Although I have long speculated on Qinggan’s real strength, Lu Fei still can’t help secretly staggering after really seeing his strength at the moment.

Heart said not the kui is out of the dragon and tiger mountain this strength …
After solving the problem of resin bats, the party was relieved to move on and go forward. A narrow passage finally came to an end, and the front suddenly became clear.
Appearing in front of everyone is a huge!
[143] Xuanyin bronze armor corpse
? In front of everyone’s eyes is a huge grotto, nearly ten meters high, and its area is about the size of five or six football fields.
As soon as they entered the grottoes, they were stunned by everything in front of them.
I saw hundreds of giant sarcophagus with a length of five meters and a width of three meters neatly placed on the ground of the cave. The sarcophagus was covered with thick dust, and white bones were scattered next to it.
These dead bones should have been around for a long time. When you step on them, they will immediately become crunchy and turn into white bone powder.
As they walked on, they looked around and Liu Lingfeng suddenly asked, "Master, why are there so many sarcophagus here? What is hidden in the sarcophagus? "
"I don’t know," QingGan reality shook his head and said, "it’s the first time I’ve seen so many sarcophagus in such a strange scene. I really don’t know who is so generous …"
"Why don’t we make a sarcophagus and have a look?" Liu Lingfeng suggested
"Good good! Maybe there will be something good in it! " Liu Lingfeng’s proposal was immediately reconsidered by two other Taoist priests.
"This is not very good ….. I always feel that these sarcophagus are very strange here. Maybe Hiderigami wrote it once he rushed to play …" Liu Fei said with a face of concern.
"I don’t care if I have a corpse mirror here, even if there is any danger in it, I can suppress it immediately!" Qinggan reality seems to be also full of interest in the things in the sarcophagus. He smiled and then took out a pale blue bronze antique mirror from his arms. I think this should be what he called a "corpse mirror"
"Well, then …"
Liu Fei nodded his head, but he didn’t have some interest and lack of eyes. He couldn’t help but shoot in all directions and muttered to himself, "Where will Xiaoxiao be? What has happened to you? "
Thought of here, Liu Fei became more and more anxious.
"ok!" Qinggan reality holding a bronze mirror will mirror on the sarcophagus that Liu Lingfeng and others said.
"kai!" The three Taoist priests will open the sarcophagus if they don’t hesitate to drink.
"Stop it!"
At this moment, an angry and familiar sound suddenly came to Lu Fei’s ear. Lu Fei’s consciousness followed the direction of the sound and suddenly he was pleased with "Master Huitong!"
Overjoyed, Lu Fei quickly greeted him and asked, "What is hidden in this master?"
"Xuanyin bronze armor corpse!" Master Huitong said with a dignified face
"Xuan Yin copper armour resin? What’s that? " Not only Liu Fei, but also a group of people such as Qinggan reality came towards Master Huitong and asked with a puzzled face.
"XuanYin copper armour resin is those who died in the ancient war into zombies! This kind of zombie is amazing in martial arts before his death, and he has been through many battles. After his death, he is cruel and murderous. After years of practice, Hiderigami’s demon nourishing strength is much higher than before his death. It’s terrible! "
"I’m glad we haven’t come to play the sarcophagus yet, otherwise …"
After hearing master Huitong’s explanation, they suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.
However, they have not yet been thankful that a slight friction caused by the movement of heavy objects resounded in the silent grottoes.
"What sound?" They got a fright and looked at the past in the direction of sound.
See a sarcophagus coffin lid not far ahead is slowly playing a body wearing bronze armor and holding a bronze sword. The burly bronze armor corpse actually got up from the sarcophagus.
Followed by the second and the third …
More and more sarcophagus have been beaten one by one, and the mysterious bronze armor bodies have slowly climbed out of the sarcophagus and slowly approached the people!
Liu Fei couldn’t help but take a breath in a gasp. He didn’t expect that the mysterious bronze armor corpse that had been sleeping for many years should wake up and they didn’t move the sarcophagus at all!
They are like waking up again?
"Not good! Hiderigami horse is about to break the seal and come out! "
Master Huitong’s face was a little ugly when he saw this scene. These bronze armor bodies woke up from a deep sleep and must have been summoned by Hiderigami, which means that Hiderigami’s gods can penetrate the seal!
Since the divine knowledge can penetrate the seal, will it be far from it really breaking the seal?
Dozens of Xuanyin bronze armor bodies are holding black gas-filled bronze swords in their hands, and the expression on their faces is slowly approaching the heavy footsteps from all directions, like stepping on people’s hearts.
"Lu benefactor! Stay behind me! I have to hurry back to the seal! "
"good!" Liu Fei hurriedly nodded toward Master Huitong, which is more reliable than the Qinggan real master Huitong.
"You guys hide behind me!"
Qinggan reality also changed his face and shouted at Liu Lingfeng and others. At the same time, he had already whipped up his hand, and the blue mirror light of the bronze mirror flashed on to the bronze armor resin not far ahead.
With the corrosion of the sound, smoke immediately emerged from the bronze armor of the bronze armor.
When they saw Qinggan’s real bronze mirror, they were relieved that it had the magical effect of restraining bronze armor.
However, to everyone’s surprise, although those bronze armor bodies gave off a burst of smoke when they were illuminated by mirror light, they didn’t fly like those resin bats just now, and didn’t even disturb the speed.
Liu Fei’s heart jumped. These bronze armor bodies are obviously much stronger than those resin bats just now!
"Whoops-"Faint Liu Fei seemed to hear a scalp-numbing howl.
At the same time, those mysterious bronze armor bodies suddenly accelerated the approaching speed, landing from all directions, flying and others rushed!
Hundreds of bronze armor bodies rushed forward together like an avalanche of waves, and even the ground trembled slightly at their feet.
In an instant, several bronze armor bodies in front raised their hands and rushed to the front of Master Huitong and Liu Fei.
At the same time, they screamed and waved their big swords and suddenly split towards master Huitong and Liu Fei.
Master Huitong pulled Lu Fei with his left hand and took him straight away from the ground. The figure flashed to the right, and the big bronze swords filled with black gas were suddenly chopped in their position just now.
The hard granite floor is as fragile as tofu at the moment, and it is easy for everyone to tear out a crack several meters long!
Liu Fei broke out in a cold sweat, not because he was worried about his own situation, but because he was worried about Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao’s strength. Without her master’s protection, it would be like dying in this place!
Just then, a blow missed Xuan Yin’s bronze armor, and with a wave of his hand, the big sword descended towards them again with a cold wind.
"Hum!" Master Huitong snorted a finger, slapped his palm out and drank a big drink, "Prajna paramita breaks the magic!" "
The words sound just fell and vigorous qi instantly formed a continuous golden air billow from his palm and swept straight towards the bronze armor.
On the spot, several bronze armor bodies were lifted by air billow, and the bronze sword and armor were completely shattered, revealing a blue-gray strong body.
They fell heavily to the ground and suffered heavy losses, but they did not perish immediately, but got up again and continued to participate in a wave of attacks.
They come because the dead don’t feel pain or fear harm.


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