In the 17th minute, as usual, Passareira broke the ball and got a big foot.

But this time he’s not just ending. He’s trying. He’s been thinking about a possibility-what are we going to be beaten passively? Wouldn’t it be a complete blow to Manchester United if we scored another goal in a reliable counterattack?
So this time he took a special look at the frontcourt before his big feet.
He noticed that Zema was cruising around the middle circle. Maybe it was an opportunity?
So he kicked the football in that direction but a little further than Zema’s position.
Zema also has a heart. When he found the football flying towards him, he realized that this might be an opportunity he had been waiting for for for a long time.
Fa Erkao has scored goals and he hasn’t scored yet …
Now cristiano ronaldo has scored in the final, and his number of goals has reached the same as himself.
Zema can’t compete with his teammates, can’t he compete with that Ronaldo?
He wants to score!
He rushed out.
Everyone agrees that this is an ordinary big foot clearance, and no one will want to attack.
But when the football fell, everyone found Zema, who followed closely, only to find that the situation was wrong!
This is …
"Lazio counterattack-! !” The commentator shouted at the top of his lungs
Yes, this is Lazio’s counterattack!
When Zema’s foot steadily unloaded the football, he cited that the goal was more than 30 meters.
However, Manchester United now have Nemanja Vidic and Edwin van der Sar in the back because of attacking blindly.
Although others are chasing after them, they are far from water and thirsty.
Zemama will face Nemanja Vidic!
In the face of defenders like Nemanja Vidic, Zema knows that it is necessary to have physical contact with them.
The best way is to avoid each other by your own speed.
And this is what zema is good at …
So he put the football aside to speed up the breakthrough!
Nemanja Vidic can’t do anything about this simple and rude person with little technical content … His turning speed is far less than Zema’s sprint speed. When he turns around, Zema has already rushed over!
It’s easy to face van der Sar!
"Zema-!" The English commentator sounded desperate.
Zema shot in his desperate roar.
Van der Sar fell to the ground and pounced on Zema.
But he didn’t catch the football and didn’t hook the horse’s foot. The football passed him!
"spoon! !”
There is no suspense.
When Zema flew past Edwin van der Sar, the football fell into the goal lightly …
Lazio are two goals ahead!
"The suspense is over! Game over! Lazio became the champions league champion of the season! This is the 22nd champion in the history of the European Champions League! Congratulations on the coronation of the new king! "
The Italian commentator couldn’t wait to announce Lazio’s victory.
But no one swore that he didn’t respect his opponent.
Because the reality is even more cruel-it is almost impossible for Manchester United to score two goals in a row with a few minutes left in the game. It is better to score a goal with more than ten minutes left. They are more urgent and arduous about failing to do it now. How can they succeed?
The game is really over.
It was all rubbish when it was picked up.
I’m sorry, but I still have to say Lazio won! They are European champions!
Lazio fans in the stands are so excited that they cheer like a raging river!
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Enjoy victory and cheer
Lazio fans are giving vent to their excitement.
On the other hand, Manchester United fans have completely disappeared.
Many Manchester United fans are clutching scarves with their hands, and their eyes are full of tears. They look at the stadium and their eyes are red.
They all knew in their hearts that Manchester United had failed.
Lost to Lazio in the first Champions League final.
Compared with those excited Lazio fans across the street, it’s as quiet as peace here.
The shadow of failure hangs over everyone.
Ferguson leans against the coach’s chair and stretches his legs. This is a posture that can make him feel comfortable and relaxed, but it is not a fighting knowledge. You can’t see this posture on him when he is fighting. He never looks lazy in the coach’s chair.
But now the so-called team has saved the day.
Although the game is not over yet, it is reasonable to say that he should not give up, but it is one thing to inspire the players, and the reality is another.
The reality is that Manchester United is dead and can’t die again.
No matter whether he is willing to accept it or not, it is a change of the result method.
Ferguson has experienced several successes and failures in coaching Manchester United for more than 20 years. He has long learned how to face failure calmly.
"Congratulations on winning! He became the third coach in European football to lead two different teams to the Champions League! " China CCTV commentator said excitedly, "This is the pride of China football! It is that pride of all China footballer! Although he is a head coach, he is not a player, but I think his success is no less than that of players on the court! "


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