Chen Kai sighed and looked at the weapons store and thought about it. He looked at the floor of the weapons store and found that he seemed to have forgotten a question: What looks like the weapons store is so big from the outside, but the inside room is very small? Chen Kai took a few people to the second floor of the weapon again, and they soon entered the boss’s room, all of which were eroded and decayed by the years. The boss fell to the ground and said that he was stabbed by a sword from behind and there were two extremely thick skeletons on his death side. From the skeleton, it seems that these two people should be powerful guys, but one shoulder was directly separated and the other head was separated. Two loyal bodyguards died at the boss’s side.

Chen Kai’s weapon kept banging on the wall and cabinet, but even if he pushed the cabinet directly, it was still a masonry wall. He thought about the secret door. Chen Kai had to give up the idea of looking for the secret door after seeing the wall behind the cabinet. Looking at this room, it looked bigger. The cloud was hammered on the wall after Chen Kai pushed the cabinet, but it was said that the wall was thick, not the organic type. The cloud and the dark dagger squatted on the floor and knocked on the wooden floor. The only place that didn’t knock was the huge desktop after all the floors were knocked on one side. Chen Kai insisted on pushing. Then I pushed a table and still didn’t give up. Ll blushed and pushed hard and still didn’t move!
Everyone else got up to help when they saw it. Four people pushed the table as if it had grown roots, but it didn’t move. Even a fool knew that there was something wrong with the wooden table. The cloud climbed to the bottom of the table and kept knocking in the block. When he found a square place on the desktop, this discovery made everyone very excited. It represented that the secret door cloud of the tunnel machine searched around the table according to the practice of the tutor and professor. In a very inconspicuous place, he found a small machine, which was hidden behind a loose board, and the roots of the board were not removed. The cloud was slowly turning, and a rotten smell was constantly playing from the square place
Looking at the dark hole, everyone was a little scared, but it was said that Chen Kai, the weapon dealer’s treasure house, took the lead in climbing in. In the torch light, the situation slowly became clear. Chen Kai estimated that they were a family or maybe a weapon dealer’s child. Chen Kai also found that there should be a secret door in this place, but when the secret door was sealed, the traces of lead juice were heavy, and some of them still flowed to the ground. It can be seen that this dark room was urgently sealed, and the cause of death around the secret door has not been cleaned up.
Li Yi and others soon filed in and ran in behind, and Lin Lei, who had finished the work, looked like a pair of weapons that had just run to the dark room and were still panting. Unfortunately, those weapons were corroded, but the weapons in the box were not. Chen Kai saw a complete set of knight’s heavy helmets in a box, which was very intact. Unfortunately, it was something that could be seen. Before Chen Kai’s level 3, he didn’t want to equip them. Chen Kai dismantled three sets of armor and put them into his backpack. Lin Lei took away the remaining sets, but the biggest gain this time was more than a dozen sets of vests. That’s not the leather helmet that Chen Kai got from Bath, but the real heavy armor. The light weight of this armor is close to 2KG. Except for the Andean war horse, it is estimated that other war horses can’t even wear it, and this armor surface is also inlaid with magic crystals. Chen Kai can be said to be a kind of magic equipment for war horses. In some introductions, it is too much. A introduces the special magic armor of the kingdom of Lohan, the inscription on the armor and the emblem of the kingdom of Lohan. It is said that this batch of armor was smuggled from the kingdom of Lohan. In two big boxes, two armor were neatly placed. Chen Kai took five others from it and Lin Lei took them away. However, Lin Lei needs to pay a lot. Although the joint discovery team has all of them, it means that ordinary things and high-grade things need to be negotiated.
Unfortunately, there is nothing but armor, and Chen Kai hopes to find something better. But the reality is that this may be the place where weapons dealers put their armor. Chen Kai found a diary and a family emblem in that corpse, and a pendant with such a name written on the back for my dear sister Anne! The face is a sender’s name, Mary Hogham. "How can Mary Hogham be so like the name of Mark’s boss’s wife!" Is this Lady Mary’s sister? Chen Kai thought to himself, but he soon put away the pendant, because even if there is one, it will have to wait until he finishes the trial, otherwise everything will be discussed.
Llewellyn returned to the station and handed two sets of knight armor and harness to Zhao Tiezhu and Su Wan respectively. Llewellyn planned to sell them to others after the trial was successful. After all, the whole team plus Zhao Tiezhu only had three knights. Even if Su Xinghe learned to ride a horse, it would still be half and one more harness! This kind of senior stuff will never be bad for the market. Lleyton found a place to play the diary and prepared to read what was recorded in it, but after seeing the first sentence, Lleyton directly com Lin Lei and Lleyton to find them together.
"Great morning Lord, please help little Mary! There are crazy people out there. Uncle Kane was killed by them, and Aunt Maya was killed by them! Morning Lord, please save little Mary. Mary doesn’t want to be caught and eaten by those monsters! "
This is the first sentence I saw in my diary. Chen Kai got two messages from it, that is, writing a diary was a little girl named Mary, and the diary recorded what happened in Yadog at that time. This discovery made Chen Kai feel that from the head of the diary, there were of course Lin Lei and others around Chen Kai.
"February 14th.
The weather is fine
Today is little Mary’s birthday! Dad bought me a wave of bobby, which is so cute, but it’s a pity that bobby is so heavy to hold! And my younger brother Hans, after seeing Bobby, honestly liked to twist it, which scared Bobby.
Hans hates it!
February 27th
cloudy day
I haven’t kept a diary for several days. Aunt Maya is so troublesome. Honestly, it’s no good. That’s no good. Bobby always sleeps badly these days and likes to shout at the door. I can’t see anyone these days. I miss him a little! Hans said it was terrible that people died in the street outside.
March 2 nd
cloudy day
I haven’t seen the sun for several days, and the Lord ordered the cancellation of this year’s celebration. As a result, little Mary didn’t have a chance to go out to play again. Bobby is always making noise every night, and I have taken it outside. Let him disturb me to sleep
March 3
It is still cloudy
Bobby disappeared last night. I don’t know where he went. He bit the rope and escaped. Dad said that the city of Yadog was already uneasy and we needed to move! I heard that Uncle Paul died in Backstreet, too. Hans is always in low spirits these days. I guess it’s because Bobby is gone and he has nothing to bully.
March 7
I haven’t seen the sun for several days, and the road out of the city has been closed by the Lord. Dad asked for the Lord several times, but we didn’t get permission. We can go back the way we came and sit in the carriage. I saw many people with red eyes, which was very scary. Bobby still didn’t find it. I don’t know where it went. I hope it will be safe!
March 9
sunny day
Father Sun finally came out, but little Mary couldn’t get up at all. Last night, I saw Bobby’s body. It was left behind the warehouse, but there was only a piece of skin left. Poor Bobby didn’t know who killed it so cruelly. Hans screamed with fear when he saw Bobby’s body. What a coward! But Mary is so sad that Bobby is so good.
March 11
cloudy day
The horse disappeared a few days after the sun came out, and now there are no pedestrians in the street! Lord Yadog ordered the execution of all red-eye patients. Many guards in the street were training little Mary. Seeing that everyone was armed with blood, red eyes were more terrible than those red-eye patients. Today, my father also drove away a man in black robes. He actually wanted our family to give up faith in Dawn Lord and convert to his church. Although little Mary didn’t know what his church was, she was definitely not a good person! Dad said that a guy who can’t even show his true colors is qualified to convert others to religion.
March 12
cloudy day
The count was ill, and when his father came back from his visit, he stayed in the house with his mother. Little Mary heard from Aunt Maya that the count had pink eye, which was terrible! It is said that those red-eye patients need human blood to keep their vitality, and even the church priest can cure this disease. Fortunately, little Mary is not sick or she will be killed by those terrible guards.
March 1st.
The streets are getting more and more chaotic. Many red-eye patients want to rush outside the city, but they are all killed by the guards. Great Morning God, please save little Mary! There are crazy people out there. Uncle Kane was killed by them, and Aunt Maya was killed by them! Dawn Lord, please save little Mary. Mary doesn’t want to be caught and eaten by those monsters!
March 2 nd


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