What cloud will reappear at this critical moment? Where did he go and what did he do just now? This is a question in everyone present.

In fact, at that time, Yunji began to kill people, and his heart was extremely painful. After avoiding the attack of the two men in black, Yunji ran all the way until he came to a nearby stream. Yunji desperately washed his hands as if he wanted to wash his hands. After washing his hands, Yunji vomited in a big tree beside the stream until his stomach was full of gall. Yunji felt sober and better.
Half-awake ears seemed to hear Master’s teaching: "Although killing is a taboo, punishing evil means promoting good. Those vicious and violent assailants, even Buddhas, will also use magic to exorcise evil spirits." The cloud is a little more sober when I think of this. "Those men in black are robbers. Did they try to kill me by mistake?"
What’s more, my vajra posture has been practiced to the realm of "all phases are not the same". It’s faster than I thought and I can control it.
Chapter 11 All phases are not the same
Although the thought of King Kong’s posture cloud has the second layer of "various phases and non-phases", he can’t help thinking that "various phases and non-phases" is god’s thinking, which makes Yun’s mind fall into chaos again.
The words "Buddha says that all phases are illusory, if they are not, you will see the Tathagata" in the Diamond Sutra flashed through the mind. This is the phrase that the elders of the Big Monk asked if the Tathagata can see the Tathagata if he has a phase, in order to tell all beings that only by realizing that all appearances are false and seeing the essence can he stand on his feet and become a Buddha. At this time, the cloud has reached the second realm of "all phases are not the same" in the King Kong posture. However, the senior monk who wrote the King Kong posture described this realm as "body movement" As far as this posture is concerned, it is a misunderstanding. For example, according to the meaning of the Diamond Sutra, "all phases are not the same" should belong to a realm of martial arts cultivation rather than a specific martial arts.
At the beginning of life, life is mostly limited to appearances, so "seeing mountains is mountains and water is water"
After experiencing the world, there are many twists and turns. I feel that "seeing mountains is not mountains and water is not water."
However, some people are either suspicious by nature or have gained something after being honed by the world, and think that "seeing mountains is not necessarily seeing mountains and water is not necessarily water"
Looking back, it seems that "seeing mountains is still seeing mountains and water is still water"
However, at this time, the landscape is different from seeing the landscape.
The landscape has never changed, and it has become a human heart, a human experience and a realm of life.
So is martial arts.
For beginners, a stroke is a stroke that is either straight or horizontal, or from or never special.
From the point of view of a martial arts expert, it seems that there are many tricks. Some people are always worried about whether their opponents’ moves are empty or real.
But in the eyes of the top player, it is still a stab in the arm.
The "various phases are different" in the Diamond Sutra describes such a realm, and everything that has been done in this realm has returned to its original state, so that you can see the Tathagata.
Of course, the elder who created the posture of King Kong didn’t think so much about a "posture" martial arts alternative. He regarded his martial arts as a realm, but it is impossible to think so much about it. However, he had a certain understanding of the martial arts virtual and real way. In his view, if you attack every flaw, you must first guard against it, so all the later moves will be broken. Even if you push it, you can suppress others from the end, and the laws you want to control can win without hurting people. Although the beauty of the two is far from the "all the different" situation. Yuan Dan Yun has been lucky enough to walk on this road, and many people in Wulin are still struggling with these so-called parameters even though they spend their whole lives, which runs counter to the martial arts path.
After understanding this truth, the cloud swept away his depression and worried that he had just been born on the official road. Lei Tianheng himself was a stranger, but after all, he had been a classmate. He was absolutely impossible for from ruin to think of it. Just now, the official road was near and he arrived again just when Lei Tianheng led the escorts to counterattack. Seeing that the situation of Chang ‘an Escort Agency was good, he continued to hide in the trees to watch the battle. After all, he had caused a lot of trouble when he was away from Shaolin. He didn’t want to expose himself too early.
Then came Li Chang, a group of men in black with swords and broken arms. Although the cloud despised its robber behavior, it was still very heroic for them to get in and out, but it was still heartbreaking. "This is still a group of Han people!"
But then LeiTianHeng turned against mean faces were also seen by the cloud.
You know, everyone has sympathy for the weak. Yun thinks that although Li Chang and his party robbed first, it is really a bit wrong to suddenly turn against each other and kill them when they have already lost their arms and Lei Tianheng has promised to let each other go. So he drinks and jumps out again.
Lei Tianheng said goodbye to Yun, but he was zheng. "If you hadn’t just helped him wait for his life, I’m afraid the situation would have been reversed. We’re trying to catch the murderer, but I don’t know why you stopped him?" He said that the cloud had just come, but he didn’t know that it had been observed for a long time.
"Oh, are these men in black still wielding swords?" Cloud heart dark scold false gentleman face but pretend what all don’t know, while Li Chang trunk line is car-scrapping without a word of accusation are holding the brokeback wound silently watching LeiTianHeng there.
Lei Tianheng’s last sentence was a test. If you leaned out of the cloud and witnessed everything just now, you should think of a way to harm him. Otherwise, you can win over all these young heroes with you.
Shinto treasure map is not afraid of someone to take it.
Lei Tianheng’s wishful thinking is righteously. "Young Xia, you just look like you have just entered the Wulin." Lei Tianheng’s heart is even more determined when he sees that the cloud has not changed. "I’m sorry to say that these scum of Wulin must not be soft, otherwise it will be a poor future if they come back one day!" The face is sincere and sincere
Cloud looked at Lei Tianheng and couldn’t help but want to play a trick on him. "But it’s strange that their limbs were in good condition just now, and now they are all missing an arm." It seems that they were cut down by the escort brothers of Changan Escort Agency. "All the escort brothers of Changan Escort Agency were ashamed, but Lei Tianheng was unmoved." That’s why I sacrificed a lot of brothers to barely get a little wind. "This damn stubborn old man was full of sadness and sorrow, but he didn’t feel anything.
"Then why don’t you just solve these Wulin scum when you chop your hands?" Cloud pretends not to understand, especially emphasizes "scum" to see if Lei Tianheng will feel unnatural.
"Er, that" Lei Tianheng treated the cloud as a novice who just entered the Jianghu and didn’t understand the world (although it was true in fact). "In fact, I have always taught my younger brothers that" Heaven has a good life "and don’t hurt people’s lives easily. Although it was a life just now, they still remember that my teaching didn’t fall into the prestige of our Changan Escort Agency!" Said eyes turned out to be wet.
"Well," said Yun, holding back a twitch in his stomach, "why are all his hands on their side? Is it because they still have some magic method to renew their broken arms and recover them?" If Yun wasn’t a teenager with a weak crown, everyone would know that he was deliberately playing tricks on Lei Tianheng (which is also the case), but looking at this young and simple face, others would think that Master Yun was a failure. How could he teach such an ignorant apprentice to say such words as "breaking his arm again"?
"Well …" Lei Tianheng mused. "Maybe. It seems that we will start work as soon as possible when we finish teaching this group of demon people to rock the boat. He is not afraid that Li Chang and his party will speak out because in his view, this young Xia will never believe that their" sophistry "is that it is getting late and he is afraid of big sleep.
"Wait," Yunyi waved his hand. "I’ll interrogate them. Master told me I can’t listen to people. Maybe they have other reasons?"
"Straight …" A big tree chuckled.
"Who is there? Not yet! " LeiTianHeng flustered.
Chapter 12 Self-defeating
"Didn’t the girl tell you not to do anything? Why don’t you have a long memory?" He was obviously very unhappy about being seen, and he jumped from the tree with a calm face.
"People don’t want to do this either." The treetops showed a cute and beautiful face, and it was Nangong Moon. She was naturally familiar. It didn’t take long for her to call her "brother". "But it was so fun for Brother Yun to tease that Lei Tianheng!" After that, he jumped lightly from the tree and skipped to the cloud. "Why don’t you just expose his ugliness?" Charming big eyes narrowed slightly and couldn’t say cute.
Yun smiled awkwardly and hated the face of this silly goblin, but had to smile and hide, "What is the girl talking about?"
"Why don’t you come back early and see it? Why pretend to be dead?" Nangong Yue smiled more sweetly and sweetly. "How can a clever man like you, who can even pretend to cry, still make such a strange joke?" The goblin’s eyes narrowed into a line and she looked at Yunyun in a narrow way. She was not really stupid but deliberately "retaliated"!
"Ha, ha, ha ….." Lei Tianheng laughed for a long time. Even if he is stupid, he understands everything. What’s more, he is a lean generation. "It turns out that Shaoxia has been here for a long time. It’s true that the new generation is better than the old one!" Looking at Li Chang’s trunk, he said, "Brother Li, it seems that we have all become chess in the hands of this young man. It’s really sad!" He knew that if he started, the whole escort agency might not leave a cloud behind, so he provoked Li Chang and his party in the hope of fishing in troubled waters and fleeing in chaos. Anyway, it is not too late to come back and ask for this debt after he has won the magical power of Tianlong Shinto.
"guilty!" Li Chang’s words are as simple and direct as others. Obviously, he won’t be such a crafty old scoundrel.
"shame!" The timepiece watched Lei Tianheng’s "performance" from the beginning to the end, and the despicable person was extremely disgusted with this kind of words.
"Brother Yun, the bad guy is trying to sow discord. Why don’t you talk!" When the Nangong month is over, he forgets everything and calls up Brother Yun again.
"Call me Brother Yun and I won’t have sex with you!" Cloud also don’t know whether it is anger or revenge to suddenly suppress such a sentence. This sentence is absent-minded, but it is extremely warm. The young men present are staring at the Nangong month, and even the age is "strange".
"You" are really going to cry this time. "How can you talk like that? How can I get married after you let me? " My little girl is really bold. "I don’t care if your words are broken, I am innocent and you are responsible!" " When it was a snap, this Xiao Ni had a countermeasure.
"I" cloud is trying to bully her, but I can’t make myself stand up. In fact, the average woman would have cried like a child when she heard such frivolous words, and Nangong Yue was pampered by her elders at home since she was a child. This baby daughter has been using her martial arts and swordsmanship since she was a child. Nangong Yue has a vague concept of what needlework, what three obedience and four virtues mean, but she doesn’t understand what it really means.
"What are you responsible for!" Xiao Ni is aggressive.
"I already have a wife!" Leng Feng told Yunmo to tell them things in front of others, but Yunnai had to be honest.
"Hey, look at your head. It’s just a small mountain. Don’t laugh again!" Timekeeping words represent the hearts of all present.
"I" Yun was trying to explain, but I saw Lei Tianheng suddenly trying to hijack the Nangong Moon. Cloud drink a voice did not fall has been caught Lei Tianheng sword Lei Tianheng felt that the sword in the hand of a flower at the moment had been taken away by the cloud, so he immediately threw out the other hand and prepared hidden weapons, but he saw that the gray shadow flashed clouds seemed to grow seven hands and picked up the dozen hidden weapons.
"You" Lei Tianheng was too scared to say anything. "Are you peak tower Gate?"
"peak tower" cloud slightly zheng "where is peak tower?"
Although the cloud is true, Lei Tianheng no longer believes that the cloud is from peak tower because of peak tower’s ten-handed door. "Do you peak tower also covet the magic power of Tianlong Shinto?" Lei Tianheng sneered, knowing in his heart that this treasure map must be lost today. Let’s put it straight. "Aren’t you so-called peak tower Martial Arts Day that you look down on other martial arts at first sight?" Lei Tianheng recognized Yun’s "identity" and then ran on him by words.
And the cloud is Zhang Er monk scratching their heads about what Lei Tianheng is saying, but on second thought, isn’t this a great opportunity to hide his identity? Who can recognize me except Shaolin brother? "The male wants to hide and doesn’t want to be guessed by you, and the male is the one that peak tower sent to Shaolin undercover, and you saw through it today …"
Lei Tianheng was afraid of death. He didn’t do anything big and evil when he came. He just got the secret treasure map of Tianlong Shinto and wanted to get the treasure. Just now, Yun said that he wanted to save his life to busy the road. "Don’t kill me." He took out an old scroll from his pocket and said, "I can give you the treasure map of Tianlong Shinto!" He didn’t dare to play any tricks this time. After all, his level of white martial arts is far from others.
"I’m not interested in that." Yun waved his hand and suddenly felt very tired living in Shanren.
"He doesn’t want me to!" Nangong Yue suddenly grabbed the treasure map from Lei Tianheng. "I’m his future wife and I’ll keep it for him first!" Little did she know that shyness had usurped the role of "wife"
"This woman" Lei Tianheng was a little at a loss. "Did you take this picture or …"


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