Cobalion’s words interrupted everyone’s sadness, saying that it was indeed a big problem.

"When the time comes, let the Scorpio king return to the elf Hollywood? Tell the person in charge there that I will contact you as soon as I see that I can become a crimson scorpion king? " Nazi came up with an idea.
"No, no, this is not very reliable. What if Scorpio can’t remember the way? It doesn’t speak human language to ask for directions like Meow Meow." Longye denied the idea.
"What else can I do?" Nazi is helpless.
"With meow!" Meow meow suddenly had a brainwave. "I can convert the super water turtle 3 satellite into solar energy so that Scorpio can keep in touch with us at any time with it."
"Meow meow, you are a genius!" Ryuno said excitedly that if he had a satellite, he could often talk to Scorpio King, so that he wouldn’t be too sad after parting.
"I’m going to meow."
Meow meow is a hard-working school. After Longye released Super Archean 3, it immediately got into the car and got up.
Super Arrow Turtle No.3 has perfect tools, which can be found in the daily maintenance center of the machine.
It’s not difficult to combine satellite phone with small solar panels. Meow meow, considering the problems caused by Scorpio, satellite phone has also been reformed. After that, satellite phone can make video calls and automatically call Longye mobile phone after a button is pressed.
Meow meow also specially made an iron box to put the transformed satellite words together so that Scorpio can take it to rest assured to practice everywhere.
Meow meow didn’t keep everyone waiting for too long. After half an hour, it walked out of Super Arrow Turtle No.3 with transformed satellite words.
Longye tried to press the button several times, and he was able to get through himself.
Put the satellite words back in the box, and Longye exchanged three sacred ashes from the system and put them in the box. Longye personally hung the box on the neck of Scorpion King. "You may encounter any sudden danger in the wild. Remember to contact me often with these sacred ashes."
Scorpion king followed Cobalion. When they left, he looked very determined
Although knowing that Cobalion agreed to accept Scorpion King was more for Keldeo to observe the mysterious sword of Scorpion King at close range and wake himself up, Longye expressed his gratitude to Goupaluon and them.
Scorpion king left like this, and although he was able to communicate via satellite, Longye’s mood was still very low.
Nazi saw the situation of Longye, but she didn’t know how to persuade Longye.
Three people have been walking in the forest for about an hour. After that, Longye suddenly received a unified indication that he had completed a miracle.
Longye entered the unification and saw a new reward in the notice column.
"Congratulations on your completion of the strange [paladin (pseudo) Keldeo] and your successful defeat, saying that Keldeo, the elf, will be rewarded after completion.
The score is30,000; 2 coupons for capacity-enhancing drugs (enhancement) can be exchanged for 2 bottles of capacity-enhancing drugs in the mall;
1 coupon for exclusive skills of water/fighting "
What’s going on here? Longye was surprised at the sudden completion of Qi. "Is it Scorpio?"
Now it seems that there is also an explanation. After all, Scorpio Wang Cai has just left Cobalion and them
Things are the same as Longye’s. It is already from Scorpio that King helped Longye complete a miracle.
King Scorpion followed Cobalion, and they soon found a new practice place after a few people left Longye, knowing that King Scorpion had fought with Kyurem, Keldeo couldn’t wait to compete with King Scorpion.
Cobalion, they also want to see that three swordsmen of the Scorpion King’s Strength Institute acquiesced in Keldeo’s challenge to Scorpion King.
Keldeo jumped out at this time and agreed to the other party’s challenge without thinking.
Although he had the idea of venting his emotions, Scorpio King restrained himself from hitting Keldeo hard. It was when Kay Devin Lu rushed to himself that he knocked Keldeo out.
Immediately after Scorpius showed this skill, Cobalion and them were impressed. Even if the three of them had trained Keldeo for so long and were very familiar with its attack methods, it was impossible for the three swordsmen to see the gap between them just after a battle.
It seems that former Longye was definitely not bragging when he said that Scorpion King had hurt Kyurem.
Cobalion, they have come in vain. It’s really a matter of letting Longye entrust the Scorpio King to them to learn how to use the mysterious sword. In terms of combat effectiveness, the Scorpio King has surpassed the three swordsmen.
I want to understand this, Cobalion. They immediately took it for nothing. How to train Scorpio King?
On the other hand, Longye is counting Keldeo’s strange reward, which can be regarded as a pseudo-paladin because Keldeo has not yet awakened. This also makes Longye get a big discount on the reward, with a miserable 30,000 points and two bottles of ability-raising potion missing.
Shuguo hasn’t decided how to make it. It has made Longye very satisfied that he can get a water-exclusive skill coupon first. After getting this coupon, Longye immediately exchanged the trick of root fluctuation.
"By the way, there are still two ability-enhancing agent exchange coupons in the former Virizion Award, which didn’t make it possible to directly exchange two bottles of special attack additives for the steel cannon shrimp." Two bottles of special attack additives can be used to attack the steel cannon shrimp, which is already a big increase for the steel cannon shrimp.
The unexpected harvest has made Longye feel better. Many Scorpio kings are following Cobalion to practice. Perhaps Longye will receive two strange reward notices soon.
That night, Longye received a call from Scorpio King for the first time. After chatting with Scorpio King for a long time, Longye’s mood improved completely.
Chapter 552 Sail in Bashi again (more tickets in January)
After leaving the forest and walking for a few days, Longye finally came to the water city-Fanba City again.
When I passed the Fanba market, Boss Ju left the Dojo for Ross Mountain because Butler made a huge monster, which led to the failure of Longye to challenge the Dojo that time.
This time, after coming to Fanba City, Longye went straight to Fanba Daoguan. Longye finally saw the true face of this Daoguan located in the geological and mineral tunnel.
The mine tunnel formed by mining has been expanded and strengthened to form the main body of the Taoist temple. Some potholes have not been rested, and the state of the original excavation has been preserved. The white line has drawn a standard competition venue. At this time, a trainer is playing against Ju Laoda.
Ju Boss sent a Palpitoad challenger and sent a nanny.
"The babysitter is charming!"
Charming released pink love and hit Palpitoad. Palpitoad immediately fell into a state of ecstasy. The French action Palpitoad was attacked by a nanny leaf storm. The grass trick can add four times the damage to the water and ground properties of Palpitoad. A leaf storm quickly solved Palpitoad.
"Damn it, damn it, damn it …" Chrysanthemum boss kept trampling on the ground "Come back to Palpitoad"
"It’s really hateful. It’s really annoying. What I hate most is playing tricks all the time." Ju Boss shouted angrily.
"Why are you angry? This is also a strategy." The challenger asked puzzled.
"strategy? What is strategy? Can’t you just confront me head-on? " Chrysanthemum boss grabbed the hat on his head in his hand. "But then you can get a city back by that guy. That guy’s strength is different from that of the elf method. The third leading hamster."
The challenger nanny bug continued to attack the leaf storm, but the leading hamster turned at a high speed to stop all the attacks
"Such a weak attack is not for my leading hamster."
"My goal is to take part in the United States Alliance Competition and win. How can I fall down here? The nanny is charming," the challenger said unwillingly
However, the pink love released by the nanny worm was smashed by its high-speed rotation before it touched the leading hamster.
"Hum, it’s naive." Boss Ju picked it up with one hand and pointed it at the challenger with a pickaxe. "Look at this pickaxe. I dug a hole with this leading hamster when I was your age. It’s only now that it’s so wide.
Compared with the recent young people who casually say that they have won the league, they have been called the king of mines with a pickaxe. I will tell you how hard it is to become famous! "
The challenger was obviously frightened by the momentum of Ju Boss, and he stammered, "I’m not talking casually."
"Just talk and don’t practice. If you don’t really have something to say, come and play against the card." Pa Yiju’s boss slammed the pickaxe to the ground
"Babysitter leaves a leaf storm!"
"This way, you can continue to attack. You have the courage to lead the hamster. Let’s make a one-horned drill!"
The leading hamster passed through the leaf storm and brought the last blow to the nanny, who fell directly to the ground
"The winner of the nanny worm’s loss of combat ability is Dojo trainer Ju Boss!" The referee’s voice is not loud, but it makes his voice look very rich in this tunnel.
The trainer failed in the challenge. After taking back his elf, he quickly ran out of the Fanba Dojo to see the chrysanthemum. The words just gave him a lot of stimulation.
The older generation pays the most attention to being practical and willing to work, especially miners, who are not lazy in this industry. It may be because of this experience that Boss Ju said what he just said, but Longye and Nazi think what he said is quite reasonable.
When the trainer left, Boss Ju finally noticed Longye. When they saw Longye, Boss Ju came over directly. "Longye, why did you come to our Dojo?"


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