More than a dozen Godsworn monks were in suspension, and their imposing manner was wild. The appalling imposing manner immediately made many humble Godsworn feel frightened and afraid to retreat again and again.
"Let’s attack this fairy fog together!"
Hu Zhi drank a direct shot.
He gently raised his hand and clapped his hands. In his heart, there was a firm but gentle shot, and the sword was shining like a starry sky sweeping away toward the fairy fog.
In an instant, more than a dozen monks at the same time attacked the earth and hit the explosion roar that fell in the fairy fog, just like the sky were to fall, which caused a terrible wave.
Powerful attacks make the world collapse, and the vast fairy fog surges violently. It seems that I am aware of the danger and take the initiative to meet these attacks.
Moments later, the attack dispersed and Xia Qi looked towards the fairy fog again, only to see that the vast fairy fog remained unchanged, floating around the mansion as before!
This scene makes Hu Zhi and others stunned!
They are godsworn, and more than 10 people have joined hands to resist a fairy fog, which makes them feel incredible and unbelievable.
"This is the fairy emperor mansion! It’s probably forbidden outside by the immortal emperor himself! Even after several years, these prohibitions are not something we can shake! If we want to get into it, I’m afraid we have to find another way. "
The strength of more than a dozen Godsworn is only in Tang Wei, the second elder of Hu Zhiwan’s magic temple. At this time, in the long and narrow eyes of the gloomy mouth, it is even more frightening to flash across Sen cool colour.
At first glance, this Tang Wei feels that this person is a furious devil.
"Don’t you know that you have a way to get into this fairy fog?"
Many godsworn are a little far away from Tang Wei, so they dare not get close to him, so the bloody smell of terror and magic gas come out from the person. Hu Zhi was asked calmly as usual
"Hey hey ….. if the old words are not wrong, I’m afraid this misty fairy fog is a large array! I have seen similar laws in the ancient books of Wanmo Temple, but I don’t know if this law is recorded in ancient books. "
Tang Wei’s grim smile was creepy, and then yin mouth
"What? Have you ever seen such an array? "
Wei Cang is very calm and can’t help but exclaim at this time.
The Magic Temple in East Xuanzhou is not as good as many ancient books of Taiyin Sect. It is really unbelievable that many ancient books remember the law outside the Xiandi Mansion.
"I don’t know Tang Weidaoyou know what this law is? Should it be like entering it? "
Hu Zhi somberly solemnly asked.
"Ha ha ….. you guides can rest assured that if I know how to get into it, I won’t hide it! But now I’m not sure if this array is what I know, and I need your friends to help me! " Tang Wei showed a very refreshing smile.
"I wonder if Tang Wei Daoyou needs me to wait?"
Many godsworn asked at the same time, their eyes burning with urgency.
"It’s very simple. Please make efforts to attack this piece of fairy fog at the same time. You can determine whether the old man has seen the law by carefully observing the changes of fairy fog."
Tang Wei was also dignified.
"good! When I wait for my hand, please ask Tang Wei Daoyou to observe it carefully! "
Hu Zhishen took a deep breath and immediately called on all Godsworn to attack Fairy Fog.
This time, all the monks took out magic weapons, and all kinds of flashing treasure lights spread out, and the powerful breath was very extraordinary.
Hu Zhi binged drinking and the rest of the monks shot at the same time!
Powerful magic weapon, powerful, powerful, true, and overbearing, exploded and roared in an instant, dazzling and dazzling. This piece of heaven and earth seems to have left this brilliant attack in this instant!
The earth and overbearing attack rushed into the fairy fog. This time, the attack bombarded the fairy fog and trembled again and again. It was exciting that the fairy fog dissipated directly!
In the violent shaking of the fairy fog, it is not a mansion but a piece of blood red!
Seeing this piece of red blood, Tang Wei’s eyes burst out bright and bright!
"It really is this array!"
Tang Wei’s exclamatory face in his heart has always been gloomy and horrible, and he can’t see the change of his look.
Lotus flower passed away in a flash, and then it was shrouded in fairy fog, which made people wonder if there was something wrong with their eyes.
At this time, Hu Zhi and others have stopped attacking and gathered around Tang Wei with an urgent look.
"Did Tang Wei Daoyou see anything?" Hu Zhi slightly composed calmly asked
"If I didn’t read this array wrong, it was the’ blood-eating array’ that I saw in the ancient books of Wanmodian!" Tang Wei nodded slightly without hiding direct mouth way
"I wonder if Tang Wei Daoyou can break it?"
A monk asked anxiously.
"Although this blood-eating array has been broken for several years, it is after all that Xiandibu is very extraordinary and wants to break it unless the fairy makes a move!"
Tang Wei shook his head indifferently
"To the fairy? Isn’t that a fairy mansion where no one can enter? "
A group of god-changing strong people suddenly changed their faces and exclaimed.
"Ha-ha ….. You Taoist friends can’t rest assured that you can’t break through the large array, but if you want to enter it, there are some ways!"
Tang Wei is ha ha a smile let desperate godsworn eyes burst out ecstatic color.
"Layout Tang Wei Daoyou can tell me how to get into it?"
Hu Zhi’s eyes are cool again, but there is a faint momentum.
The rest of the Godsworn also focused their eyes on Tang Weishen at this moment, which forced people to give a great pressure.
"You Taoist friends can rest assured to enter the method. The old man will never hide this and tell you." Tang Wei did not care to shoot many eyes and smiled and continued.
"Blood-eating large array blood array base evil and powerful want to pass is very simple! That is, the blood channel eats blood and the large array eats itself and can safely pass through the array! "
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Blood boiling
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Blood boiling
"Blood Road?"
Hearing Tang Wei’s words, a group of strong men looked at each other.
"It is this bloodthirsty large array that is very strange to cultivate a kind of law. I don’t know that there will be such a large array that eats blood outside the fairy emperor’s mansion."
Tang Wei gently nodded his eyes, and there was a bit of doubt in them.
It’s no wonder that Hu Zhi and others doubt Tang Wei’s words because of this evil law, the guardian law, which eats blood in the fairy emperor’s mansion.


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