Camel’s back ponders over the bleak West Mountain iron bean cream.

These words contain the names of his two brothers, and the word "Bu Lu Hua" is even more famous. If you finish reading his identity, isn’t it exposed, where can there be life?
Immediately, the three of them did not consider eating tightly, and Shi Zongyi made her eyes immediately walk in Wu Tianbiao stunned and followed the three of them back to the guest room.
Chapter 10 Xuan Wo Xian Yu Ming Chang
Shi Zong took Han Yuniang back to her room to help her solve the dumb hole and asked, "Where did you hear this poem?"
Han Yuniang smiled casually. "Now I’ve heard this poem all over the streets of Yunnan. Do I deliberately hear it?"
While Shi Xiu looked motionless, he asked, "Haven’t you asked the girl your name yet?"
Han Yuniang frowned and said, "What’s your name? I hate to hear it. Didn’t I say that my name is Han Yuniang? You should leave quickly or it will be too late for disaster."
Shi Zong was puzzled, then remembered that the girl was skilled in martial arts and seemed to be instructed by a superior person, and asked, "I wonder who the master is?"
Han Yuniang turned to worry and looked out of the window, then turned her head as if she didn’t hear him. "I’m not small this time. Can you take me with you?"
Shi Xiu was impatient and wanted to try her martial arts skills as soon as her finger was raised, but then she thought it was disgraceful to bully her so much. Besides, she made so many moves just now that she didn’t see that it was unnecessary.
Immediately, he waved his hand around the back of his head and scratched his hair and asked, "Why should we believe you?"
Han Yu Niang wrinkled her nose and pouted at him. "Believe it or not, are you so kind when that old bald donkey? He met the Five-Part Sect in Xiliangdao a while ago, and suffered a severe heart attack, so he stayed in the inn honestly. You four together are not necessarily better than the Five-Part Sect, are you? "
Shizong and Shixiu cried when they heard this. Qi Yufeng looked at each other and Shixiu thoughtfully for a moment and said, "I’ll go and find the eldest brother and them."
Shizong shook his head and said, "Let’s go back."
Immediately, a group of people met in the Agai room. When Duan Qiang slaves saw such a girl dressed like a flower, they couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. Shizong told Agai and Duan Si about the situation. Both of them were silent.
Han Yu Niang looked at Aguirre and then at Duan Qiang’s slave, finally facing Qi Yufeng and asked, "Handsome guy with a fake face, which is Aguirre? Why can’t I see it? "
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "I can’t see it either."
While Duan Qiang slave heard two people talking, he not only gave Han Yuniang a bold stare, but also looked like seeing an enemy.
Gai thought for a moment and then asked Han Yuniang to smile, "Now that the girl has seen the origin of my party, there is no need to hide that I am Gai, but I don’t know if there is any basis for the girl to say that our lives are in danger?"
Han Yuniang looked at her in surprise and glanced around and exclaimed, "You are really better than my master in this easy technique. Princess Agai, you are so beautiful. Why do you pretend to be like this? I admire you."
Gai smiled indifferently. "Little sister, you are beautiful, too. Now the situation is in crisis. treading on thin ice also asks you to call a spade a spade or tell us to be prepared."
Han Yuniang thought for a moment and said to Agai, "It’s not easy to be provoked when the monk made an appointment with a helper and went to another shopkeeper in a few days. Do you know?"
Gai continued to ask, "I don’t know how you know this, little sister?"
Han Yuniang said impatiently, "I naturally have my way when I walk in Xiliang Road. Believe it or not."
They all have doubts in their hearts. Heart way: When the day comes, there will naturally be a boat crossing to the east. At this time, if you listen to this girl’s words, wouldn’t you take risks and immediately shake your head and say, "The monarch may be the enemy’s plan and you can’t trust it?"
Duan Sixie also said, "Anyway, this Xiao Ni can’t get out of our hands. We have Qi Shaoxia’s Excalibur and the four of us to help us. Even if he is a Buddhist or a Lohan, what can he do?"
Immediately, all the people will focus on Qi Yufeng and Gai’s face. Qi Yufeng hesitated for a long time and nodded his head. Then a line of seven people stared at Gai.
Han Yuniang alone looked at Qi Yufeng and said in his heart that he just knew how to "point the finger" with one hand. What’s so strange about that?
Gai thought for a moment and said to Shi Zong, "Just now, the shopkeeper in the lobby of the inn said that there is no sheep liver for sale here?"
Shizong nodded "yes". What did he think about this? Although the northwest is vast and sparsely populated, it is common for people to live in mixed places.
Gai heard this and said, "It’s a nest of oat flour and a liver of sheep. I should have thought of it. It seems that if there are variables here, everyone should be careful."
Duan Sixie was puzzled and asked, "Madam, this …?"
O cover raised eyebrows to see Han Yu niang is also a face of curious puzzled look at yourself and reached out to write a word in Duan Sixie’s arm.
Duan Si evil heart a fiercely immediately crevasse cried, "is that him? But now he is exactly evil but he doesn’t have a destiny … "
Gay primly said, "Anyway, we finally got into the deep end of the pool, so we must be careful."
She turned to look at the crowd and said, "Go out and inspect everywhere, put this little sister up, Qi Shaoxia, and leave me something to say to you."
As soon as she gave the order, although her face was doddering, there was a awe-inspiring power. At once, the people did not obey the orders and went to Han Yuniang. Although she was angry in her heart, she was also able to fight back at Duan Sixie and other experts.
Ah Gai saw several people go out and added, "Think evil and wait a moment …"
Duan Sixie nodded his head and immediately turned back. It seems very difficult for Gai to lower his head and think for a moment, but after all, he took out a square box from his arms and said, "From today on, you will distribute this medicine around our residence, and anyone who is close to it will be shot."
Duan Sixie was taken aback when he heard this. "Is this …"
O cover for a change nodded "good"
Duan Sixie carefully took the box and asked, "What about this?"
O Gai said, "Go and find Qiang Nu and arrange it with her."
Duan Sixie nodded "good" and went out with the box in his arms.
Qi Yufeng stayed in his heart, but he had doubts. How did a sheep liver make him fight? Gai had something inconvenient to tell others and himself at this time?
Gai saw that he was not impatient, but he immediately made a fire and boiled water, took out the tea and made two cups of tea. She smiled while pouring the tea. "As soon as this tea is poured out, it will be like a declaration of war, and our tracks can no longer be hidden."
Qi Yufeng saw that the tea was tightly knotted, the color was black and moist, and it was covered with white hairs, and the taste was rich. The soup was orange and bright, and he said, "Is there anything strange about this tea?"
Agai picked up a cup of tea and smiled at Qi Yufeng. "It’s hard to collect dust all the way, young Xia. Can Agede have a cup of tea to worship young Xia?"
Qi Yufeng, these days, her four guards get along very well. She feels that they are all aboveboard men, but in her heart, she is also somewhat loyal to the four men.
At this time, when I heard this, I couldn’t help thinking, did she find a new boost from the clues just now and want to throw all the birds away?
Or is she aware that she is suspicious? Trying to kill someone for his own safety?
But how can such a stupid idea be done by this woman with strong mind and intelligent ice and snow?
Immediately, he didn’t have a clue, so he smiled and said, "Dare?"
Then he picked up the teacup and smelled it. He felt very different and took a sip.
Ah Gai saw that he didn’t frown at all, and not only sighed slightly "Ah", "Sure enough, heroes make teenagers."
Then she seemed to have a feeling in her heart, and her eyes were fluttering, chanting, "It’s only the early spring branches, plum blossoms, snow and wind, and the immortal heroic blood of cinnabar red. There were also three branches of this Dali Camellia, and Lang Ping Zhangfu was destroyed and burned. I picked the flowers, ground the fruit and dried it to make tea, so I can make these two cups of golden robes and purple ribbons."
Qi Yufeng secretly impatient. She said she had something to discuss with me, but why did she always say these irrelevant things?
Immediately replied, "In this case, don’t leave some seeds to be reborn another day?"
Agai shook his head with a wry smile. "Camellia is still there. Isn’t it bitter?"
They were silent for a long time. Although Qi Yufeng’s face was indifferent, Agai ignored it. It took a long time to say, "That night, when you went out and met two masters, you sent people from Nanhai School and Qinghai School to collect two sword-testing bags. I wonder if you could lend me a look?"
Qi Yufeng wondered if there was anything to see in the sword bag. He didn’t come to show it to her, so it didn’t matter that he immediately took out two sachets from his arms and handed them over.
Gai took it and put it on the desktop. When he pressed it gently, it seemed that there were some iron pieces in it. He immediately asked, "Haven’t you opened it yet?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "It hasn’t been opened."


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