Xia Qi sneer at repeatedly immediately let Wang Lun take all these materials out.

Wang Lun didn’t hesitate to lean out into the bag and take out all these materials immediately.
But at this time Xia Qi suddenly shot!
"The big handprint of the sky!"
"dragon catcher!"
While Wang Lun didn’t pay attention to Xia Qi directly out of the malicious hand collapse day big handprint coverage to instant will Wang Lun body collapse almost burst.
Then the dragon was caught in Wang Lun without any resistance, and the whole person went into a coma and didn’t respond
"Wang ping wants to control Danzong and let me make you an alchemist? I’ll make you my slave when I’m promoted to deification! "
Xia Qi grabbed Wang Lun and a thunderbolt poured into his mind to control it directly and then called out.
And being stimulated to wake up, Wang Lun also knew that he had become a slave to others and could not resist and was controlled by Xia Qi.
"Let Wang Ping send me a good Dan Ding, just say that my Dan Ding order is very low and the success rate of refining Dan medicine is not high!"
Xia Qi took control of Wang Lun and immediately asked Wang Lun to go to Wang Ping for benefits.
He gave the barren Kun Ding to the master Dan Yuan. Now he is really not very good at alchemy Ding, so he simply wants Wang Lun to get some benefits.
Chapter four hundred and ten Anger broke out
Chapter four hundred and ten Anger broke out
Wang Ping soon sent a statue of Dan Ding, which is very precious.
Of course, Wang Ping gave Xia Qi a fairy-level Dan Ding so cleanly mainly because he thought he had finished controlling Xia Qi.
Giving Xia Qixian an alchemy tripod is to make Xia Qi better. He just tried alchemy to recruit talents.
Xia Qi naturally Bai Wang Ping intends to, but he still needs to get Taikoo Ning Soul Dan from Wang Ping for the time being, and he has not resisted, and he has worked hard every day to make an alchemy honestly.
His alchemy speed is very fast. In a few days, he has refined all the materials into pieces of pills.
When I’m left, I’ll practice penance in the summer
Since I stepped into Xia Qi, Dong Xuanzhou, I haven’t practiced it well. At this time, I have gained a lot by meditation. In just a few days, I have stepped into the peak of Yuan infant period, and there is a fine line between it and the deification period.
"Try to refine Gankun’s elixir and prepare for promotion. When it comes to the elixir, Wang Ping can control it in Taiyin Sect, which is really like a duck to water."
Xia Qi’s shirt is shining and he is eager to be promoted to the realm of God-changing period.
So when Xia Qi came, he studied Gankun Zaohua Dan again. Although the daily refining ended in failure, there were new gains every time.
In this way, more than twenty days later, Wang Ping came again and found Xia Qi.
"You and I did a good job in alchemy during Xia Qi, which is a great contribution."
Wang Ping was very pleased to see Xia Qi, smiling and carefree.
During this period, with the help of Xia Qi refining a large number of Dan medicine, he recruited a large number of younger brothers and became a powerful candidate for competing for a patriarch in the lunar calendar.
"Master, I don’t know anything about Taikoo Ning Soul Dan."
Xia Qi saw Wang Ping with a face of excitement and immediately asked
His heart will miss Fang Jingjing’s injury and he wants to get Taikoo Ning Soul Dan back to treat Fang Jingjing early.
"Don’t worry. I’ve always kept in mind that I came to you today just to let you and I do one thing. I’ll give you two pills of Taikoo Ninghun Dan."
Wang Ping looked calm and spoke indifferently.
"What is it?"
Although Xia Qi has a desire to start work on Wang Ping, he has to endure patience and ask.
"It’s very simple. Ten days later, it’s Taiyinzong’s ten-year brother ranking war. I want you to take part in the elite brother ranking war and win the first place for me. I’ll give you Taikoo Ninghun Dan immediately." Wang Ping was slightly excited.
He knows that Xia Qi’s strength is far from being so simple on the surface. It is possible to let him take part in repairing the elite brother’s ranking battle base in the deification period. There is no suspense.
"I will win the first prize in ten days, but I hope the young master can also give me Taikoo Ning Soul Dan."
Xia Qi nodded and promised to come directly.
Elite brothers are all in the stage of deification, and it is rare to get the first place. There is no suspense for Xia Qi.
After Wang Ping left, Xia Qi continued to study Gankun Zaohua Dan.
After winning the elite brother’s first place and getting Taikoo Ning Soul Dan, Xia Qi wants to raise his realm to the stage of deification and directly control Wang Ping.
Xia Qi, who is commanded by Wang Ping every day, has put up with it.
Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.
To Xia Qi’s delight, it may be because Xiu entered the peak of Yuan Baby’s period in these ten days that he actually succeeded in refining Gankun Nature Dan.


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