Next, Li Feiyang canonized his armies one by one, and formed their own army, and began to advance in the pot.

The road to reunification of the wild officially kicked off.
Li Feiyang’s first stop was his sworn brother, Nan Gupo, where the South BM was located.
After capturing the two fighting people, Li Feiyang has learned about the current situation in the celestial world and knows that it is now a situation of chaos in all directions. Frankly speaking. Although cultivate immortality to give him a short time, but in Li Feiyang’s view, the situation of celestial beings at this time. It happens to be the most suitable moment for unification, because people are flustered, and as long as they simply complain about their interests, they may receive good results. This is much better than the painstaking efforts in peacetime. The middle boundary of the pot walks slowly. Soon it has reached the periphery of the south ancient slope.
Today’s nangupo, although it has lost its aura, is one of the strongest celestial beings. Under his careful management, Nangupo is still one of the few spiritual resorts in the celestial world.

Chapter 237 Nirvana rebirth
Two or three young people sit at the top of the poison boundary. The middle boundary of the priming zone stops at the periphery, and then the water generally overflows.
When Li Feiyang’s gods appeared over the south ancient slope, I saw the crowds below bustling. Before the BM Hall, there were two beast generals standing next to the South BM with a face of awe, and they were injured in many places. Blood stained his body, not far away, a leopard-headed beast hung his hand slightly, and his golden head was stained with blood and stuck to his cheek.
A few people stood proudly in front of the BM, and an old man in Tsing Yi with a golden knife stood proudly in mid-air, not far from him, standing with three mysterious people whose breath was not under him.
One of them is a snakehead, wearing a purple soft armor, holding a thin curved forked knife with a face as thin as a Zen wing. The other man, a phoenix-headed man, was armed with a golden pike and covered with a fine dress made of feathers.
The last man was dressed in a white robe, with a face like a crown jade. His whole body was white and shining, and his hands flashed, but he was not armed.
When Li Feiyang’s gods appeared in the sky, the man with the head of the snake said something respectfully in the white man’s ear. The white man stood with his hands down, looking up at the number of mountains, and his breath was so strong that it felt like the moon in the dark night, but it radiated the hot light and temperature like the sun, mixed with a little strangeness in its strength, but it happened that it was vital qi, as if all evil things in the world could not hide in front of him.
This person’s breath is much stronger than that of Nan BM, and he is the strongest among all the people present.
Before the BM, it was a mess, with blood and dead bodies lying down. Most of those people were soldiers and monsters under the BM.
When Li Feiyang’s overwhelming knowledge of gods came and looked down in the sky, many people felt this strong breath and their looks changed.
"What for people? !” At first, the old man in Tsing Yi looked cold and shouted angrily. Then he let go of his knowledge and greeted Li Feiyang’s knowledge from the bottom up.
It’s like throwing a boulder on a calm lake. Suddenly, lightning flashes between the clouds and the ground, and dark clouds gather. A series of spatial fluctuations flooded in all directions, creating layers of invisible ripples.
A series of thunders resounded through the earth, and Li Feiyang’s gods collided fiercely with those of the old man in Tsing Yi in the void, which led to a vision of heaven and earth. After a long struggle, the two men burst into loud noises in the sky, but after all, no one could do anything about it, and finally they both retreated at the same time.
The old man in Tsing Yi snorted and looked up at the sky. He couldn’t see any expression on his face, but his heart was extremely shocked: "Seeing that the Beastmaster Hall is about to be captured, who is this man?" Is there any other supreme level strong in the universe? I have never seen this person’s breath, and I know all the great lords of the celestial world and the elders of the BM, who suddenly appeared. Who is it? Is it old with the South Beastmaster? If so, it will be troublesome.
The old man in Tsing Yi over there was shocked, but Li Feiyang was equally shocked: "According to the two people who were caught, the supreme of the celestial world is now practicing in seclusion in order to break through the infinite robbery, but now these people are obviously the strongest. They are not practicing, but they are against the South Beastmaster. Why?"
God knowledge back, Li Feiyang’s face slightly changed. No matter what the other party’s purpose is, if something happens to the South BM, it will be difficult to implement his plan as the first step. Although the situation looks extremely dangerous today, he must also rescue the South BM safely, and at the same time understand what these people want when they attack the South BM. With this in mind, Li Feiyang rose to the sky and shouted, "Yan Di, Mo Xing, Mo Ming, Liu Shengju, come with me and go to the rescue of the South Beast King. The others are led by Zhao Yuanba, and the fire keeps up. There is a big battle today! " Say, "already lightning surprises, blink of an eye disappeared in the eyes of all, ink name ink punishment and others fly to keep up with, blink of an eye also disappeared in front of people.
Zhao Yuanba shouted loudly, sat at the top of the pot boundary at the same time, and began to walk slowly by manipulating the pot boundary.
In front of the Beastmaster’s Hall, the atmosphere was tense. The South Beastmaster looked angrily: "Dao Zun, the old fox, didn’t expect that he would go through the customs himself this time, and he also contacted the Snake Beastmaster, the Phoenix Beastmaster and Guangming Zun! With my strength, a light statue has been unable to deal with it. They are still so bullying! " , this old bastard, why on earth? "Maybe, he knew that I got that thing? "
The face of a wolf-headed beast general beside him was also discouraged: "Your Majesty, this Dao statue rushed out without warning and brought so many people. According to my subordinates, they saved the heart of destroying my southern ancient slope! Your Majesty, it’s really no good to stay in the green hills without worrying about firewood. Just hand that thing over. "
"no! They didn’t mention that thing, maybe they didn’t know it existed, and there is a saying, "Every man is innocent, but he is guilty! If we rashly put forward that thing, it may even increase their interest in the north, and we have no way out! " The panther will frown and say.
South BM also nodded, frowning, and sink a track: "These people are very strange. From the beginning to now, they just fight blindly, saying nothing at all, and they don’t know what they are thinking. It’s really incomprehensible.
"Your Majesty", I think, I think "if you really can’t beat us, just surrender. As long as that thing is still there, you will completely refine it in time, and you will surely defeat these bastards. An eagle-headed beast who has been saying nothing will suddenly say.
Old two three heard many words. The face shows the god of hesitation and struggle. Next to a few dry qing is also different.
"South bm, today to attack you. Do you know what it is? " Suddenly there came the voice of Dao Zun in mid-air. The South Beastmaster looked at the harsh purple and said, "Dao Zun, I just want to know, what did I do to annoy you? .
Knife Zun smiled and said, "Hehe, I heard that you recently got a treasure from the South Beastmaster." It’s said that everyone has a share. It’s useless for you to keep such a powerful treasure. I think it’s better to hand it over. "
The South Beastmaster was furious and changed color. He sank a track: "What do you mean? I don’t have any treasures, so you just hit me for catching shadows. If the other strongest people find out, they will be wary of you. Aren’t you afraid? " .
Dao Zun curled his lips: "Nan Beastmaster, since you are so ignorant, don’t blame us for being impolite."
Then the knife statue suddenly made a move, and the long knife in his hand was raised, and an epoch-making grand knife fell to the BM Hall, which seemed to be divided into two, but the knife gas had not been added. The whole BM Hall was already crashing and sounding, and it seemed that it would collapse at any time.
South BM and several beasts will shoot at the same time with a roar. Three pounds of thin firm but gentle since the night, and straight at the sudden death of the knife gas to meet. There was a crisp shattering sound, and the three tongtian firm but gentle shattered separately, and the majestic knife gas was also bleak.
However, the South BM was obviously hit hard. Although several beasts will work together to help him, his firm but gentle sword is still faint as the sword spirit. Seeing that the dim knife spirit is still cut off without any block, he is already helpless, and his face shows fear.


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