When Chen Kai and others were hiding in a small temple to recuperate, a little bit of black fog was entangled in the temple. These smells were so strange and appeared so suddenly that they were almost born out of nothing. These strange smells were so quiet when they appeared, but when they came into contact with the dead and cursed corpses, they were actually killed by Chen Kai and brought back to life. When one corpse was resurrected, two or three corpses were resurrected together. Finally, after the resurrection, the number of monsters in the middle court was half of the original, but the level and strength became even more horrible.

These dead creatures with two heads and even three heads are shrouded in a rich black mysterious atmosphere, and at the same time, a little virtual thunder is wrapped around their bodies to transform them. In just one hour, these virtual thunder condenses into magic lines and is engraved on the surface of these bones.
If there are players who have entered the temple, they will know what these monsters are. They are all supposed to appear in the hall of the temple’s main hall. This type of dead creature can emit destructive thunder, and it is accompanied by a more vicious curse. It is the biggest obstacle for all players to enter the temple’s main hall. I don’t know how many players ended up in these monster thunder, and I don’t know how many guilds have solved these thunder cursers. It is a matter of which kind of fur equipment can stop the curse and delay death at most.
Now these resurrected curses or new thunder curses wander in the atrium for a while and then walk towards the small room where Chen Kai and others are located. They walk so slowly that they can’t feel the death breath of these monsters until they get close to Chen Kai and his party. But at that time, they have been blocked in that small room and blocked by dozens of thunder curses. ~!
Chapter 271 KaiPiKe luo temple (5)
Chapter 271 KaiPiKe luo temple (5)
"Boom" is accompanied by a burst of thunder roar. Ll’s face turned pale against the door of the small room. From the door, they were thundered one by one. You can clearly see those strange but powerful thunder curses outside. They are stuck outside the small room and kept releasing people. Terrible thunder tried to explode Ll’s door.
Thousands of years have made these doors rotten, so it’s a loss. Chen Kai made a new door out of wood in their backpacks when they entered the room. Otherwise, relying on the past, the door would have been beaten into wood dregs by those thunder. Of course, because the wooden door is made of thin boards in a hurry, it is not thick at all, so those thunder can easily break through the wood and hurt the people inside.
A little bit of black Se sparkled and smashed a small hole as soon as it hit the board. At the same time, the residual flash force also directly entered the small room through these holes. People who were attacked will feel an unbearable sense of paralysis, and immediately lie on the ground to move. This sense of paralysis takes less than tens of seconds to subside. Before that, the whole body is in a position of moving, almost being slaughtered.
In addition, this kind of flash power is extremely amazing, and the damage caused after being hit is terrible, which will continue to consume the player’s health. When the spell fades, it can instantly explode into a big damage. These damages add up enough to make a player lose his life at a thousand points.
Fortunately, Chen Kai put the virtual tiger skin méng behind the board when they saw the first flash. Although it is a thin skin, you can see the opposite side, but all the flashes are blocked by this skin. How powerful they are when they penetrate the board, they can penetrate this skin.
However, the impact of these thunder is too great. If no one leans behind the board, the wooden door will eventually be destroyed. Chen Kai and others have to risk their shoulders against the door and then bear the lightning force again and again.
When dozens of thunder cursers are blocked outside, Chen Kai dare not run out. Even if the armor defense is high, it will be instantly turned into a pile of coke. The situation that more than a dozen flashes are split at the same time is not that Chen Kai can stop them now, but if Chen Kai can’t rush out, they will be trapped alive here. Of course, they can also run through the middle door of Chen Kai Manor, but that would be too uneconomical and too expensive.
"If I had known, I would have gone to buy a scroll in the border town." Yun said with his mouth moving, and the curse of stuttering finally subsided. He stopped talking with his tongue wide.
"Bah, if I had known this, would we still be hiding here?" Wang Xuewen clutched his staff and said that although the curse of blindness had subsided, his eyesight was still poor, and he could see a few meters around him. He estimated that it would take half a day for the curse to be dispelled.
"Well, it’s better to find a way to fight quickly if you have so much leisure time. Are you comfortable here?" Se livid, ll face said, after all, being alone by dozens of monsters is not something that anyone can accept, especially if you have to become a little puss-head. This humbling makes ll feel that I’m not ng’s mouth is stuffy and an evil spirit keeps gathering in it.
At this time, ll suddenly felt that the back flash bombardment had subsided, and the original flash impact force that kept hitting the body disappeared. He felt that things were a little strange. He turned around and looked through the blasted hole and saw dozens of thunder cursers slowly coming out from behind them. This skeleton is naturally ll. They killed the two-headed dog, but now it is walking upright and holding a huge bone broadsword.
That broadsword is almost as wide as the door behind Chen Kai. A little gray Se flame is scattered on the blade. Although the double-headed skeleton is clean and there is nothing, it puts a lot of pressure on Chen Kai just because its goal is to cut this door and it is waving a broadsword to do so. This is a disaster for Chen Kai and others. You know, the curse of thunder is poor in melee ability, and they can bombard the target with spells.
But now with this huge double-headed skeleton of the pawn, they can also break through the gate and do great harm to Chen Kai. This double-headed skeleton is actually the second and poorest one in the temple that the player found, but it should have appeared behind the atrium, that is, when the player walked out of the atrium, it would have come from behind, but now it actually appeared in the lobby. Of course, this kind is always changing, and the only constant is its huge weapon.
After seeing the huge knife handle, ll was stunned. He was familiar with the first few situations of this vice. Because of this vice, he was huā for several days to collect information, but he couldn’t understand why he should have appeared behind the atrium and even appeared in the front hall.
But in reality, it’s not Chen Kai’s turn to think about it. He puts the virtual biological skin into his backpack and grabs the giant sword behind him to prepare for the fight after the wooden door is chopped. When he pulls out the giant sword, he also signals others to get ready, especially the spellcasters who hold their breath to prepare their advanced spells as much as possible.
Accompanied by a loud bang, the door made up of many boards was instantly cut into pieces by a huge bone combating Dao like a door plate. The broken pieces flew toward the small room and smashed Llewellyn. They kept dodging or shielding against Zhao Tiezhu and Hulans. The two twilight knights took shields and formed a shield array to block all the spellcasters. They blocked all the sawdust for Xu Fei, who was preparing spells.
When all the dust fell, several spells were shot from Zhao Tiezhu’s rear, and many scrolls were also aimed at the broken door and severely hit. In the past, Se colorful magic elements crossed a series of arcs and smashed into the small room. At the same time, a khaki Se light rose from the ground and changed into two rocks. Grasp the feet of the double-headed skeleton with big hands. This is the fourth-order spell of the earth element mage-the earth shackles.
Although this spell is not particularly strong, especially when its limit level is more than ten levels higher than the caster’s own, it only lasts for more than one second, but this second is enough for Chen Kai and others to launch an attack. After all, the double-headed bones are too close to Chen Kai and several of their melee personnel to attack each other with a sprint.
When the zodiacal shackles were smashed by the strength of the double-headed skeleton itself, Chen Kai had waved a huge sword and Su Xinghe and others rushed to the front of the double-headed skeleton to launch an attack. Chen Kai knew that they had an advantage that other players did not have, that is, narrowness. Although this advantage sometimes turned into disadvantage, it would be difficult for them to even avoid it in a small space, but in this case, the waving of the huge combat knives of the double-headed skeleton would be limited. This limitation is that Chen Kai and his team defeated each other and broke through the magic weapon of those thunder cursers to attack.
To keep the double-headed skeleton at the gate, its body will become Chen Kai’s best shield against the thunder curse. At the same time, Xu Fei, a few of their spellcasters, can attack the thunder curse behind with a magic scroll, so as to cut each other’s lives. Of course, this method requires a lot of luck. After all, the double-headed skeleton also blocks Xu Fei’s magic shoot when it blocks the thunder curse. Xu Fei, they can try to attack the thunder curse behind when the double-headed skeleton Lu leaves the gap.
Of course, there is another way to attack the thunder curse, that is, the ground is flowing with kerosene. Obviously, these kerosene are spread to the place occupied by the other side under the control of Vivian, and a large number of oil tanks are thrown out by Vivian, and then witchcraft becomes greasy. The thick oil layer covers the ground. These new thunder curse people will not be afraid of this kind of killing spell, and there will be no escape. These black Se oils will fall on them and then rush towards the door to prepare for a thunder attack in the room.
But just as they were preparing to attack, a huge flame impact B not suddenly hit the double-headed skeleton and rushed towards the back through its bone gap. The huge flame impact B not only took away the double-headed skeleton with nearly 2,000 health points, but also caused the cursed people to be drenched with fire oil. The flame impact B not only broke out after she manipulated it until it crossed the double-headed skeleton, and instantly formed a torrent of fire elements covering an area of three meters wide. All the cursed people in this torrent were instantly ignited and turned into burning flame bones.
These bones are constantly deducted from the flame burning at 10: 20, which is 30: 00. Dozens of people who are stuck behind the double-headed bones are almost all cursed by the flame B, but the ones who are in the middle of the thunder curse are the most seriously hurt, but the two sides are hurt at a low point, but they are also ignited by the flame and caught in the fire.
In the atrium, the poor man was attacked by Bai Shasha, and the horse was attacked by Chen Kai and others. The milky white Se magic flame hit his body surface and brought up a large number of gray-black bones. These scattered bones, that is, the two-headed bones, lost as many health points as they were, but as long as their soul fire was not destroyed, these health points would be recovered as much as they were lost.
However, Chen Kai and others won’t watch it recover their health. After the first attack, the horse launched a second battle. This time, there were more melee men besieging the double-headed skeleton. Three knights with shields were heavily blocked in front of each other. The shield blocked the forward and moving direction of the double-headed skeleton. Zhao Tiezhu, the three of them directly blocked the moving direction of the double-headed skeleton by themselves. The attack ability kept it firmly at the gate unless it withdrew from the gate, it would wield a huge combat knife.
At the same time, ll they jumped out from behind Zhao Tiezhu and stepped on their shoulders and jumped into the middle, holding weapons and chopping them hard toward the double-headed skeleton head. Strong quarrelling in ll, Su Xinghe and Haifeng blood surged with weapons and then chopped them hard to the double-headed skeleton head wrapped in silvery white Se bones.
In order to protect the soul fire in his head, the double-headed skeleton gave up his huge combat knife, directly raised his double head to block his head, and at the same time, his body quickly retreated to get rid of contact with ll and them, but he couldn’t. Because the shackles of the ecliptic formed again, he rushed out from the ground and caught it. Together with Zhao Tiezhu, they restricted the movement of the double-headed skeleton.
So Chen Kai and his men succeeded in chopping the weapon into the double-headed skeleton, and three people instantly suppressed the level as high as level 5, pressing it white, and at the same time, Chen Kai and his men severely chopped the weapon into the double-headed skeleton skull, causing three huge cracks and knocking out several pieces of the solid skull.
After ll’s attack was completed, Su Wan jumped out from behind. ǐng started the dragon gun and stabbed the skull with the most severe injury. In the past, the white Se was mixed with light gold. The dragon was so angry that it was so angry that it was wrapped up in the dragon gun’s gun tip and plunged into the double-headed skeleton. In a head, the soul fire was instantly stirred into a ball and danced. When the soul was hot and scattered, the double-headed skeleton lost nearly half of its life, leaving less than 50,000 samples.


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