let Lin know that he can’t hide in those rooms, otherwise he will definitely die, and he can’t stay in a fixed place for too long, otherwise the other party will bomb with rockets.
Automatic evasion program has not reached level 1. Training continues!
Dodge ….. This does not mean to dodge the various actions made by the projectile itself, but to avoid the long-range attack by taking advantage of location, speed, terrain and all available resources.
In the 21st century, the face of online games is "evasion", that is, a person dancing in the same place foolishly … It is unreasonable to be able to evade in the face of a range of attacks.
Virtual games are limited to reality!
Then make reasonable gamification on the basis of reality … such as resurrection after death.
The building where Lin was in the explosion shook and collapsed as before.
Lin rushed out of the door. This time, he was psychologically prepared. The line of sight directly shifted to the position where the machine gun attacked. As expected, a machine gun stuck out of the window from the room as before.
Lin also saw a robot with a gun at the window.


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