After Yuan Sirong laughed, he suddenly felt a little worried that "many people looked at you with fierce eyes when you sent the mountain today, so you should be careful."

Xingyun knew that it was Yuan Sirong who laughed at himself "I will remember"
They were talking and laughing again. A cloud suddenly reminded them of something and asked, "Sirong, I didn’t see you when I first arrived at the Qing Palace. When did you come? At that time, the hospital was also surrounded. How did you get out? "
Yuan Sirong was a little surprised when he heard this. "Didn’t you send someone to see me off?"
Clouds a strange heart to "I send someone? Is it that Qin Lao or Xiao Zhang sent someone? But they arrived after Sirong, so how can they send someone to send Sirong to the front of the Qing Palace first? "
See the clouds puzzled Yuan Sirong laughed, "It’s the big sister you sent to deliver letters to me. It’s good for that big sister to take flying skills and run faster than Yundi after hugging me. What’s the name of that big sister?" I haven’t come to thank her yet. "
Yuan Sirong knows who it is just like a cloud, but he is not surprised that Narcissus appears. "The mysterious forces will inevitably send people to find out and Narcissus’ flying skill can be said that it is most appropriate for people to come naturally by her, even if it were me. Why did she put Sirong? What is her purpose? "
Clouds can’t figure it out for the time being, but it’s dark enough to "come back and inform Xiao’s head to do it again and again."
Wanted to come here and say, "I am."
Tell Sirong the truth? "
Although Xingyun didn’t want Yuan Sirong to worry about these things, she didn’t want to hide them from her, but she was also afraid that Narcissus would cheat Yuan Sirong with this identity. When it comes to "The name Narcissus was originally the mysterious master of Wan Jianzong, but it was a fine one. This time, she provoked the faction to besiege Qingcheng Mountain, and she helped her." Xingyun said that it was really true that those revised copies were the locations that Narcissus learned from the mouth.
Yuan Sirong didn’t expect Narcissus’s identity to be so complicated. When a cloud stood by, he comforted, "Don’t take it to heart, I will handle it myself. I have to tell Sirong because I don’t want to lie to you."
Yuan Sirong listened to the heart, and it was warm and dark. "If the cloud doesn’t lie to me, then I will tell him truthfully after I get married." Yuan Sirong made up his mind and felt relieved, and his heart was even more carefree. He felt that he had gone out with this for so many days, as if he had returned to his arms three years ago. Yuan Sirong asked a lot of clouds and clouds, and naturally answered them one by one.
The two chatted until dawn when Yuan Sirong really couldn’t bear to sleep.
Clouds will be covered by her when they see Yuan Sirong’s heavy sleep. "I have achieved something now. When all these things are in order, I will come to the scenery to marry you. I swear by clouds." Clouds came to sit outside and took a chair. I was really tired this day. I still have a lot of things to do until dawn. At this time, it is natural to recover some physical strength when I seize it.
Fortunately, with the achievements of the clouds and the refined work, he was able to recover his physical strength by cutting his face lightly.
Blink of an eye
I’m also quite satisfied with my present capability. When I got my work done in the courtyard, I saw Flocculant Spring running from the front yard in a hurry to "someone outside the children is looking for something to do."
This is a house, and outsiders can’t get in except Yang’s family. If Xingyun doesn’t have this future son-in-law status, he can’t stay here. At this time, after listening to Xu Chun and telling him to take good care of Yuan Sirong, he went out.
Qin Baicheng sat in the courtyard at this time and was waiting to see the clouds come out. He was very relieved and got up and laughed at "Old Qin met the patriarch."
When the clouds saw Qin Baicheng coming so early, they knew that there must be something important, and they took two steps to "Why is Qin Lao so polite? You are an elder, so don’t bother."
Qin Baicheng laughed that "the patriarch is the patriarch’s age"
Xingyun knew that the old man was so close, and he no longer invited Qin Baicheng to sit in his mouth and asked, "Is everyone settled?"
The cloud refers to the fact that Qin Baicheng, a master of Wan Jianzong, listened to the laugh. "The patriarch can rest assured that everything is all right and he has just returned early. That faction is also going further and further, and there is no abnormality. It’s really a solution to want to come to Qingcheng Mountain."
Xingyun was glad to hear the good news. This rescue was the biggest thing he did, and it was also a great achievement to get such a result.
Qin Baicheng didn’t say much when he saw it. It’s really rare that Xingyun can do this at such an age, but he still has something important to do when his face was purged. "Old Qin has a word to ask and please forgive the patriarch."
Seeing that Qin Baicheng was so cautious, Xingyun thought, "What should be so cautious?" When cleaning up the mood, I say, "Qin Lao, but please say it directly."
Qin Baicheng listened to it at this time, but he was even more puzzled when he read the clouds. "How can Qin Lao be so frank today?"
Xingyun was thinking of this when he heard Qin Baicheng ask, "What do you think of the head of Qingcheng Mountain now, Patriarch?"
Three inquiries about the name of Qingcheng Mountain (Chapter 354)
Three inquiries about the name of Qingcheng Mountain (Chapter 354)
"The head of Qingcheng?" After thinking for a moment, Xing Yunxin asked, "Is Master Qin Yang seriously injured and the head of Qingcheng City is missing?"
Qin Baicheng laughed to "exactly"
Clouds some don’t understand, "that has several grandmasters to discuss Qin Lao how to ask my opinion? I’m not even a Qingcheng brother now. "
Qin Baicheng laughed, "The patriarch is not Qingcheng Brother at this time, but you are the patriarch of Wan Jianzong! Whether they can live to this day without you in Qingcheng Mountain is still in doubt. You must not sell yourself short. "
Clouds and he didn’t expect Qin Baicheng to say this. Clouds in Qingcheng Mountain didn’t think about their status as the patriarch of Wan Jianzong, except for the idea of being a younger brother.
"What do I have as the head of the Patriarch Qingcheng Mountain?" Doubt in the clouds
Qin Baicheng said, "Although Wan Jianzong is magnificent, it is a faction after all. Although Wan Jianzong won’t be afraid of them, he is now rushing out of the mountain because the mysterious forces are involved in the arrangement. This river’s lake is far from being as chaotic as the big factions, and the situation is not as good as expected."
Seeing Qin Baicheng suddenly talking about Wan Jianzong, the walking cloud secretly thought, "Qin Lao must have his deep meaning when he says this. Does it mean that Wan Jianzong, the head of Qingcheng Mountain, has any connection?"
See Qin Baicheng said here to the clouds, "So Wan Jianzong is looking for some helpers to help."
"So that’s it. It’s reasonable …" Xingyun thought of this and asked, "But isn’t Qin Lao eager to kill all the big factions for revenge?"
Qin Baicheng heard the words and laughed. "That’s just the idea of old Qin, but it’s impossible to do it. Although all the major factions owe me Wan Jianzong’s blood, they have to kill all these major factions. Even if one more Wan Jianzong is added, I’m afraid I can’t do anything. I’m afraid I can’t punish the culprit severely, and the rest will depend on the situation."
As the saying goes, "The first evil?"
Qin Baicheng said, "Yes, Shaolin and Wudang are the culprits, and the other big factions are just accomplices."
Clouds didn’t respond because they believed that "Shaolin and Wudang dared to do this two hundred years ago, so it’s no wonder that Wan Jianzong came to take revenge", but it’s hard to say that they were once involved in Qingcheng Mountain.
When Qin Baicheng saw the nature, he laughed, "We naturally won’t move, and we will find a way to unite the two factions."
Xingyun couldn’t help shaking his head. "Is this what Qin Lao came for today?"
Qin Baicheng doesn’t do anything but nod to "that’s almost what it means. Old Qin doesn’t cover up. Let’s Wan Jianzong’s strength in this Jianghu is still not enough to find help. Qingcheng Mountain is the first choice in front of him."
Old Qin thought about it all night yesterday. There are sects of this scale in the Jianghu, but several Qingcheng Mountain can be ranked in the top five even in terms of scale among the big sects. This more than 2,000 people is not a small number. If they are properly transported, it will be a great help.
Old Qin just wanted the patriarch’s pardon because he knew the patriarch’s true feelings for this Qingcheng Mountain, but he had to say something about it. You must know that you are also the patriarch of Wan Jianzong.
Now, the head of Qingcheng Mountain is seriously injured. Forgive the old Qin for disrespecting that Yang has attracted such a big disaster because of his double cultivation. Even if he is not injured, I’m afraid he can’t sit still. Who is the head of Qingcheng Mountain in this position is naturally eye-catching. "
Yunyun didn’t elaborate on the origin of his copy, but Qin Baicheng asked the reasons before and after yesterday. When he heard the truth of Yang’s self-destruction and double-cultivation, he knew that it was true. At this time, it was polite to look at Yunyun’s tone towards Yang because Yunyun no longer pursued it.


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