But Chen Kai, who survived, was very worried. He was not worried about meeting those dead creatures. Of course, there might be some skeleton soldiers or skeleton knights in the mine, but now they are completely out of the mine. If those dead creatures don’t look for them, no monsters will find that they have gone deep.

Sitting on the rock platform, Chen Kai breathed a sigh of relief. Now he finally looks at the surrounding environment sometimes. By the way, he can pour some saliva on the purple iron ore on the rock wall. Chen Kai almost wants to dig a special mining road on the rock wall now, but he finds that this kind of thing seems impractical because the purple iron is too hard.
Most indigenous people mine purple iron ore by pure magic, that is, the earth element mage uses fossil mud magic to strip the ore from the rock mass, which requires great magic input and precise spell control. After all, the consequences of rock mass collapse are unbearable for a mage.
However, the consumption of pure manual mining of purple iron ore is several times that of magic mining. Almost every 100 kilograms of ore is mined, two picks will be reimbursed. This is still a lean ore, not a hard and rich ore with extremely high purity. Therefore, Chen Kai found that it is estimated that even the picks in his backpack may not be able to collect a set of armor.
After all, who will be fine carrying a dozen picks in his backpack unless he is a miner who specializes in mining? Chen Kai is not a professional miner, and there is no pick in his backpack. All the picks in his backpack add up to only five, and two are broken.
"Hey, I don’t know what is the most painful thing now. The most painful thing is that there is a golden mountain in front of you, but you don’t have a pick to dig it." Sitting on the rock platform, Chen Kai sighed gently. When he dug the last pick and scrapped it, he could stare blankly at the huge purple iron mine.
On the rock platform, there are scattered all kinds of broken small purple iron ore, and there are also a few rough picks, which were made of Chen Kaishi’s bronze, but the texture is too soft to be completely scrapped after a few excavations, and the temperature of the white salsa flame spell is not high enough. Even with the addition of kerosene and charcoal, the purple iron was melted. As a result, Chen Kai’s plan of making purple iron picks failed before it was time.
"Be content, we have dug a set of heavy armor." Su Xinghe patted his backpack and said that 300 kilograms of ore is enough to make a set of heavy armor, and it is still the kind of heavy armor. This kind of heavy armor is the standard equipment of the royal heavy armor guard, and its defense is extremely strong. Of course, the price is quite high. The material achievement alone exceeds 100,000 gold coins, not including the system.
"If I had known this, I would have prepared more mining picks." Ll sighed and picked up those poor guys. Ll still planned to have a try and see if they could be melted into a new one. However, after he found the poor iron ore in his backpack, his idea became more intense, and as a result, Bai Shasha suffered. Her magic was almost drained by Ll.
Finally, Chen Kai took a freshly baked ore pick and dug nearly 200 kilograms of purple iron ore before he stopped. It was not that he didn’t want to dig too much, but that his backpack could not be stuffed. After all, Chen Kai’s backpack was stuffed with food for a whole month and various supplies could make room for the ore. It has been a long time since Chen Kai’s deployment.
"I wonder what is behind this cave?" Relax completely on the rock platform. Chen Kai and them are resting in tents. By the way, they carefully check the map information according to the map marking. At this time, they should be near the ground for nearly a thousand meters, which is the real world.
At the same time, Chen Kai and others also lost the best sign to check the road, because they missed the confirmation of the first fork. Of course, when they were chased by those skeleton creatures, Chen Kai and others didn’t know where they were, because according to the map, their current position was in the fork of the earth artery, and then they would enter the cave and follow the map to get to the earth artery.
"I don’t know what the so-called earth pulse is like? What map always mentions this name? " All people have this question in their minds, and then they step into the cave with torches after a simple rest and recovery. At this time, it is near night outside, but in the deep world, it is dark both day and night, and burning torches can give people a little light.
Chapter 21 The earth staff traverses the earth (9)
Chapter 21 The staff of the earth-across the earth (9)
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"Why is this hole so long?" Clouds look at the endless cave passage and lament that they have entered the world for three whole days, but they are still looking for the exit from the winding cave marked by the map. A group of people have not even seen it.
"Old four don’t hurry to explore nnd when you have that nonsense. This terrible place has actually circled three times here." Ll shouted at the cloud with a gloomy face. After hearing it, the latter immediately jumped up from the ground and pulled a string along the dark cave passage to explore the road.
The road in the underground cave is so complicated that even with the map in their hands, Chen Kai and others lost their way several times. Once, they walked directly back to the rock platform where they started, and ended up walking all afternoon in vain.
After watching the cloud go in along a hole, it disappeared from sight. Chen Kai once again looked back at the map. Although the map bought from the profiteer shop owner was carefully marked, it was actually too rough because it was so large, and all the entrances and exits could be marked with words to shape the surrounding environment.
For example, it is written in the notes of the cave where Chen Kai and his colleagues are located, "There are many forks in the cave, and thin ropes are needed to send people to explore the road along the cave where the white rock is located." This is from Chen Kai’s point of view, and the other direction is the opposite to the southeast.
The writing is not very detailed, which is also very troublesome to understand. Therefore, there are at least half of the white rocks in the whole cave, and even worse, some caves are white rocks at the entrance, but they become another kind of rock after entering a certain distance, which makes Chen Kai and them go a lot of wrong ways.
In addition, in the underground world, it is sometimes difficult to tell the direction, often walking, which used to go northwest, but ended up in the southeast, and in some places, there are iron ore magnets and other substances that interfere with the compass, and the compass will not be too high
Finally, Chen Kai and others can mark one cave step by step in the most stupid way, and test the past one by one. Fortunately, the number of caves is small, and there are only thirty or forty caves with white rocks. They can try them one by one in the past few days, and if they are lucky, they can succeed once. Of course, if they are unlucky, they will be chased out of the cave by monsters like clouds.
The caves are not very safe, or there will never be a safe place in the world. In addition to the evil underground cavemen, there are all kinds of monsters, such as mud monsters, rock worms, cave lizards and shadow tooth beasts.
In addition to these normal monsters, there are abnormal elemental creatures, which are similar to earth element puppets or rock puppets. Of course, they are not big, that is, they are only two meters high at most. When they hit people, they can almost fly Chen Kai with one fist. When they see such puppets, Chen Kai chooses to look at them and then pick up their tails and walk around.
However, up to now, Chen Kai and others in the whole cave haven’t met an elemental puppet creature. After all, that creature is the lowest-order, up to the fifth-order elemental monster. Of course, the most important elemental creature will only appear in the dense place of elemental energy, and the whole cave has not seen the dense place of elemental energy so far, so there is no chance to meet those who say that they are carrying many elemental nuclear elements.
Chen Kai and others lit a bonfire when they explored the cloud, and the orange flame gave off a soft light to disperse the darkness in the cave. Chen Kai and others had to relax a little and take a closer look at the place where they circled three times and then came back.
The whole rock hall covers an area of about 20 square meters and is surrounded by more than a dozen unknown tunnel openings. Of course, three of them have already passed by Chen Kai, but as a result, they still came back after walking three times, and they also met a rock giant in one of the tunnels, a kind of giant salamander that is similar to a protected animal in reality, but not an amphibian but a reptile.
However, the rock salamanders are timid by nature, so they turned around and crawled away at the first sight, which surprised a bunch of people in vain. After all, the rock salamanders are more than three meters long and nearly two meters tall after propping up their limbs. If they are angry enough, they can kill them all. Of course, most of the time they are timid and docile.
However, Chen Kai and others have seen the timid side of the rock salamander, but they have not seen it. But if you think about that kind of large animal, it will not be very cute even if it is docile, especially after seeing its slippery skin and yellow stool, everyone will not associate it with docility.
"Xiaofei, do you remember which hole we came from?" Chen Kai wandered around the bonfire and was checking the rocks. Xu Fei asked because he found that he had forgotten which cave he finally came out of.
"The rocks are hitting the ground" Xu Fei answered directly without raising his head, because he found that the white rocks were very delicate in texture, and when his fingers were slightly driven out, they would be crushed into something like flour.
"~ ~ No, there are no roots here. Why is it so sticky when it hits the ground?" Ll put his hand on the ground and found that the armor was covered with a layer of white mucus, which was very greasy.
"How could it be that I didn’t draw it myself!" Xu Fei directly got up from the ground and walked to Chen Kai’s side. He took a photo at the edge of the cave with a torch and found that he really didn’t see the type mark. It was very strange that Xu Fei looked at the entrance of other caves with a torch again and found that all the holes didn’t see the mark.
Seeing this situation, Xu Fei froze, because it means that where they are now is not the original point as expected, but a new similar rock hall, that is, it is possible that they are really lost
"Xiaofei, what’s wrong with you?" Chen Kai felt that Xu Fei’s face was very strange. He looked like a headless fly wandering around the rock hall and then quickly rushed to the tent to check the map, so he asked.
"Brother Shui, I think we’re in trouble. I didn’t find those marks." Xu Fei sat on the ground and he really couldn’t figure out what went wrong, because they just saw the marks in the rock hall to make sure that they had passed here, but now those marks are gone.
"How is it possible? Isn’t there a sign by the campfire?" Chen Kai was very incredulous and said that because he had just walked into the tent, he saw the sign by the campfire.
"Yes, how did I forget?" Xu Fei jumped up from the ground immediately after listening. He quickly walked to the bonfire, where there was a specially placed bonfire scattered rock. On the rock side, Chen Kai carved a circular mark.
"Great, we’re back to the original point, but where are all those hole marks?" Xu Fei was relieved to see the circular mark, which represented that they had returned to the place where they had walked three times, but what surprised him was that the rock marks carved at the mouth of the cave had disappeared.
Sitting by the bonfire, Xu Fei slowly fell into a state of thinking, but at this time, he came from a hole with asthma, hush and breathing. He was very familiar with calling for help. Everyone heard the sound at hand because it was a cloud shouting and it seemed that some creature was chasing him behind him.
"Help, boss, hurry up and help. There is a big guy." Yunlian rolled and crawled out of a hole. He was covered with some messy rubble and mucus stuck to the rock. The whole person was in a terrible mess.
"What’s the matter? What’s the big guy?" Ll slowly pulled out his weapon and asked the cloud, but he soon found himself asking a little redundant because the big guy in Yun’s mouth ran out shortly after he rushed out of the cave.
It’s a huge slug nearly three meters long, with all kinds of rocks, big and small, and there’s a word on some of them. When you see those rocks, everyone knows where they left a mark. It’s obvious that they are all tied to their backs by this slug.
Although I don’t know what this giant slug attracts those rocks, the sharp teeth in the other party’s mouth want to attack ll, and all of them represent a fierce battle, but looking at the slimy body of slug, everyone has a strong feeling.
"Salt and salt scatter it, slugs are afraid of salt" escaped. Yun quickly got up from the ground, and then shouted at the back and heard the cloud talk. Vivian directly took out a bag of salt from her backpack and threw it at the slug.
But sometimes creatures in the magical world can’t judge by common sense that they are afraid of salt in reality. In the magical world, they are no longer afraid of salt. After the bag of salt is sprinkled on the body of the slug, it immediately melts into a pool of salt water and is absorbed by the slug instead of hurting the slug.
Looking at the cloud like a salt bag, he couldn’t speak, and then he felt that he was lighter and the whole person was dragged back and flew out, and his original place was replaced by a huge slug head. Several broken stones were spit out from the slug’s mouth, and a big pit appeared on the hard and flat ground.
"Xiaofeicha underground life picture book Lao Su, you hold the shield on my right column on your left. Be careful not to be bitten by this guy’s mouth. Others are free to attack." After dragging the cloud to the back, ll instantly reached the battle arrangement, and then the whole person rushed towards the right side of the slug, dragging the giant sword in his hand and drawing a spark on the ground.
Along with Su Xinghe’s roar, ll and Su Xinghe waved their weapons left and right at the same time and cut them toward the body of the slug. Two giant swords roared and made a sound like a ghost crying in a narrow space, but then a rock burst instead of this roar. At the same time, ll and they also wondered what the rock on the back of the slug was doing
It turns out that this layer of rock is specially designed to protect its body. Those rocks that float with the body can absorb the attack power and help the rock fragmentation force to alleviate the weapon cutting force. As a result, the two sharp giant swords didn’t even hurt the skin of the slug, bringing up a sticky mucus and some broken earth and stone.


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