Sex is good. He taught Su Liang and Zhao Yi the most effective martial arts to deal with these people, so that they can win with the least effort. Plus, he once taught a set of extraordinary methods to minimize their strength in the battle and to recover their breath while fighting. It is also a good thing that they can take this opportunity to make a name for themselves when they are very young, and in fact, they don’t need real people to fight again. If they want to lose in a row easily, dozens of people will form an invincible image in other people’s minds. At that time, if they want to challenge others and don’t want to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and lose to a small child,

What if I have a plan? I arranged it
They are talking about Shuren in the tree, and they are also talking about these two magical little boys.
Liu Fei-Yan couldn’t help sighing. I can’t believe how these two little guys got such a high level of skill. More than a dozen famous players played so easily that they are still blushing and breathless. This is a master skill.
Liu Qingyang smiled and shook his head. You are wrong. In terms of non-smoking, their martial arts are really good and their qualifications are good, but they are not as high as you think.
Uncle Shi, they have won again and again. We have been watching the roots, but we haven’t seen any clever tricks. A number of famous people can win if they are short-handed, but they can’t do it if they are not armed with superb martial arts.
It can be said that knowing the enemy and knowing each other will win every battle. It is enough for them to know their opponents’ martial arts in advance and get used to their skills and temperament. Don’t you see that their enemies are all their own choices? They are really invincible in martial arts, and they will have a hard time challenging them one by one. Why not say their natural enemies and let others challenge them? That’s because they don’t know their enemies, and they will suffer big losses.
Liu Qingyang smiled lightly, and they played very well in every battle, not because of their high martial arts, but because they knew each other’s martial arts well. No matter what moves others made, they were able to immediately recruit a performer. A worse move just arrived, and they put in enough moves as early as they had expected, which was like a master’s apprentice’s trick. In this trick, the other side knew clearly that every hand was guessed by the other side, and it was impossible to be unbeaten unless the martial arts were ten times higher than the other side.
One, the confidence of these two children is not enough, and their opponents also rely on their high strength. It takes almost forty or fifty strokes to decide the outcome. Later, the more confident they are, the more smooth their hands are. On the contrary, their opponents have lost the momentum first when they see that others are easily defeated, and the more timid they are, the faster they lose. As a result, their eyesight is not high. However, as these two children, they are really successful.
Xiu Yuan took a deep breath, and the martial arts of each school were ingenious. Even Uncle Shi, you have experienced Feng Shihan, and it is impossible to know that these two children can know all about it.
It’s also possible that a powerful and well-funded organization secretly keeps long-term information and hires a lot of experts to teach people to teach two children. If such a thing happens, I’m not afraid. I’m afraid that in this world, the master is pure in manpower and knows all the martial arts. On that day, Wulin people wanted him to kill Liu Qingyang, and there was a faint fear in his master’s voice. His eyes unconsciously focused on his sexual morality, but no one could ignore it. How much suspicion and fear rose in his heart, so he wanted to deal with someone.
Liu Fei-yan shuddered, and suddenly remembered something like the secret flying all over the sky of the second lyre player.
Liu Qingyang nodded his head, and it is also a secret for Cang Dao Union to secretly avoid the lyre player. He bought a copy early, and after a period of research, he also clearly knew the advantages and disadvantages of this set. If he left his hand, he would win easily. This incident is almost equal to letting the three stunts be abolished, and if he left, he would never dare to move the lyre player. Liu Qingyang was also afraid that if he left, his encounter would become his encounter.
If he had changed his martial arts, he would never have been explained and then publicized.
Or what will happen if you leave the three major universities? The Sun Moon Hall is tired of its foundation. Today, if you kill several enemies, will those people rise at once?
If you leave, can you be safe and sound? Is the Riyuetang still beautiful today? If you leave, will one party be the master and everyone can kill and flee?
Every time I read this, Liu Qingyang’s heart was filled with awe and joy, but it turned into awe and suspicion of the secret secrets. I think those famous people are almost hostile to the incident, but they dare not offend him easily.
If it’s not him, even hearing people think about it makes them sweat.
If such a person is really afraid of Wulin, Liu Fei will immediately abandon hatred and join hands to get rid of this person first.
But first of all, we must find out who he is and whether his identity is killer or moving.
If the martial arts join hands, they can’t kill or move.
Of course, it is better than a party official than a high-ranking official in the DPRK, and an important person protected by the government is better than Liu Qingyang. Look at the sex for a while and look up at the tree for a while. It is more cheerful than the royal family.
persons of royal lineage
Liu Qingyang smiled and remembered that if Xiao Yao, the former prince who was knighted, was too intimate, he remembered that the Cangdao League had some news in the government, and the people were not fighting with officials. If it really touched the court, you would have to fight against tens of thousands of troops no matter how high your martial arts were. What’s more, a master of martial arts would have to eat, but a real master can’t live as a busker. Robbery and theft are not even more important in today’s martial arts, or sending disciples to set up escort agencies or protecting business with strong force. Otherwise, the government will acquiesce in all this, otherwise it will be a
Few Jianghu people see things so clearly as he does, and because they see things so clearly, they lose their pride and ambition. It is a realistic calculation that makes the two young people around them look dim together.
They talked to Su Liang and Zhao Yi, and they won two games in a row. They were full of pride and wanted to find out all the martial arts people of each other again, but the crowd was full of people drinking and waiting for us to learn two brilliant ideas.
Six figures were swept into the stadium in six directions to surround them.
Six people hold swords together upon.
The moon, the door, the moon, the June, the breeze, the clouds, the dusk, the rain and the dusk.
Su Liang Zhao Yi was one leng at the same time.
If you hit the trunk with a palm, it will be bad.
Su Liang and Zhao Yi, after all, are young and short in martial arts. Even if the qualifications are good and the master is high, it is impossible for them to be transformed overnight like some martial arts novels.
Last night, the method of sexual morality education was actually very bad. It was a temporary emergency. cramming education continued overnight. They explained the advantages and disadvantages of dozens of martial arts masters.
This kind of teaching method is very targeted. It is useless for others to name him, because these martial arts experts can easily win the first battle.
Last night, it was to let the two children gain some experience. Today, some limelight is not particularly beneficial to them.
If the idea is to let two children repel a bunch of masters in the front yard one by one, those famous people who are defeated by small children will be ashamed to retreat, but no one will be afraid to follow in the footsteps of others when they see the lessons of their predecessors. Even if they don’t retreat in disgrace, they will be greatly hit. I feel that it is futile for such characters to fight again, and it will also reduce a lot of discussion and fighting.
Since the target is the people in the front yard, Degen didn’t explain the martial arts of the master in the backyard. Several people in the backyard have very different identities, so it is impossible to take the initiative to go to a 15-year-old boy
I didn’t expect Cheng Chengyu to stir up his six younger brothers now. I think they ate a big loss last night and they were waiting for this time to be angry.
They are also other people’s brothers, and the challenge will not lose their teacher status.
It’s Su Liang Zhao Yi who can handle it at the moment. What’s more, Lien Chan is more or less tired after more than a dozen games.
Two people, after all, look at each other carefully, but they are young and unwilling to give up and give a gift back at the same time.
Zhao Yilang said, thank you for your respect. I don’t know which two will come to fight alone.
One or two people sneered at the moon. It must be the first time that Jianghu didn’t know that we were six or six people in one month. One enemy was together, and so were thousands of troops.
Su Liang Zheng, aren’t you playing more and less?
Jianghu people know that we are used to fighting together like us for hundreds of years. A hundred years ago, Feng Ling’s double swords were twin brothers, and life and death were inseparable. Ten years ago, jing jiang’s seven friends joined forces to fight against the enemy and never separated. Fifty years ago, the Golden Stone Sword Couple and the Canglang Sanxia fought together, and adults looked at them disdainfully in the breeze. Did people in the Jianghu say that they didn’t know anything about this?
Late Lan stared at them coldly, but it’s just a silly beginning. Where do you know so much?
Su Liang sword eyebrows a pick anger rose if he had been spoiled temper where suffer so injustice just now also repeatedly win scenery for a while two more unwilling to be so cynical nu way nonsense what sword see chapter.
To the sword, people fly with the sword, and his heart is angry that the sword shadow flies, but it turns out that ten swords are stabbed in a row and three swords are stabbed to each person.
Zhao Yi is afraid that he will suffer, draw his sword and protect him for weeks.


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