Kay didn’t know if she was too impulsive or offended the little girl. He didn’t move in the wind.

"Hello Kay Yunxi Haier’s brother came to help" Nami Xiaoxin called him.
"What do you want Brother Kay to do?"
"Ask Brother Kai to help me hold down his wound and don’t let a lot of blood gush out, so that I can get up quickly." Nami Xiaoxin tunnel seriously.
Kay pinned down the huge wound of the orc, and Nami Xiaoruixin added a holy healing to the orc wound, and a golden light appeared. When the golden light gradually disappeared, the orc wound left an amber magic mark, and the orc split wound was temporarily stabilized in the magic mark.
"Ha had a narrow squeak." Nami Xiaoruixin wiped a head of sweat.
Kay accompanied the little girl to heal all the wounded orcs. At this time, the orcs almost cleaned up the battlefield, and Amb Lee’s nature gradually returned to its original state, as if not remembering the life-threatening fight just now.
Terrans prefer to capture the enemy without surrender, but orcs prefer to destroy the enemy endlessly.
Terrans recognize that they capture the enemy to reflect the so-called human nature.
The orcs think that they have wiped out the enemy is the real victory.
In fact, one side chose to face up to reality and wisdom, and the other side chose to inspire their own spirit. Terrans captured the enemy in order to kill more enemies, and orcs killed them one by one, which made people afraid to provoke them.
Orcs have orc ideas and Terrans have Terran wisdom.
Terrans and orcs don’t merge. Many of them are like this. In bones, they are deeply different. One wants to capture the alien in the soul, and the other wants to destroy the enemy in the body. Terrans and orcs have different stitches in each finger.
But they often don’t find it!
Everything is no longer beautiful in front of snow and red ice. Nami Xiaoxin said to Kay, "It’s a good thing you are so brave or we will all be turned into this ice!"
Kay smiled when the wind blew the iron mask, and Kay’s face became more handsome and beautiful.
Frost month blade master came over and said, "This stronghold has been exposed. We want to return to Frost’s hometown-Frost Snow Castle to come with us! The children have that b and most enthusiastic people there to welcome you! "
Nami Xiaoxin looked at Kaikai and said, "I’m used to free Nami. Are you going to Frost Castle or to wander around the world with me?"
Nami small core core don’t nu way "you won’t invite me! You idiots. "
Frost on old blade master laughed "whatever you do! But please remember that orcs will always be your friends and we have never put you under house arrest. "
Nami small core core said "yes! Yes! Also invited us to eat so delicious barbecue and so delicious jungle hotpot. "
Frosty Moon Old blade master laughed. "Why are you so slim when you love eating so much?"
"I love sports! Besides, I just can’t get fat! " Nami small core pulling his beautiful skirts replied.
Frost moon blade master said to Kay, "Although the world is big, you are involved in this messenger conspiracy, and you have killed many Terran soldiers together with the orcs, fearing that the four races will chase you to the ends of the earth!"
"So what? There are always people who are not alone when they think about it, "Kay replied so-called.
Frost moon blade master laughed. "It’s true that young people have the backbone to meet again. I hope we won’t be rivals."
"Frost month blade master are you silly? Just now I said that we will always be good friends, and so soon I said that I hope I am not an opponent. What is this? " Nami small core no big or little ground to say.
"Ha ha … this is a man’s speech. You won’t understand. If the world is a lovely girl like you, I don’t know how many wars can be lost!"
"Just because there are several such girls in the world, I don’t know how many wars there are!" Kay suddenly replied
"Kay! You’re calling me a femme fatale, aren’t you? " Nami Xiao Rui Xin Ma asked him.
Kay didn’t dare.
Frost on the old blade master dozen circle field way "not every woman can be called a femme fatale".
"I’m not a femme fatale. I’m so beautiful there!"
Kay just felt uneasy when she said this and thought to herself, "This girl is really an elusive monster."
Kai Yunxi Haier then asked intimately, "Where is Nami Xiaoxinxinxin going to play?"
"You accompany me?"
"Of course I can’t accompany you."
"Cut a lie! Nami Xiaoruixin won’t believe your story. Isn’t it to kidnap me to the south and sell it to a Terran bar? "
"What is your younger sister? Terran small bar all know "Kay criticise her.
"I also know that you men like to go!"
"No, orc men never go." Frost moon old blade master laughed.
Nami small core is not good to tangle with Kay to say "that’s good! Find me an orc boyfriend after Frost Moon’s uncle. "
"I really didn’t know that the orc warrior had such a good blessing," said Frost Moon Old blade master, looking at Kay on purpose.


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