It can be said that the send-off in Xianghu Town has now become the last place that players in Xianghu Town want to go, because if you walk slowly, you will not be in danger, but it is better to run away unless you pray that you are wearing lucky goddess pants on your head.

Seeing that Li Mai’s face was called Little hūn, the player finally chose to be alone. Li Mai stayed at the door of the house not far away, and he was smashed by the blood Se Crusader. The blood Se Crusader quickly pounced on Li Mai, but in a moment they found that their opponents were very difficult, not only with high level, but also with very strong fighting skills. In the moment of fighting, these blood Se Crusaders knew that they had met a player who made the bloody mode master, but even if Li Mai was strong, he was also a person, and five of the ten players in the blood Se Crusader were fierce men and women.
Although Li Mai, who was outnumbered, caused a lot of damage to the players who rushed into the house with abundant physical strength, he was injured, and these injuries were left to him by his own people in Xianghu Town. After three minutes of hard work, Li Mai was pierced by three blood Se crusaders and fell into the house. With his death, the resistance of players in Xianghu Town became weaker and weaker. When the dark clouds completely dispersed and the moonlight covered the earth, the whole battle in Kelda City was over.
Wandering outside the city, the black armor cavalry kept killing the players who escaped from the city, and finally succeeded in escaping. Thousands of players in Xianghu Town fell into the mud outside the city, which nourished the land and fertilizer, while their weapons and equipment became the sources of spoils for the participating players to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 34 The rain outside Kelda (5)
After the rain, the air is mixed with blood, dirty and smelly, and all kinds of smells are full of players’ noses, but most players are not in the mood to pay attention to them. They keep pulling the bodies, equipment and materials to finish the battle before all the bodies are brushed off.
No matter how tired everyone is, the word fatigue seems to have disappeared from these players’ dictionaries. However, compared with the winner in Berkner Town, the players in Xianghu Town must not be depressed at the moment. The word has come to a bad shape. They are furious and puzzled at the moment. Mutual accusations are dominant in all kinds of emotions in Xianghu Town Players’ Forum. Everyone is accusing each other of guarding the camp, pointing to the scouts’ investigative power, accusing the defenders of being too pustule and being devalued to the commander.
Li Mai advocates and younger brother wanted to argue, but after a large number of players reviled the root force and finally disappeared like sand swept away by huge waves, Li Mai naturally saw his face behind him, but after a long time, he did not feel the anger of the other side.
"Organize a data yourself! Have a good sleep! Join me early in the day! " After a long time, Li Xiangrong looked at his distant cousin Nai and said that he knew that even he could not perform better than Li Mai, and it might be even worse.
However, after returning to his room, Li Xiangrong grabbed the table and smashed the teacup to the ground, and then sat down in the chair. He knew that this time, although the players in Xianghu Town were not weakened, they must have made great efforts. In Li Xiangrong’s view, the roots were not short-term recoverable, because he could imagine that when these players were stripped of their equipment, even if some players were smart enough to put their equipment into their backpacks before they died, it would be difficult to guarantee that the equipment would be exploded after their death. This time, more than 30,000 players were definitely killed and injured. Moreover, these players are all controlled by Li Xiangrong, or when he calls for going to Kelda City, he will definitely pay for some of their losses, but even if he sells Li Xiangrong, he may not be able to get it back, so Li Xiangrong will be so angry after returning to his room.
"KaiChen! I am not finished with you! " After a long time, Li Xiangrong’s mouth roared like a beast, and his loud voice reverberated back and forth in the whole room. Through the night, he woke up the sleeping residents in the whole community. As a result, he burst into swearing and shuttled back and forth in the night, making Li Xiangrong’s face even more ugly.
In reality, Li Xiangrong growled that Chen Kai had no premonition that he was in a happy mood now. In addition to getting a lot of equipment to exchange money, Chen Kai also gained a huge amount of experience. Because he is the commander of the whole battle, even if the blood Se Crusaders and fighters kill the enemy, he can get some experience. As a result, Chen Kai’s experience value has soared by more than one level in two battles, and then he commanded the battle to win. Finally, Chen Kai’s level was rewarded directly from 61 to 63. If it is estimated that Chen Kai will be restored in a very short time.
However, Chen Kai knows very well that this opportunity is only once. Li Xiangrong wouldn’t have given Chen Kai such a sneak attack if he hadn’t been stupid. Even if he had been given Chen Kai’s chance to eat, it was still a question. Because Chen Kai’s own loss was not great or small, although less than 100 people were injured, thousands of cavalry were seriously injured and lost their combat effectiveness. Maybe even farmers couldn’t retire as farmers. Although there were only 150 cavalry and many other injured cavalry, it was possible to recover in a short time after treatment. Therefore, if Li Xiangrong pulled up the team again, Chen Kai was very low.
Although the Black Armored Cavalry suffered trauma for a short time, there may not be loopholes in Berkner Town’s urban defense system. Because Berkner Town now has a heavy infantry composed of nearly a thousand tauren, Chen Kai is more willing to invest in the tauren than the northern drow. After the black dwarf trade was cut off, Chen Kai directly took out gold coins and bought them from the ground dwarves to arm the tauren’s heavy armor tomahawk.
After all, there are tauren on the ground and dwarves on the ground are more experienced in building tauren equipment. Although Chen Kai requires tauren equipment to be thicker and bigger than the ground, after all, the black-horned tauren is bigger than the ground. Although it is reasonable to live in a narrow world, the black-horned tauren should be smaller than the ground, but actually, I don’t know what Chen Kai found. The tauren is taller than the ground, and the average height is less than ten centimeters.
These heavy infantry composed of black-horned minotaurs are made up of Arno people and bought refugees. In the past six months, these minotaurs have been nursed back to health twice as strong as before. At the same time, with continuous training, these heavy infantry composed of black-horned minotaurs have gradually formed. Although there is no way to guarantee discipline, the combat effectiveness has become very great. Although these minotaurs have exerted their charge force in attack warfare, if they are defending cities or positional warfare, these nearly 1,000 heavy minotaurs can definitely block everything in front of them and cut them into minced meat.
Even in the face of drow j Λ ng, the tauren army, this heavy tauren can completely defeat the other side. The heavy armor covering the tauren’s body can be shaped like a steel shell. Every inch of armor is covered with sharp spikes. Once these tauren make savage collision attacks, they can definitely knock the player into a hornet’s nest. If you add shoulder armor, the two crescent moons are as sharp as razors. Once the shoulder armor hits the player, even if the player is not stabbed into a hornet’s nest by other parts, it will be directly killed or killed by this razor.
This kind of heavy armor was stabbed by dwarves. After forging Chen Kai’s order, the dwarves produced modified angry armor and sold it to players and other races in large quantities. Even the dwarves themselves bought a lot of this type of armor. When Chen Kai heard the news, he wanted to ask the dwarves for an armor design, but his statement was hard to hold, because there was a big difference between the dwarf selling armor and the armor he ordered.
Therefore, except cursing the dwarves for shame and unkindness in the bottom of my heart, ll can’t help it. Fortunately, although these dwarves plagiarized ll’s ideas, they are still very interested in making armor. After equipping the tauren, nothing has happened, but the specific combat effect of these equipment needs to be tested by fighting.
"Boss! Everything is packed! Because of the time, I finally received more than 20 thousand weapons and about the same amount of armor gold coins, about 500 thousand samples. These poor people didn’t take money when they went out, but they received a lot of food and other materials! Uncle Li Xiang Rong Na Se did a good thing this time. He occupied Kelda City for a long time. He estimated it was blood. Unfortunately, the blood belongs to us now! " It took nearly an hour to count all the materials, plus the time it took to collect the materials before. By the time the statistics of all the things were finished, it was already twilight.
"That’s right! Has anyone been resurrected in the surrounding cemetery? " Llewellyn took the cloud’s hand and recorded the approximate quantity of weapons and equipment, and the approximate amount of materials was calculated slowly after returning to Berkner Town, only relying on magic photos to record things in the real law.
"no! Those guys are careful! I guess I know that we will guard around the cemetery and no one will be resurrected from the cemetery! " Yun was very angry when he said these words. You know, corpse keeping is a very profitable business, which can not only destroy the enemy. You can also torture each other again in J and NG God. The most important thing is that you can also dig out the enemy’s backpack. If it is in other games, the player will not be resurrected for too long. However, it is definitely not a short number to wait for the resurrection for three hours in Eya world. The most important thing is that not everyone will choose to be resurrected after three hours, because no one wants to kill the horse after the resurrection, and it will take too much effort to add J and NG to the fight in Eya world. Most players will choose to take a rest after death. Besides sleeping, they will also use the game system to relieve J and NG God’s illness.
"Then forget it! Take an hour off, and everyone is ready to go back to the city! Tell everyone that they must return to Berkner Town before dawn! " After hearing the cloud news, Chen Kai knew that the strategic base of corpse keeping could not be achieved, and he never thought that he could intercept the players in Xianghu Town in the cemetery to resurrect them.
"good!" Cloud after hearing the ll words, the horse left the ll rest place and went to the other people’s camp to deliver the message. Although it was already slightly shiny at this time, it was at least more than an hour before the sun rose. After an hour of rest, ll still have enough time to return to Berkner Town. If you hurry up, you can enjoy Ri in the tower of the Lord’s House in Berkner Town.
When Chen Kai and his men returned to Berkner Town, they should still be asleep, but now they have completely awakened. The players are the people who deliver the news the fastest. Almost when Chen Kai and his men won the battle in Kelda City, the information was delivered to Berkner Town. Knowing these news, hotels and pubs opened their doors at 10: 00 in the morning and a bucket of ale and rum was carried to the street. Everyone was ready to celebrate this victory after Chen Kai and his men returned to town.
Therefore, when Chen Kai’s war horse crossed the city gate, something unexpected happened to him. A large number of ribbons, salutes and omens sounded, and petals were scattered on his head. Almost in an instant, the whole town of Berkner became a jubilant ocean. Because the residents of Berkner Town really needed a victory to celebrate, they heard bad news one after another and were frightened again and again. Although this victory was only a temporary victory, it rarely meant that Chen Kai, the Lord, still had the power to protect them, even though it was a bit too much to celebrate. As early as the morning, the residents of Berkner Town spontaneously organized themselves and kept waving colorful flags and sharing buckets of valuable wine pulp to celebrate. Before Chen Kai returned to the Lord’s house, he was less than ten times drunk with ale and walked with words.
I finally returned to my Lord’s Mansion, but there were more people celebrating here. For example, Arnault, a fool, had lost a barrel of ale, and a cow’s face became black, red, black and red with hiccups. His eyes were double-edged, and finally Alisha gently fell to the ground and fell asleep.
While celebrating in Berkner Town, the players in Xianghu Town were all livid faces. The players who died in Kelda City only chose to resurrect after knowing that Chen Kai and others had left Kelda City. However, after the resurrection, the players looked at themselves clean and tearful, and the players in Kelda City Line did not have a good result. The players in the indoor line were lucky enough to hide in the cellar, but they escaped. However, because of their bad luck, they were all judged to be killed by the unified system. It is not white to say that they died without experience.
Some players directly fell asleep behind the line and didn’t know what happened. Players turned to ask friends around them how they could be resurrected from the cemetery. They didn’t know the news of Chen Kai’s attack last night. Of course, this part of the players was a minority after all. Most players directly recorded their hatred to Chen Kaishen, constantly cursing Chen Kaisheng’s son for not having an asshole and giving birth to his daughter with horns in their hearts, but scolding them. If they were asked to go to Chen Kai at this time, they would have no guts. Although many players were equipped, most of them were so-called equipped. It’s just a whiteboard. The magic equipment in the game is scarce and pitiful, which leads to the high price of magic equipment in the equipment market. Compared with carrying two sets of magic equipment to rotate players, it is no longer extravagant.
Although most players want to live a luxurious life of wearing a backpack and dragging a set of magic equipment behind it, even Chen Kai can scrape together several sets of equipment that satisfy him, because one set of equipment is enough for him to sell iron, but Chen Kai’s equipment base is enough for other players to exchange more than a dozen sets of J and jīng good-quality suits, because his equipment is so valuable.
Without good equipment, it is natural for these players to hate Chen Kai. However, no matter how much they hate to face the high walls and deep walls in Berkner Town, there is still nothing they can do. Their losses are so heavy that Li Xiangrong wants to attack southern Berkner and has to delay because of his great strength loss.
When Li Xiangrong saw the red-eyed players around him after his resurrection, it was one head and two big ones. He knew that if the law appeased these people well, even if he had the support of the Zall J and NG spirit, he would get more than one bargained for, because he had lost control over these players, which would lead the Zall King behind him to give up his support. For the Zall J and NG spirit king, he needed a chess game with favorable value instead of wasting his money and things.
"See what see! A bunch of losers! I’ll always wipe your ass this time! More than 30,000 people and 30,000 pigs! How dare you be killed by others and even lose your equipment! " Li Xiangrong looked at the players gathered together and swore directly. He knew that if he didn’t swear, there would be no right for him to speak for a moment. He signaled Li Mai that those players who were still loyal to Li Xiangrong were staring around and preparing to stir up. Once they appeared, they would be dragged away directly. With Li Xiangrong swearing at the resurrection point, almost every player had a rebellious idea, and everything went according to the established drama.
Li Xiangrong, who kept scolding his thirsty mouth, stopped talking, and then naturally calmed down. After a hemorrhage, the core players somehow had a weapon or equipment that could be seen in the future, but Li Xiangrong’s private storage was directly withered. However, after such a painful scolding, those players who were centrifugal to Li Xiangrong in Xianghu Town chose to go behind Li Xiangrong again. Although only some players got the weapon, everyone still recognized that they would give Li Xiangrong enough, and he could change clothes again.
Under such circumstances, these newly resurrected players are gathered again and gradually approach Kelda City towards Berkner Town in the south. Players in Xianghu Town are sadly gathered again, and the construction of the player camp is gradually on the right track. However, there is no way for these Chen Kai to attack because Li Xiangrong does not give Chen Kai an opportunity to leave the city with his cavalry. Li Xiangrong will send a team of less than 10,000 players to chase and intercept a team, which will completely eat Chen Kai’s cavalry and increase the combat effectiveness of the troops. He also takes the lead from Zall J and jīng. Transferred to nearly a thousand drow J: ng spirit and tauren to help him. Although the result is that Li Xiangrong has dried up his purse and completely swung upside down, the drow’s participation has increased the combat effectiveness of players in Xianghu Town by 30 percent. To be continued.
The first volume Chapter 35 Hu Boding melee outside the town (a)
The celebration in Berkner Town ended at a later time, because everyone knew that the battle was not over. Li Xiangrong stayed in Xianghu Town and dispatched troops from his main drow J and NG spirit. When drow J and NG was sharp, ll was not idle.
Although the number of players in Berkner town is far less than that in Xianghu town, because Chen Kai took out a lot of equipment to release it, a large number of players ran to Berkner town and became the main force to attack Xianghu town. These players came from the hands of players in Xianghu town and finally became Chen Kailai in exchange for their life props. Unfortunately, most players bought this set. After all, the quality of the equipment that Chen Kai took out was not bad. Although most players would choose to bind the most precious equipment magically, there were few releasable magicians in Xianghu town. Mages don’t know whether to disdain to do such a thing or not.
Therefore, all the players in Xianghu Town have not been bound by spells except the equipment that was bound before the camp change. Therefore, most of the equipment that was exploded was rewarded by these players from the drow, which naturally made many players in the Hansting Empire camp flock to it. After all, compared with the weapons circulating in the Hansting Empire, the drow flowed out of the weapon, although it was a little light, but the blade was too sharp.
Actually, it happened to be a heavy rain when the attack happened that night, and with black armor cavalry in front of it, it didn’t necessarily mean who won or lost that battle! Weapons with extremely sharp blades are too sharp for players. A machete with the same texture can produce four dwarves at most, but the Zaw can raise the blade sharpness to 45, but the Zaw can raise it to 5. In addition to the extremely high weapon sharpness, the Zaw weapon is also more J Ο ng than the dwarf system, which makes players naturally prefer the Zaw weapon in the same texture, but the sharp weapon blade is more easily damaged and the maintenance cost of the weapon is more.
For Chen Kai, if these equipments are sold for a long time, and a large number of Zall J Θ ng spiritual weapons and equipment flood the market, the prices of these weapons will also drop sharply. It is better to release these weapons because of a large number of shipments and gain more profits. Actually, Chen Kai’s move seems a bit defeated, but in a short time, the number of players in Xianghu Town and Berkner Town has increased by nearly 20,000. Players sniped at the northern Zall J Θ ng spiritual forces in the wilderness in exchange for equipment, and at the same time, they also picked up equipment from killing the enemy.


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