Today, it will become another line of defense to attack Mulin, which should not be said to be the last natural barrier.

After Karman City is broken, this Ronghe River can be called a natural barrier in kapal. Once Ronghe falls again, Fangdanma City will be broken any day.
The home front is Hirakawa, Hiroyuki, kapal, and the hinterland is flat, and then the natural barrier can be broken. The front of Ronghe Mulin soldiers refers to the imperial city as a block.
I can’t imagine these beautiful things.
Looking into the distance by the river, Liya felt sad and cold in her heart.
The distant subjects fled in panic in the roar of the Komodo war behemoth and wept in the iron hoof of the army of Mulin, the wolf of God.
According to the panic report from the agent, the Komodo war behemoth, who has been a wolf striker so far, has been tearing up another living creature everywhere.
Unfortunately, all the subjects of the lion country have entered the belly of the Komodo war behemoth and become their food.
Now, in the Komodo war, the behemoths are crazy and go around killing fleeing subjects.
According to endless statistics, nearly 100,000 lion nationals have been eaten alive by the Komodo war behemoth, and even a few bones have not been vomited.
Thought of here, Leah’s heart is bleeding.
Mullin, I swear I will let you blood out even if I die.
Leah’s grip on the knife has turned pale, which is a symbol of excessive strength due to anger.
At this moment, she has made up her mind to be so resolute.
Chapter 250 The disappearance of light
The laser scalpel weighs at least 200 Jin, even if Rick is a superman, it is not easy to pick it up and it is even more difficult to wave it easily.
It’s crazy to think about wielding this 200-Jin knife to kill people and enemies.
Rick wondered in his heart that his strength was less than that of the demon race, and he was also strong or weak in manipulating this knife. But the last emperor of the laser scalpel was only a mortal body, and the laser scalpel method also repaired the second floor. How can you easily pick up the laser scalpel to kill the enemy?
I’m afraid I’ll be exhausted if I don’t wave for two days.
Is he born with divine power?
Rick is puzzled.
Touching the laser scalpel in his hand, Leike waved a light knife gently with all his strength, and then a half-moon gas rushed to the knife and flew straight to nearly ten meters away, crashing on the ground and leaving a long knife mark in the soil splash.
so strong
Rick couldn’t help but wonder.
He really didn’t expect this laser scalpel to be so powerful that it can also hurt people through the knife. That is to say, it is a knife.
On a whim, I waved the laser scalpel and danced. The laser scalpel rolled around like a snowball. At that time, I was so scared that the green wind ran far away for fear that a laser scalpel would fly and cause accidental injury to myself. That would not be fun.
It was after dancing for less than ten minutes that Rick was forced to stop
This knife is too heavy, and its amazing explosive power will not last long.
How is it possible? How is it possible?
Rick sat on the ground panting for ten minutes, and his physical strength was almost drenched with sweat.
However, I’m afraid that few people can stay strong for such a long time in these ten minutes.
He really can’t figure out that even if the Emperor Guang is gifted, but the war is fighting, she has made up her mind at this moment, so resolutely.
Things when he can really dance this laser scalpel to kill a horde of seven into seven?
How terrible, explosive and lasting it would take.
It’s even more abnormal than the demon race
Staring at the lightsaber in his hand, Rick remained silent for a long time. Although this knife is a magic weapon in the world, what can he do if he can see it or not?
It’s hard to kill people’s minds, but this knife is not enough for Leike to transport.
This knife goes to the array to kill the enemy. Rick knows that he will be exhausted before cutting down a few enemies.
Well, maybe I can’t do it myself
Rick raised his head with a sigh and looked at the place that had disappeared in the temple in the distance and had become a lake again.
Green wind hissed a slowly leaned over and knelt on the ground, rubbing his head against Feng’s seven shoulders in intimacy.
It was really scared just now.
Qingfeng, what do you say? I feel like I don’t deserve this knife.
Rick distressfully shook his head and caressed the neck of the green wind and said
Green wind low hiss once again big head Ceng Ceng Feng seven as if to comfort him.


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