Just now, Yu Canghai’s hand YiHuan made him have a free time, so he came up with the trick of "Kang Long has regrets" to deal with other methods. Although he is a novice, after all, his palm method is exquisite, and Yu Canghai has scruples, so they fight an invincible battle.

Qi Yufeng became more and more experienced. At first, Yu Canghai began to counterattack and some were in a hurry. He felt that he could attack from parry, but after several strokes, he found all kinds of beauty in the enemy’s situation. He couldn’t help but become more and more excited, and he felt that his body was full of qi, which was like a flood.
He has accumulated a lot of strength for what he has eaten in the past few years, such as snake blood, snake gall, genius treasure and spirit fox fruit, but he can’t use all these exquisite palm techniques at this time. He has only played a little bit of this work at this time
After nearly a hundred strokes, Qi Yufeng felt that the more he played, the more excited he was, and he was not tired at all. The time he fought was not wonderful and unpredictable, for fear of repeating a trick, but this time it was repeated over and over again, which made the seven-palm kung fu more exquisite than one palm.
Yu Canghai saw that this small palm was stronger than a palm, and this seven-trick palm method resisted his "destroying the palm of the heart" at all, and the more he fought, the more comfortable he seemed to be, the more surprised and angry he was. I also saw that his palm is exquisite, and he is really a famous old man’s style. Where is a young man’s skill? Not from get more nerve-racking.
In fact, over the past few years, Qi Yufeng has been diligent, although he has not learned the peerless skills such as "Dragon’s Ten Hands", but he has practiced the boxing of "Rushing East" all the way. The poor family helped "Rushing East" boxing, too, and it was strong, fierce and simple. It was simply that although he tried this new skill of "Dragon’s Ten Hands" at first glance, he was not completely without foundation.
Yu Canghai fights with impatience. Suddenly, his figure is going round and round, and his palm potential changes. He makes a move of "relaxing the wind and overlapping the shadows". In an instant, Qi Yufeng is convenient all around, as if it were Yu Canghai’s palms.
At this time, Qi Yufeng’s mind is clear and clear, and he immediately doesn’t think about his heart turning left with his body and waist. His hands are raised above his head. His left hand is in the jaws of his right hand, and his right hand is in the jaws of his head. This trick of "dense clouds and no rain" is dignified as a mountain, and the enemy’s tricks are incomprehensible. No matter which direction Yu Canghai attacks, this trick of "dense clouds and no rain" hangs over him.
Yu Canghai, who was not slapped in the chest by Qi Yufeng, cried his body and flew out like an arrow. He lay on his back and felt as if his chest had exploded, with a sweet mouthful of blood in his mouth and a spit out.
Chapter 124 Defeat the enemy
Yu Canghai joined forces with Qi Yufeng and Ling Huchong two months ago, and it was also able to take the lead. Later, Snowball appeared and bit off half of his ear, a little finger and a piece of buttocks. He lost to the enemy and then retreated sadly and failed to kill two people.
Although he has lost half of his pinky skill now, he has not made some discounts, but he is confident that he can meet this force far less than his own teenager, and he should also have the mistresses. It is this time that he has not paid attention to it.
He has profound skills, keen thinking and accomplishments in boxing and palm, but only a few dozen people can match him in the present age, but he never thought that this young man was so unfathomable in martial arts that he was defeated by this young man in fist and fist kung fu.
Qi Yufeng worked very hard at night this day, and he was already aware of all kinds of subtle changes in the dragon’s seven palms, and many explanations left in the stationery made him realize the mystery
However, after he studied swordsmanship by himself, he almost never moved his fist. Without practice, a contemporary first-class master fought for life and death. Although his palm skill was strong, it was only 20% to 30% of his skill.
Yu Canghai’s palm strength is getting sharper and sharper, but Qi Yufeng’s second heart is to hit himself. Every move has its own counter-attack. He has learned the nine swords of Dugu, and his martial arts knowledge is ten times higher than that of Yu Canghai. The difference is that the palm method is insufficient, and he is determined to keep hitting you, beating me and relying on your various tricks, I will make these seven palms respond.
Qi Yufeng’s palm technique is still not very skillful, but it’s very simple and his body is not bad. He lost in the fist technique. When Yu Canghai saw Qu Feiyan holding a sword, he was distracted and horrified. He was immediately hit by his palm "dense clouds and no rain".
Qi Yufeng hit the abdomen with this palm of his hand, and his skill was so sharp that Yu Canghai lay on the ground with a sad face and vomited one mouthful blood before he took a hard look at his eyes and immediately asked, "What palm is this, Xiao You?"
He is a generation of great masters who are superior to others, and he is also involved in martial arts of various schools in the world. Seeing this young man at this time has made Kung Fu life unprecedented, but he can’t help asking this question despite his fiasco.
Qi Yufeng laughed. "I’m learning this palm method. Is it still a practice? The man who taught me the name of this palm method yesterday didn’t say I didn’t know it. "
Yu Canghai saw that his words were untrue and he didn’t say much. He looked up and saw that many of his brothers had been reunited at the door. A total of 70 people immediately felt at ease and lost their faces. They jumped up and shouted, "Let the pine wind and sword array surround these two people!"
It turned out that the person he talked to in the courtyard was Qi Yufeng, the younger brother of Qingcheng who had fought in Chun ‘an County. When he saw the master’s fight, he went back to his room and called up many senior brothers and younger brothers, Yu Canghai, who was very strict. When the disciples saw the master’s contest, they naturally did not dare to help them. At this time, when they heard the master’s instructions, they quickly drew their swords and surrounded them.
Qi Yufeng and Qu Feiyan lived in a small courtyard, which was originally not very big. At this time, the seventy people were very dark with discerning weapons and immediately surrounded the front of the house.
Yu Canghai took his brother and handed me the sword, and his face was grim and folded. "Although you and I are strangers, we are always destined to meet everywhere. God has to let you and me fight to the death today."
Although he was defeated just now, he also knew that this little boy learned these strange moves from nowhere, and only a few strange punches came and went. His original martial arts should not be as good as he was holding a sword and he wanted to save face.
Qi Yufeng took the long white sword from Qu Fei’s cigarette, and saw that Yu Canghai was tense and flustered. He couldn’t help but say, "You have too much respect for yourself in one ear." Say that you don’t have a sword, so just take it in your hand and nod to him to signal him to attack.
Yu Canghai saw that this young man had a sharp sword in his hand and assumed a great master’s style. Shi Shiran seemed to have fear and immediately felt furious.
Although he has always been wily, he couldn’t help shouting, "Today, Master Dao will cut you into a pulp!"
Say the sword in your hand is like a rainbow, and then stab it directly.
But see Qi Yufeng shape a flash around his sword and then around next to a eyeing QuFei smoke qingcheng younger brother suddenly suddenly chest blood surge was Qi Yufeng mysterious unpredictable sword stabbed in the chest.
It’s hard for Yu Canghai to imagine that he made a strange move with this sword. He was taken aback and then turned around and pulled the sword and continued to stab Qi Yufeng.
But see Qi Yufeng more ignore is a slight sideways with a sword and will be a coveted qingcheng brother to QuFei smoke with stab.
Yu Canghai was furious, and the three swords danced impenetrably, which enveloped Qi Yufeng in all directions. However, it seemed that Qi Yufeng brushed his sword carelessly, and the ridges of the two swords crossed. Then he took advantage of the opportunity to lead a gap and flaw. Qi Yufeng took this opportunity to be as quick as a sword and stabbed a bedroom girl with a squint.
He was just right in this recruit’s azimuth moment. One person from Qingcheng School could see that his azimuth change was immediately taken aback. Yu Canghai used a difficult hand to chase after him, but he saw that Qi Yufeng was in no hurry and Yuto stabbed his cousin, but each sword was also slightly injured. It was intended to punish and not kill people.
Yu Canghai was surprised and angry. The sword was as tight as a sword, and suddenly it jumped high and fell low. The nearly sixty-year-old man was more vigorous than the young man at the moment. He took the offensive with his sword and chased Qi Yufeng hard. Although it was indecent, it was also much faster
But see Qi Yufeng is still as slippery as a fish. Every time I don’t avoid it, I sometimes fight back. I don’t do my best. It seems that I can’t stop dismantling at will. I can’t help but look at the seventy people and see which of them is bold enough to look at it at this time.


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