"Who are you?"

One of the two dream elves looked at Sanita and his party and said with some arrogance.
"What person? Don’t you dare to treat adult Teda Hill like this? Don’t you know who we are? "
Sanita Whisperwind looked at the dream elf with some sarcasm and said that his personality is like this, and he is not as gentle as his surname at all.
Gavin Moonwalker listened to Sanita’s sarcastic tone and shook his head slightly. He didn’t say anything. Gavin Moonwalker also felt very uncomfortable about these people’s actions. Now that they know that Doresefen Amras is an approver of TEDA Hill, they dare to treat him like this. Do they really have no regard for TEDA Hill’s adult?
How dare these two dream elves rob the green leaves of Lord TEDA Hill? They dare to rob this sacred thing?
"It seems that we haven’t come out for a long time and everyone has forgotten our means? Samao shows that we feel that these two dark elves who honor the giant trees of war should be punished! "
"Hey hey is the captain!"
Next to Sanita Whisperwind, Samao opened his mouth slightly, and then two silver daggers appeared in his hand instantly, but in the blink of an eye, Samao’s figure had turned into a silver sky, as if a crescent moon had crossed and reappeared, and Samao had appeared behind the two dream elves.
The two dream elves felt a sharp pain in their faces, and then a burst of blood shot out of their faces. Two identical mouths appeared symmetrically …
"Silver, silver moon!"
The two dream elves covered their faces and looked at this Samao who appeared behind them in disbelief. Just now, Samao didn’t want to kill them. If Samao had just killed them, they would have become two bodies at this moment.
This is that art that only silver moon can assassinate. is this young dark elf a silver moon?
"You are so weak. Is this the Elder Shaphron Hand Dream Elf?"
Samao shook his head sarcastically and walked back to Gavin Moon Walker like a human being.
The two dream elves felt their faces burning, and the whole people felt ashamed. They were two dream elves and this Samao was a night elf. It was a shame that they were so easily scarred by this night elf.
But when they think that this Samao turned out to be a silver moon, their sense of shame is reduced a lot! In front of silver moon’s assassination art, the strength of their dream elves is really not enough to see …
Chapter 39 misunderstanding
But where are these three people from? Silver moon, the night elf, and the archer, the dream elf, actually called the young captain in black! Which camp does silver moon belong to?
Just as the two dream elves were thinking, a conversation between Samao and Gavin Moon Walker suddenly made them unable to bear a little rebellious thought.
"Captain, I didn’t embarrass our forest guard, did I?"
"Well can also! However, it’s still a little slow when you just passed someone, and you still need to improve. "
"Hee hee is yes! Captain, can you teach me some other skills? "
"It depends? Take Doresephan and Clent to TEDA Hill’s adult first … "
With that, Gavin Moonwalker took Clent and Doresefen directly to Eluna Avenue without looking at the two dream elves, while Sanita Windrunner and Samao took a mocking glance at the group of stupefied dark elves, followed by their captain Gavin Moonwalker and disappeared in front of everyone.
"Do you want to chase adults?" A night elf said softly
"What chase! Didn’t you hear that they are forest guards? Do you really want to draw out the tyrant? "
Hearing the first dream elf say this sentence, the dark elves are all relieved. They are also very afraid of the forest guards. "Tyrant" Lei Kedun Windrunner, even Elder Shaphron’s adult is not willing to provoke him easily …
"Retreat, I’m going back to give Elder Shaphron’s adult a message. It seems that Ann Daft won’t continue to calm down. We must let Elder Shaphron’s adult come back as soon as possible to take charge of the overall situation …"
"It’s an adult!"
After getting the evacuation instruction, the dark elves disappeared in an instant, leaving the dark elves with arrows in their knees still groaning on the cold ground …
If Doresefen Amras didn’t know much about Teda Hill, the giant tree of war, before he was in the dark city of Andaft, then now he realizes how small he is.
Looking at the thick trunk in front of me, Doresefin Amras understands why the dark elves are so dependent on the giant tree of war. Indeed, this giant tree of war seems to be like the backbone of the dark elves. If there is no TEDA Hill in Dark City, I am afraid it will not be so prosperous.
Doresefen can feel the importance of the giant tree of war to the dark elves. Teda Hill is nourishing this country in his long life.
"Dore Sefen’s adult, you are a Taida Hill’s adult approver and Taida Hill’s adult must be very close! Lord Teda Hill fell asleep for unknown reasons, but his vitality kept pouring into Andaft. We can feel that the strength of Lord Teda Hill is getting weaker every day. It is reasonable to say that your green leaf was given to you by Lord Teda Hill. We are not qualified to ask you to give it to us, but I still hope to get your help after Lord Teda Hill … "
Gavin Moon Walker bowed very humbly to Doresefen.
Doresifen was directly startled by Gavin Moonwalker’s move. After a few seconds of leng, he hurriedly waved and said
"Mr. Jia Wen, you don’t do this! I’m not recognized by Lord Teda Hill, and the owner of this green leaf is someone else. Didn’t Clent tell you about it? The purpose of our entry into Andaft is to meet Lord Teda Hill, and this green leaf is the reason why the approver of Lord Teda Hill felt the abnormality of Lord Teda Hill, so we broke in with it. "
"What?" Gavin Moonwalker, Sanita Whisperwind and Samao are all stunned. No matter what they think, they didn’t think that Doresefen Amras was not the approbator of the giant tree of war!
Seeing three people so surprised, Doresephan looked at Clent doubtfully. Clent didn’t really say that, did he?
As Doresefin Amras looks at Gavin Moonwalker, Sanita Whisperwind and Samao, they all look at Clent and seem to be waiting for his response.
Faced with this situation, Clent can say with a wry smile, "Moonwalker’s adult and Whisperwind’s adult, I told you before that saving me is a human being, Taida Hill’s adult’s approbator is the guardian of Queen Maya, and Doresefen Amras is a semi-elf, not a human being …"
It was embarrassing to hear Karen explain that Gavin and the other three were also embarrassed. Karen did say this before, but it was really ignored by them consciously! Moreover, in their pure-bred dark elves’ minds, there is no difference in cognition between human beings and semi-elves, and semi-elves also have human blood flowing through them, right?
"Ahem!" Jia Wen Yue Walker nodded awkwardly and asked some embarrassedly.
"The guardian’s adult where is he now?"
There are three black lines on Clent’s forehead, too. What nonsense did he talk to them before? However, at that time, Jia Wen and the three men were very excited because they heard the news of the giant tree of war, and they saw what they said. This is also an understandable thing.
Clenburne nai shook his head and once again told Gavin about Lin Ze …
"That is to say, the guardian is a human being and a peak human being with a shadow emperor level in his twenties?" Gavin face some shock …
"It’s a moonwalker’s adult! The guardian has the queen’s position, sapphire and rattan, and his identity can’t be false. "
"No, no! I’m not doubting the true identity of the guardian’s adult. It’s really beyond our imagination that the shadow emperor is strong in his twenties … "
Gavin Moon Walker took a conscious look at Sanita Whisperwind and Samao. At this time, his two companions’ eyes were full of shock.
The human shadow emperor level strong is equivalent to the dark elf Umbreon level strong, which means that this mysterious guardian has the same strength as the vice captain Lei Kedun Whisperwind in his twenties?
If all this is true, it would be terrible. The strength of this guardian’s adult is really far beyond Gavin’s imagination, not to mention that this guardian is accompanied by a human shadow-controlled strong person. You know, there is no one in the dark city now!
Chapter 4 Lei Quan
"Hey, Gavin has a strange friend coming?"
Just when Jia Wen and his wife were surprised to learn Lin Ze’s strength and age, a deep voice came from behind them.
Accompanied by this sound, Doresephan and Clent saw a dark elf who was stronger than Jia Wen, but this dark elf was different in that his skin was a little whiter than Jia Wen and his muscles were stronger than Jia Wen’s three pure dark elves.
Is this a member of the Forest Guard? Doresefen and Clent looked at each other and saw the doubts in each other’s eyes …
"About assim thunder fist! How did you get here? "


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